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This list of Scottish Gaelic surnames shows Scottish Gaelic surnames beside their English language equivalent. Note that certain names may appear multiple times on this list; use the ' find ' or 'search' function in your web browser to quickly look up certain names. In Wester Ross. In Ayrshire. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article.

The Scottish dialect can vary so much, from The Highlands to South Ayrshire, and from East to West, so in different parts of the country, different words can actually mean the same thing. Honestly, some of these sayings will have you scratching your head, as I did, but I will translate the meanings, as I understand them. Most Scots tend to use slang words occasionally and think nothing of it.

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Here I take a look at some of the old Scottish sayings, some not so old, some Scottish words, and slang. For sayings sent in by visitors see the Your Sayings page.

In some parts of Scotland it sounds like one word Sataboot. Skinny Malinky Longlegs! Lang may yer lum reek!

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Failing means yer playin! Mony a mickle maks a muckle! Keep the heid! Dinnae teach yer Granny tae suck eggs! Dinnae marry fur money! Is the cat deid? Means your trousers are a bit short - like a flag flying at half mast. In our younger days we played football in the street. If the ball landed on a roof, the game was over.

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Haud yer wheesht! Noo jist haud on! Hell slap it intae ye! Do yer dinger.

This article is part of the List of Scots series. List of Scottish musicians is a list of notable Scottish musicians; please see Scottish composers for classical writers. Aug 10,   The massed pipes & drums march through Ballater in Royal Deeside, Scotland, to start the Ballater Highland Games. The parade is led by Drum Major Ian Es. This list of Scottish Gaelic surnames shows Scottish Gaelic surnames beside their English language equivalent. Unlike English surnames (but in the same way as Slavic surnames), all of these have male and female forms depending on the bearer, e.g. all Mac- names become Nic- if the person is female.; Some of the Scottish Gaelic surnames are Gaelicised forms of English surnames; and conversely.

Gie it laldy. Keech - Scottish for faeces. Can be used in a sentence for someone who you think is talking rubbish or nonsense Listen ya bam awa an' stop talkin keech.

Keek - to peep or look ket - An alternate term for Ketamine L [ edit ] laddie - A boy or young man Aye, laddie!

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Boab wiz gettin' on ma tits, so I lamped him lavvy - A lavatory toilet Am gaun' tae the lavvy. Ya manky bastard! Originated from Scottish sitcom show, Still Game. Shows friendly banter Och, Jonathan! You're a right numpty nut - head, or another term used for the word no O [ edit ] oaf - off Och awa' an' dinna talk pish - You're talking a load of rubbish oan yer bike - go away oan yer trolley - go away Onit - term used when drinking alcoholic beverages Onybody - Anybody oose - dust ball, dust bunnie, cobweb oot - out ory or orey or oary - Vulgar, common, lacking in social graces.

Perhaps from "ore" i. Word may be peculiar to Dundee. That is outwith the remit of the report. Popular delicacy.

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I pooched my bird up the closie last night used in anger or expression, mainly used by people from Angus or Fife puckle - a few of something not necessarily 2 pucklie - a small amount puddock - a frog pumped - sex punny eccy or simply "punny" - punishment exercises at school pure - very, totally she's pure no right. Plab - The name for a large soft and watery pile of faeces probably most akin to cattle dung. General insult. Scavengers scheme - residential area, usually a council estate schule - school pronounced "skull" Ye no gaun' tae the schule the day?

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As above. Germanic, schoen shite - faeces.

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Link sausages as metaphor for male member. He was in the skud! Usually used in teens and preteens.


How no'? Look at aw that stoor on the telly.

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In reality, any day when it isn't raining, particularly if the climate is suitable for outdoor Buckfast drinking. This is also what the Highlanders call a penis.

Appendix:Glossary of Scottish slang and jargon

Tadger - Scottish name for a penis or can be used as a name for someone who behaves in an annoying manner Get oot ma face ya tadger. Troosers - trousers. W [ edit ] wabbit - tired I'm feeling awfy wabbit.

Can also mean to bang a body part Ah pure wallaped ma heid aff that table! Or referring to having 'one' I'm having 'wan' of them days.

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An annoying, disliked or foolish person. Truncation of "wee ane" or little one.

Jan 22,   This list is by no means comprehensive, there are hundreds of old Scottish sayings, and you'll find many more that were sent in by visitors on the Your Sayings page. If you enjoyed these Scottish Sayings, you'll just LOVE the Scottish Humour page. This is "The Scottish Girl - TG Animation" by TG Transformations 4 U on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. This is "The Scottish Girl - TG Animation" by TG Transformations 4 U on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Aug 30,   High school girl's graduation pics go viral after she is photobombed by NAKED man wandering into river behind her. Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team?

Used as a term of endearment generally boys weegie - someone from Glasgow; from "Glaswegian" well - very "This band's well good. Derogatory term. We're a' Jock Tamson's bairns - we're all the same, we're all God's children.

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Windae - Window. Fuck yerself min! A havnae been there for yonks.

Jul 04,   Sabre Norris waxes her legs for the first time since last time. WE CHOOSE OUR BABY'S NAME OUT OF A HAT BABY GENDER REVEAL *emoti. Aug 10,   Coincidentally, National Geographic's August cover story, "The First Stonehenge," is about recently discovered Neolithic ruins in Scotland's Orkney Islands that, author Roff Smith writes, are. Edwyn Stephen Collins (born 23 August ) is a Scottish musician, producer and record label owner from Edinburgh, pills-rating.coms was the lead singer for the s post-punk band Orange Juice, which he pills-rating.coming the group's split in , Collins started a solo career. His single "A Girl Like You" was a worldwide February , Collins was hospitalised following two.

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