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10 Interesting Facts About Female Body (HINDI) - Unknown Facts - Men VS Women

How much sex, you ask? Do you really want to know? OK, since you asked, the elderly are currently experiencing the biggest spike in sexually transmitted infections among all age groups. Should I continue? All right, then-three-quarters of year-old men are still able to impregnate a woman. Should I stop?

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Here at Healthwe're always looking at new studies on sex and reaching out to experts for their insight on how to make things healthier and hotter between the sheets. Sometimes, however, our research into the topic turns up some pretty weird stuff.

Not weird in a bad way, of course-more like weird as in surprising, funny, and OMG I had no effing idea.

23 Weird & Disturbing Sex Facts You Really Didn't Need To Know

In the interest of keeping you totally informed about sex, love, attraction, and sexual health, we're sharing some of the most who knew? Use these bits of sexual info to boost your bedroom knowledge and pleasure.

I bet you don't know these male sex facts -- Amazing Facts

Ever been in the middle of a booty session and thought, Hmm, I wonder how many thrusts that was? Yeah, neither have we.

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But apparently someone has, because researchers took the time to calculate that intercourse typically lasts to thrusts, according to a report in the journal Royal Society Open Science. So if that's how long sex lasts in thrusts, how long does it go for in, well, minutes? A survey of 3, people conducted by UK-based dating website SauceyDates.

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Even though no physical stimulation is going on, blood flow to the genitals during a sexy dream can still increase like it does during actual sex-and that boost in blood flow can lead to orgasm. What can we say, women have some pretty serious orgasmic advantages in the bedroom. Women also have the upper hand when it comes to being able to have multiple orgasms and G-spot orgasms.

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Did your celeb crush make the cut? When testosterone is released in a male embryo, that sexual tissue grows to become a penis. Without testosterone, that same tissue forms the clitoris.

7. Two-thirds of men and women have fantasized about other people while having sex with their partner. Tonight when you're having sex with your partner, I want you both to fantasize that the other one is fantasizing about having sex with someone else. Let's talk about sex, baby. It's safe to say that by now, most of us know a thing or two about sex - but though we've gained plenty of experience through the years, the primal act still. Aug 19,   A new porn film is created in the United States every 39 minutes. [4] Women like to watch lesbian porn more than straight fact, the word "lesbian" .

Have you ever cried after sex, even really good sex? Since pubic hair acts as a sort of sexual hockey goalie, it is assumed that shaved pubes will also make it more likely for you to receive a sexually transmitted infection.

Nov 20,   In the interest of keeping you totally informed about sex, love, attraction, and sexual health, we're sharing some of the most who knew? sex facts we've ever come across. Sep 18,   17 Bizarre Sex Facts You Probably Didn't Know. The following is an excerpt from "1, Quite Interesting Facts" [W.W. Norton, $], a collection of difficult to believe yet entirely true miscellanea, assembled by the creators of British quiz show, "QI." 1. One in ten European babies is conceived in an IKEA bed. Apr 12,   Formicophilia is the sexual interest of small insects or worms crawling over one's body. Having sex at least once per week can lower a man's risk of heart disease by 30%, stroke by 50%, and diabetes by 40%. It has also been shown that men with an active sex .

In fact, they are literally only a quarter of what they used to be only a century ago. The pioneering sex researcher and author of The Kinsey Report also had a collection of over 5, wasps. Why he was sticking toothbrushes up his urethra and collecting thousands of wasps is probably a problem for him and his therapist.

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Can you fucking believe they make you drive to Georgia and Arkansas for sex toys? A study showed that women who viewed footage of chimpanzee sex became sexually aroused and experienced vaginal lubrication.

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Multiple studies have confirmed that it takes severely overweight men nearly three times as long to ejaculate as it does those jerky male gym rats who are always asking you to feel their six-packs.

More like six seconds!

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The pressure of the bicycle seat on the male groin can permanently damage sexual function and render the avid cyclist a poor and pathetic shell of his former sexual self. Is it really worth it? Drive a car instead and save your boners, guys! Just knowing this fact will make me unable to have an erection for three days.

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I hate IKEA. I can store my favorites now, many of which I refer back to and read again and again.

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Dec 12,   Sex can be surprising and confusing, even for the most experienced among us. From the mysterious female ejaculation to the one piece of clothing that can make you orgasm faster, here are Medical Daily's top 20 most surprising sex facts for both men and women. 1. This is one of the weird sex facts that most of us have not heard about before. During intercourse, your inner nose swells just as your breasts and genitals will. This is most notably due to the increased flow of blood while having intercourse. Jun 07,   One one more sex fact from the land of senior citizens. A comprehensive study published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that 31 percent of Americans ages engage in oral sex. And for Americans ages , that number was 58 All That's Interesting.

Female orgasm is designed to induce pregnancy. The human mouth hosts over types of bacteria. Straight men comprise more than half the audience for online transgender porn.

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Left testicles tend to hang lower than right ones.

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