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In February, the Justice Department opened its own internal review into the matter. Eric Holland, the deputy assistant secretary of labor for public affairs, said Acosta had no comment. Accusations of sexual predation have dogged Epstein for decades. Until his arrest Saturday, his case had been held up as a prime example of how insulated, powerful men can escape accountability. Epstein, a hedge fund manager, avoided the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence, largely because of a secret agreement his lawyers struck with federal prosecutors in His social circle is filled with the rich and famous, including former president Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew of Britain.

There are many, many Judy Garland movies, but for hundreds-of-millions of fans around the world, Judy Garland will always be Dorothy Gale, the little girl from Kansas who introduced us to the Land of Oz. Maybe they should have called them the "little rascals," because a lot of these wee folk were indeed rascally.

Many of the Munchkins had recently come to America from Europe and didn't speak English. But that didn't stop them from enjoying raucous parties and annoying year-old star Judy Garland.

One of her husbands once said some of the Munchkin men would put their hands up under her dress. Garland later said one of the year-old midgets asked her out to dinner, once telling interviewer Jack Paar " Some of their late-night parties were at the Culver Hotel near the MGM Studios where they were housed during filming were so rambunctious, police showed up and arrested some of the Munchkins for being drunk and disorderly, and resisting arrest.

Actor David Niven, who was staying at the same hotel, once said he'd watched as police showed up and tried to arrest nine of the little people, but their wrists were too small for normal handcuffs, so nine burly police officers scooped them up in large pillowcases and carried them out of the building.

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Recently, the last of the original Munchkins who appeared in The Wizard of Oz passed away. Jerry Maren, born inwas one of the three Munchkins members of the Lollipop Guild. After appearing in The Wizard of Ozthe 4' 3" actor found sporadic work in movies and television, and spent some time doing appearances as Oscar Mayer.

Besides the cast interviews, I loved learning the little historical facts regarding the making of the movie.

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If you're a film lover, I strongly suggest you consider adding The Wizard of Oz to your movie library. She used her nickname "Billie" professionally as a tribute to her father. Before filming The Wizard of Oz movie, Burke had had a productive career on Broadway, thanks in no small part to the fact she was married to famed Broadway producer Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr - the creator of the popular Ziegfeld Follies which launched the careers of a lot of Hollywood starlets.

After Ziegfeld died inBurke never remarried and became active in Hollywood's underground lesbian circuit.

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She was a "swinging" member of "The Sewing Circle," a group of actresses and entertainers who were either bi-sexual or lesbian and who often met at the residence of actress Dolores Del Rio. Some celebrity biographers claim Burke had a serious affair with actress Katharine Hepburn, and also with Hollywood's only female director in the s, Dorothy Arzner, a self-proclaimed "dyke.

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Although she understandably wanted to keep their relationship quiet, Burke would sometimes accompany Arzner to movie premieres, avoiding reporters and cameras when possible. Frank Morgan was one of The Wizard of Oz cast members who nearly stole the show. And he wasn't the first choice of producers to play the title role. Turns out it was W. Fields who was initially slated for the part, but after making salary demands the producers thought were exorbitant, the part was given to Frank Morgan.

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In fact, Morgan not only got the plum role of playing the eccentric wizard who lived in Emerald City, he also got to play Professor Marvel, a doorman, a guard, and a cabby. And he was great in all five parts!

Fan club of girl model Ruby_ruddy. Top white girl model Ruby_ruddy with red hair color and 22 years old, dropping off their knickers to win best strip show title at Adult Cam Awards this show season. Prosecutors said they seized hundreds, and possibly thousands, of "sexually suggestive" pictures of nude or partially nude young women and girls during a search of Epstein's Manhattan Author: Ali Watkins.

His fellows actors loved him. But Morgan had a secret: he was a heavy drinker.

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Sometimes to excess. He'd tried quitting several times, but would become short-tempered and agitated, and that's when the sweetness would disappear. So he continued to drink, never allowing it interfere with or disrupt his work.

Any on-set drinking was done in his dressing room where he was always careful not to go over the limit before shooting a scene.

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And when he showed up to work each morning, that little black briefcase he often carried with him wasn't full of scripts or acting notes. It was a disguised portable mini-bar with plenty of his favorite spirits to help him get through the day.

MGM and Judy's Drug Addiction

Actor Bert Lahr had a long and successful career in show biz, and millions of fans worldwide now remember him as the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz. Every day for several months, Lahr suited up in his pound lion costume which was sewn together with real lion fur.

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Under the hot lights inside the studio the suit could become extremely uncomfortable and Lahr had to be mindful not to pass out from dehydration and heat. Lahr had married an attractive woman named Mercedes Delpino in and was relatively happy.

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But she began to develop mental health problems and was committed to a sanitarium in Lahr had hoped she'd recover, yet as time passed her condition only deteriorated and he began seeing a woman named Mildred Schroeder with whom he had fallen in love.

He had promised to marry Mildred after a planned divorce from his first wife, but legal problems delayed the divorce and Mildred left Lahr and married another man in Lahr grieved over the loss of his girlfriend whose marriage lasted less than a year. Given a second chance, this time Lahr did not wait and divorced Mercedes in to marry Mildred a year later. Mercedes never remarried and passed away in Bert and Mildred were happily married until his death in Not many people recognize the name Clara Blandick, yet she was one of the most important members of The Wizard of Oz cast.

She played Auntie Em, and she and her movie "husband," Charley Grapewin who played Uncle Henry are the only two main characters we see in the opening black and white scenes who do not appear in an alter-ego in the colorized portion of the film which takes place in the Land of Oz.

Ruddy grls nude

Blandick was born in and was in her early 60s when she played the stern-but-loving aunt to Dorothy Gale. The actress had been born aboard a ship anchored in Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong that was captained by her father, Isaac Dickey.

She has a brother Romano and a sister Rina. She represented Venezuela in the Miss World pageant in England where she placed in the top 7. She made 4 calendars, an [1] being the first Venezuelan actress whose calendars were sold in other countries: VenezuelaEcuadorPeruColombia and Russia.

She once promoted a line of swim suits. More stores are planned for VenezuelaColombiaEcuador and Miami. Since she has performing a monologue : "Una mujer con suerte" A Lucky Womanwritten by her brother Romano.

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But after that date, she has since filmed several more telenovelas. In after the Miss World Beauty Contest, she insisted on traveling to Italy in order to know her grandfather. She traveled with her brother Romano to Savinno, Naples in Italy and met their grandfather.

Before their return, her grandfather said to her: porta a mia mamma perche io parto ad un lungo viaggio Bring your mother, because I am going in a long tripRuddy went back to Venezuela, worked in her first telenovela, saved enough money and together with her mother Rita visited Italy again, stayed for 15 days and celebrated Ruddy's grandfather's 96th birthday. He died in peace the next day. In July she married to Rodolfo Pisani, a Venezuelan lawyer.

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Epstein, a hedge fund manager, avoided the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence, largely because of a secret agreement his lawyers struck with federal prosecutors in His social circle is filled with the rich and famous, including former president Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew of Britain.

Berman, made an appeal to other women who may have been abused by him to come forward.

Marines' nude photo scandal victim speaks out

He declined to say why his office decided to pursue charges against Epstein now, since federal prosecutors knew about his potential crimes in New York a decade ago. The indictment said that Epstein and his employees engaged in a sex-trafficking scheme, bringing dozens of vulnerable girls, some as young as 14, to his Upper East Side mansion and to his palatial compound in Palm Beach, Fla.

Epstein, 66, then engaged in sex acts with the young women during naked massage sessions, paying them hundreds of dollars in cash, prosecutors said. He also asked some of the girls to recruit other girls, many of whom prosecutors say were underage, and paid them for bringing in new victims, the indictment said.

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