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"Rita Moreno Documentary " Produced by James Ayala and John Riveaux

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Beginning at age eleven, she worked as a Spanish-language dubber of American movies. She dated actor Marlon Brando for eight years before marrying her manager, Leonard Gordon, in June of She was the first Hispanic performer to win all four major performing arts awards: the Oscar, the Emmy, the Tony, and the Grammy.

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Officials say the fire was under control by about 10 p. Does anyone like niykee heaton cause shes favorite female singer. She put the word out to his associates to keep eye open for rock chicks who might fit the mold. The weirdest hack Rita Moreno there are 2 photos of mom a thong, bent over and showing off her butt.

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It is being called the biggest celebrity photos hack ever by media outlets, and the number of celebs targeted is at least over Secondly, it must also be shown that the photograph was disclosed circumstances importing obligation of confidence.

That's a woman who enjoyed a healthy sex life. And ain't nothin' wrong with some god damn motherfuckin' dirty fuck talk when you're gettin' a good ol' home ground pounding. Slut shaming is stupid and marks you as very old.

But the woman has no talent and I don't get what DL likes about Rita.

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She's good natured but very egotistical. Gay men are very hung up on old women who stay thin, look good and claim to love fucking when they're It's been proven that the truth is - being gay is much more nurture over nature.

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Baby you weren't born that way. It's your mommy and other female fixations combined with the original factors that dad you never mention and your mom's withholding of love that make you act weird and crave dick. The mental health community is terrified to release this information, but the DSM-6 is going to have to deal with it.

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Rita isn't to blame of course. How did she win anything but an Emmy for Sesame Street is as big a question as how gays got gay. R18 why are you here if you are such a homophobe? Trying to convert us to the sick and boring world of breederdom? We don't want it, Frau! I liked her until I read an interview where she trashed Natalie Wood. Now she can go fuck herself.

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How does speaking truth make me a loon? I'm a gay man. And everything I said is factually and psychologically correct. Gay people were made, evolved, predisposed chosen identities, not born. I wouldn't give Rita Morena an award for anything R23, but I'm not as old as most posters here.

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So I only know her from Sesame Street and her pretty bad performance in West Side Story, a pretty bad film to be honest. Some great songs in other formats. All recent discovery shows that being gay is nurture over nature, with a few interesting hormonal and genetic quirks.


We're learning more every day. Doesn't really matter except to ancient gay men who seem desperate to believe they are not to blame, ha.

Rita moreno ass

A fixation on dick or pussy is a few steps missed in potty training. We are built to fuck and give and receive pleasure and love. DL proves that true homophobes and self loathers are of the older white generation of gay men.

Different time and place. Most lesbians don't mind saying being gay is a strong preference. The rest of the world changes colors and continues to become more sexually fluid everyday.

As long as the law supports everyone as equal and protects against hate, then more people can be happy to live their life in peace and work to understand in therapy how they became a variety of things. Peace papi. Take your run over high heels and flat opinions elsewhere Tasmanian Devil girl. She trashed St Natalie?

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That Boriquen whore has some nerve. She was into rimming and blow jobs when straight people were still into missionary! R25, links to substantiate what "all recent discovery shows"? Are you equating homosexuality with "a fixation on dick or pussy"? If you're really that much younger than everyone else around here, then sit back and shut up. Everything you say has the ring of ignorance and falsehood.

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Oh you shouldn't sound so sure of that gramps, R But okay, I won't be respectful toward you again. I am ringing with truth, education, good sense and young healthy lust and beauty. Inside info about a reclassification too.

Don't hate me for it.

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The world evolves and those still on it aren't too shocked by change papi. There is no time to learn about a minor talent lady like Rita Morano, but maybe you or r31 can answer this question? Why do so many older white gay men think that boyish frail old women with dirty mouths are sexy?

Did your mom recently pass? You're clear proof that evolution often misses its mark, R What you're ringing with is obnoxious self-aggrandizement.

pills-rating.com 'rita moreno' Search, free sex videos. Stage Actress Rita Moreno was born in Humacao on December 11, making her sign Sagittarius. Beginning at age eleven, she worked as a Spanish-language dubber of American movies. She dated actor Marlon Brando for eight years before marrying her manager, Leonard Gordon, in June of Biography. Talent, versatility, perseverance, and a hot rack and backside have been the mainstays of Puerto Rican wonder woman Rita Moreno's forty-plus years holding the fickle light of pills-rating.com Anita, she was the only Latina in all of West Side Story . In the early s hers was a signature character on the long-running PBS kids show The Electric Company.3/4(4).

Why would we answer a rhetorical question with a premise based on oxymoron? At least there's small comfort for us in that your young healthy beauty is going to see that evolution will be subsumed in global catastrophe.

Nov 27,   Rita Moreno on the Merv Griffin show - bristling with energy at forty-five - my mind and prick go back to , Much as we adored each other, there was too much spanking for her to take, Rita, whose anus I licked in Bnstol, London and Newcastle (where we flew to see Larry's pre-London tour of Othello); whose firm, tawny bottom I joyfully. Mar 05,   "Rita Moreno on the Merv Griffin show - bristling with energy at forty-five - my mind and prick go back to , when she was the last woman to make me cry. (Much as we adored each other, there was too much spanking for her to take, and too many career chances in America.). Watch Rita Moreno porn videos for free on Pornhub Page 2. Discover the growing collection of high quality Rita Moreno XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Rita Moreno scenes than Pornhub! Watch our impressive selection of porn videos in .

You and the cockroaches will probably survive, though. Wild thread you guys Moreno was on a talk recently show and said she treated Brando like crap by creeping with Elvis because he was fukin around on her.

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So,the slut story OP posted is BS Which wouldn't be surprising. DL cunts seems to love trash men who do that sort of thing. Makes me think your fathers taught you that was exceptable. The fucker did pretty well for himself! There is no such thing as a gramps troll. Fucking weirdo. No one is embarrassed for me Who the fuck is we? That's a Trump deplorable gaslight talk. I suspect you are racist against male POC and latinx that aren't your imaginary mother.

I don't have to love Rena Moreno just to please old white men on Datalounge. Get yourself sober R I'm just going to give you the undue benefit of the doubt and presume your tongue is deeply embedded in cheek, honey. OP obviously knows nothing about Puerto Ricans. Whether men or women they are great lays, at least that is my experience. They are some sexy motherfucking people and not shy about it.

XVIDEOS Massage Rooms Lovely Rita will give you special treatment free. 3, rita moreno FREE videos found on XVIDEOS for this search. Dec 27,   Rita Moreno is one of 15 actors till now who has won EGOT (the grand slam of show business, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony- the four American entertainment Awards). A magnetic personality Moreno broke the Latin barrier and survived the old Hollywood studio system. Moreno was born in Humacao, Puerto Rico on December 11,

Only the misogynistic,racist OP and its ilk Their meth dealers must be out of their "medications". An notice how OP and its ilk love calling Moreno racist names as they try and describe why they dislike her. People like R35 should never be allowed to post on any forum until they can learn to use punctuation like the average 2nd grader.

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Or, for R Peoplelike r35,should nver be allowerd to post on any forum,until they can learn to use punctuation,like the average 2grader.

Your OCD and racist issues reflect on your parents,do better. Silly fool. R60 You're the one with serious mental issues. The fact that you can't spell or write worth a damn just shows that you're not only crazy, but uneducated too. Now go back to whatever library you're sitting in for warmth, and stink up THAT place, instead of stinking up this board.

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