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CBSN Boston. Another person has also died from a virus-related illness. Coronavirus Triage Guidelines Discriminate Against The Disabled, Advocates Say Activists say the new state coronavirus triage guidelines are discriminatory towards people with disabilities. School Closings. Strong Thunderstorms Could Bring Damaging Wind, Hail Thunderstorms are possible with some being strong to severe with damaging winds, small hail, frequent lightning and heavy downpours.

It does not require technical expertise to ask the obvious question. My line of questioning, as you may suspect, is to ascertain whether or not the video footage has been doctored. As it is, they look like rows of dead LTTE fighters, not prima facie evidence of war crimes. Your faith in the United States justice system is not shared by me.

I do not believe that the USA deserves a role as the global policeman, either. That is why I think all evidence regarding war crimes and crimes against humanity should be forwarded to the United Nations and International Criminal Court, as well as to relevant governments, including those of Sri Lanka and India. Not that I have great faith in either of the UN or ICC to pursue and achieve justice rather than pandering to the geopolitical needs of certain nations.

Exclusive - Warning Disturbing Images: Issapriya's Naked Body With Tied And Untied Hands

Once again, Donald, you are ignoring the fact that the Tamil Tigers killed and maimed lots of Tamils and Tamil-speaking Muslims. Her bra is still on. But many do pull off the panty, especially in frenzied gang rape. My guess is that was for a last word with a senior officer, to get the order to kill.

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Thesawalamai does not prevent other races buying land in the North. The practice was not designed to exclude other races buying land in Tamil dominated areas.

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Does anyone realise that Lanka has taken the cap off VP for being a killer etc and Lanka has donned this cap since May ? And,all this for the actions of a few,the Country and her people suffer. Most countries the ones we really need treat a human life with value,concept of right and wrong is taken seriously too. Is it because they are rude,arrogant,indulge in all sorts of crimes,contract killings including rape.

Soldiers that won a war are not held in esteem in the village let alone Colombo. As you can see from this video and some commencesinghaleese still not gown up, still like Animals. All Animals need to be locked in side. Heart less people. There is no Singhleese or Muslim people killed like this. This government Brian washed all people. Only way they will know the truth if you look things from side the box. One Day when you go to Hell you will know the Truth. Obviously most of these dead appear to be combatants who died in battle unlike the hundreds of noncombatants who died in the Central Bank and Dehiwala Rly station bombs.

I deduce from your comment that the women combatants managed to strip naked just before they fell dead. Did they also ask the armed forces to take photos of their naked bodies from different ankles using long shots as well as close ups posing like models showing their best sides? I know Sri Lankan are stupid irrespective of their race. However I did not expect them would stoop to so low, I wonder whether their parents ever taught their stupid children the meaning of human dignity and decency.

I know it is too much to expect from these little islanders.

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Human decency is not derived from being a Sri Lankies. It precedes it.

Investigators say photos of up to 50 Duxbury High School girls in "varying degrees of undress" were found in a Dropbox page, which has been shut down. WBZ-TV's Nicole Jacobs reports. 'Fuel The. Nude Photos Of Duxbury High School Girls Shared Online. Police are investigating who created a website to share inappropriate photos of Duxbury girls. WBZ-TV's Ken MacLeod reports. All models on this site have their parents consent to appear on this site and have signed authorization and Model release papers. NO NUDE or sexual oriented pictures inside.

That is why the bodies have been stripped. Photographing them is important for identifying the bodies, which is why I have been asking Donald Gnanakone about the problems with resolution and colour in the photos and videos not because I have any interest in watching such disturbing images.

Contrary to what you and Donald Gnanakone are implying, these photos and videos do not show evidence of sexual perversion by Sri Lankan soldiers or anyone else except perhaps yourselves. If you are indeed a Vedda, you too are an islander. They are little, as well, by Northern European standards.

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Let there be an international investigations and Ameican investigations on their citizens. It does not matter you have faith or now. Who cares about your faith? We will deal with the people who matter in a different forum.

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Not here. I feel I have discussed enough.

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There will be answers to the questions asked by the investigatorToo bad if that does not meet your expectations It does not matter. Both sides routinely stripped the dead to search them, not just for weapons and explosives, but also hidden documents and other items of value to military intelligence. Sometimes the bodies were redressed before being photographed and disposed of, but not always.

Donald Gnanakone seems to be upset by objective questioning and reasoned observations. A particular sore point is that the pics show no sign of sexual abuse.

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The latter is simply assumed due to the nudity. Another question that there seems to be no answer to, and which is inelegantly dodged by the likes of Gnanakone is this: why, amongst all these pics of dead bodies to which sexual abuse is attributed for lack of evidence, is there not a SINGLE picture or frame of film of anyone being sexually abused.

The same goes for the charge of killing civilians: why is there not a SINGLE picture or frame of film of a civilian actually being killed deliberately? Why are you so incredulous that the same SLA did not rape and kill the Tamil women?

If I may I would like to make a small correction, the island may be your country now, but please remember it will remain my ancestral land. I know the Tamils and Sinhalese wish the Veddas to disappear into thin air but we refuse to go away, we are well entrenched underneath the soil.

She may not have carried a gun but through her broadcasts urged others to crush and kill SriLankan forces. She was more than a Tiger Fighter but someone who urged destruction of opponents to her way of thinking. In war, those who carry drums flags and bugles to urge the battle are more dangerous than the fighters themselves. Issapriya was the voice of Tigers, she was then more ruthless than the ordinary fighter. What was she doing on the midst of the last lot of Tigers during the last days of the war?

She was urging her fellow terrorists to kill. She was not raped but it was a requirement to remove clothes of all dead Tigers because many of them carried bombs on their person. It was sad to see the destruction of life be they Tamils or Sinhalese.

The eighty thousand lives lost because of the acts of the Tigers.

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They came into the Sinhalese villages in the dead of night and hacked to death hundreds of men women and children. They grabbed crying children from their mothers arms and hacked them to death.

They bombed trains busses and even those who were worshipping in temples and mosques.

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What are the so called grievances the Tamils are talking about? They are more privileged than the majority SriLankans. If the Tamil Diaspora wants the war to continue they will be responsible for another generation of Tamils been killed. Learn to love in peace as citizens of one unitary country, Sri Lanka. Where are the videos of LTTE raping young sinhalese girls as young as 9 yrs.

Where are the Dravidian Christian LTTE rebels hacking infants, young ones, old people, priests, fellow Dravidians of other casts and non-supporter to death brutally and most inhumanly.

It was a relief for them more than the Sinhalese.

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Ruthless Dravidians killed ruthless Dravidians - so what? We Aryan Sinhalese to whom this country belongs to have nothing to do with it. Sinhales and Tamil are only languages not races. There are people of both type who use both type of languages in Sri Lanka. A war crime is a war crime, whoever commits it. But I cannot summon much sympathy for these Tamils. The Tigers committed many atrocities, and were one of the worse terrorist groups ever. They brought misfortune upon themselves.

Just as most people have little sympathy for Nazis killed by the Soviets, I have little sympathy for the Tamil Tigers - who were much worse than the Nazis. I think is very sad never the less. Certainly the human rights apply to human beings but NOT to ruthless Terrorists who murdered thousands of unarmed innocent civilians including children and Buddhist monks and so on.

They got what they deserve, a terrorist is always a terrorist who deserves no sympathy. They have no right to exist and anyone who defend a terrorist is a terrorist.

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No matter which side of the political, religious or ethnic spectrum one belongs to, the pictures are really saddening. Well it has been said from the beginning of human history, war must never be an option to settle any issue. Unfortunately it is how the humans have chosen to settle scores.

Therefore, you can be sure; such shocking images will keep appearing from all parts of the world, till the human race comes to its natural end. Well, who is not guilty? Every Sri Lankan is guilty to have allowed, encouraged and participated in the racial divide which unfortunately led to this bitter end. With so much hatred, with so much partisan attitudes, with so much screaming for vengeance, the cycle of violence has but one way to go, into perpetuity.

This should never happen in a country where the majority are Buddhists. It is for this reason alone it is so urgent that we get the message of Buddha into the hearts and minds of all people. It is this message alone that can safeguard us from the machinations of politicians.

I can see no peace in sight in Sri Lanka unless we all find refuge in real damma. Well,like in every organisation we have mad dogs within BBS also.

I am ashamed but have to admit we do even have safron robed thugs within BBS. Not easy to root them out.

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They build up factions and become power brokers within. We began BBS with the agenda of promoting Buddhism. But today we are better known for the wrong reasons. Sad but that is the situation. But rest assured, there are good people within BBS who are trying to stick to the original agenda. That is because your foundation is weak. If you are indeed truly promoting Bhuddhism then you should ask yourself the question whether the bhuddha would have differentiated between tamils,sinhalese and muslims or whether he would have just considered all as just as humans who need to be enlightened like him.

You should know the answer to that better than me because you are the expert on bhuddhism,not me. Trying to teach people your own versions of bhuddhism disregarding what the bhudda said is like trying to discard all of einsteins theories in physics and teaching differently. CBSN Boston. Another person has also died from a virus-related illness.

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Coronavirus Triage Guidelines Discriminate Against The Disabled, Advocates Say Activists say the new state coronavirus triage guidelines are discriminatory towards people with disabilities. School Closings. Strong Thunderstorms Could Bring Damaging Wind, Hail Thunderstorms are possible with some being strong to severe with damaging winds, small hail, frequent lightning and heavy downpours.

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