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5 Powerful Rough Sex Tips for Proven Results may get paid if you click a link in this article and buy a product or service. Dinner at the restaurant was romantic, and together, you finished off a bottle of red wine. The full moon is bright. Together, you walk back to her place, touching fingertips, clasping and unclasping hands, flirting in whispers, and as you approach your building, the flirting gets heavy and a little dirty. Rough sex is not vanilla. Gone are the tender caresses, and in their place are commands.

Sometimes, I want pizza in this entirely screwed up metaphor, pizza means rough sex OK? If you follow some basic guidelines, you can get the rough sex you need, in a pleasurable and safe way. Lili explains how Fear not, chances are they have fantasised about something similar at one point or another," she says.

You have to be sure they're just as enthusiastic and up for the same things, whether that's spanking, biting or hair-pulling.

There's no denying that rough sex is a bit risky, no matter how careful you are. Pasante Extra condoms have a little extra thickness and lubrication. Once you have the chance, unleash all the pent up sexual energy on each other and let clothes and inhibitions fall aside. What can you do to make it 'rough'? Your ultimate goal is to collapse in an exhausted pile of human rubble," Lili says. Combine spanking with some rough, hard, fast penetration, she suggests.

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Push, order and manhandle each other around the bed, 'force' each other to perform oral sex," she says. After you've had a couple of sessions of messy and satisfying rough sex as long as you both thoroughly enjoyed it there are ways to level up. Lili tells me you can "get some wrist ties to bind your partner or have them bind you. That way, they'll be completely vulnerable to your whims and fancies. Other props to try are mouth gagswhich take away one of the most fundamental methods of releasing pressure during sex - sound.

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Experiment with what you like and enjoy the rough, stress-relieving journey you started together. Aftercare is perhaps The Most Important Part of rough sex along with communication and consent, ofc. A safe word is a word, which when spoken, means "stop everything.

Without a safe word, rough sex could be rape. Talk about it beforehand, agree on a safe word and stop as soon as you hear it. It can be useful to get comfortable beforehand and loosen up a bit. She may be the natural who gets your juices flowing. Sometimes it takes her getting dominant as your catalyst to become even more dominant than she is.

Rough sex ideas

Anyone with a streak of dominance in their personality can really let go and let it roll here. Tear her bra and panties off.

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You get the idea! This can be inspiring and a lot of fun. Pulling on her hair is sensual and it can be a show of force. Couple pulling her hair with some other sexual maneuver.

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Pull from the roots, not the ends. Try biting at the nape of her neck not hard enough to draw blood!

Rough sex is sexual arousal beyond penetration, it's the sexual arousal that's brought about by aggression. A rough sex tip for the guys. Girls like rough sex. Of course, not all the time! But every now and then, a good round of rough sex can make them feel alive. Somehow, being dominated once in a while with aggression turns a girl on. Rough sex has become quite common in porn, and that might be one reason why more people are trying it. While some people simply seem attracted to hard sex and would be even without porn depictions, research does indicate that exposure can lead to a greater desire for hard sex. More Rough Sex Ideas. This list of rough sex ideas was long.

Then work your way down - nibbling and biting as you go. Leaving your mark - whether by nibbling or more - defines rough sex from vanilla sex. Some men love when women leave nail marks on their backs, so if that sounds good to you, ask for it. Leaving a mark is often very much a part of rough sex.

6 POWERFUL Easy Rough Sex Tips That You Can Use Tonight - How To Be Dominant In Bed

Then, bend her over your knee and spank her. Or slap her, doggie style - a hallmark of rough sex. Get demanding.

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Tell her what to do. Instruct her. Get loud.

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Talk dirty. Your vocalizations will turn up the mood. Recommends: One ct of rough sex for many people is control - with you having more and her having less. One way to shift the power balance is to blindfold her - that'll give you much more power, as she won't be able to see what you're doing and will have to let you take more control of the situation.

Blindfolds like this one are a great product for adding some sexy energy to your rough sex. Recommends: A fun way to amp up rough sex is to bring some bondage into it - like, say, tying your partner up, thus having total control over her limbs and positioning. If she's into the idea and, you know, check beforehan don't just grab whatever rope you have lying around.

This silk rope is a great option to do so without giving her rope burns all over - it's strong but still very soft on the skin, and can be easily tied in complex knots, if you're into that kind of thing. Recommends: Not everyone will be into using a ball gag, but if both of you are into really rough sex this can be an intense way of shifting the power dynamic and giving you a ton of control to take charge while still figuring out a safe gesture or sign in case she needs you to stop.

This particular model has small holes in the balls to ensure continued airflow and features three different sizes of balls so you can find the right fit for her mouth. Recommends: If you're amping up the intensity of the sex - and especially if you're restraining your partner - you'll definitely want to ensure that she's well lubricated.

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The last thing the two of you want interrupting your domination play is her having to tell you to stop because you're actually hurting her - because you didn't buy a lube or got a cheap, water-based one that's already worn off.

Invest in your sex with a quality silicone-based lube like this Swiss Navy one that comes in a leak-proof bottle. Lastly, there are few things you should avoid to make this a success. First, no laughing. Humor breaks the mood.

15 Dirty Ways to Have the Sexiest Rough Sex Ever!

Try not to. Stay in the moment.

Sep 23,   Rough sex is always made better with extra lube, adds Smith. If you don't know where to start on the lube front: This is a good beginner's primer on exactly what kind of lube you can and can Author: Lane Moore. Dec 12,   An expert explains how to have rough sex that's both pleasurable and safe. And they suggest some rough sex ideas and tips. Jun 09,   The Art Of Rough Sex If She Wants To Play Rough In Bed, Here's What You Need To Do. April Masini. If rough sex is new to you, or if it's not and you just want some tips Author: April Masini.

Second, no apologizing. Keep your persona to keep the rough sex hot. Nice Guy you usually are.

Sex Toys All Rough Sex Lovers Need

Fourth, no damages. Keep it safe, while keeping it edgy.

Twenty20, brookeekelund. 1. Grab her when she's walking past you, push her up against a wall, and press your boner against grind on her, so your bulge rubs against her clit. 2. Grab her wrists and pin them over her head. It's even better if you can hold . Jun 14,   5 Sex Positions Perfect For When You Want To Get Rough. Grrr, baby. 10 Sex Tips for Every Spot On Your Body. He's hands-free here to explore and to get a little Jamie Hergenrader. All of the sex toys I mention are shipped discreetly from one of the biggest sex toy distributors in the world, happy rough sex! When you're done also make sure to check out my article on the best thrusting sex toys as I think many of you rough sex lovers will love some of them naughty items. How To Have Rough Sex Like a Pro Talk To Each other.

Read up on sexual consent. Use your safe word. To find out more, please read our complete terms of use. Search Search. Messages You have no messages.

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