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How much do young people really know about safe sex and relationships?.

Total Respondents Perhaps both. The women were a bit more diverse. Not too many comments on this one. There is a stereotype that all men like blow jobs, and they all can orgasm from them really quickly. No so! This one kind of surprised me.

Most husbands are pretty adaptable about exactly how sex happens with their wives, but they want sex to happen! Willingly, frequently, and happily. I think there is a minority that is extremely vocal, while the nonchalant ones are well nonchalant.

But, all the studies show that the happiest couples are those that are adaptable. I think that is a vital skill in any marriage. In honesty BJ - big points No swallow - plus 2 bonus Swallow - plus 4 bonus. She probably has all sorts of crazy things she wants that I may think go to far? I cannot speak for any other man. Frankly this is not a subject i discuss with my friends or colleagues really! My wish would be 2 or 3 times a week. Words are a poor substitute for sex. I feel like other things take priority to us setting aside time to form that intimate bond more often.

On the topic, I am willing and happy to give him oral. I know that affects the taste. He has never brought me to orgasms though, just uses it more as foreplay. I was married for twenty years and very few did we not make love. I loved going down on my wife and I never had to be asked. My wife very seldomly need any encouragements to go down on me.

Hell we would give each other head in the car,at the park, driving down the road,in porta potties,on planes, hell we gave each other head all day every day and we enjoyed it. I meant to comment on the discussion on swallowing, that when my husband stopped drinking, I noticed a huge improvement in the taste. Neither of us want to finish oral and then commence with a bunch of kissing.

Anyone else have this hangup, or is it just us? Same with smoking, eating red meat, eating any meet, eating more fruit, drinking more water. Basically, the healthier you are, generally the better you taste.

It was also difficult to make meals that the kids would eat. My husband has no inhibitions about switching back and forth from intercourse to oral to get me really charge so I feel if he tastes ours mixed then I surely can adapt.

Swallowing used to also be a hangup but I have overcome that and now I look forward to swallowing and love it as does he.

We are not exactly newlyweds, I am 54 and he is I have come to realize that this is what holds a marriage together. I concur with Jane. My wife has me pretty trained to enjoy going down on her after I orgasm.

Now, it seems only fair for me to be OK with tasting and swallowing our juices if I expect or enjoy her doing it for me.

Racy ad encourages safe sex for senior citizens

Jane, what a FINE wife you are, and very in tune with making marriage great!! Husband and wife both are one and totally sharing their bodies is so beautiful. Like you, my wife and I switch back and forth and consider it a normal part of our love. With us, ALL inhibitions are gone. She loves it and I love it. We are a couple 42 and 38 and oral is an exciting ct of our marriage. Jane, wives like you are worth their weight in gold!!! I also am married to a wonderful woman like you. My wife is 8 years older 54 and absolutely beautiful inside and out!

We have always been open and honest about everything including past sex lives. We have been married 16 years and it has been wonderful. She considers oral an essential part of foreplay and always swallows and expects me to do the same.

Like you we both practice switching and she always loves it and is no inhibitions with it. My wife is soooo beautiful could be a twin of Sally Field I am continually in a state of bliss!! How long after she delivers can she stomach veggies again? Hmm, that usually means your missing something in your diet. Not red meat, but rather something in it that needs to be gained from somewhere else. Possibly iron, that tends to be one people forget about and it can cause weakness. Not too long after pregnancy she can eat them again, it slowly fades.

But summer is easier to buy fresh foods. Very interesting survey results. Thanks for sharing. Of course, some women use this maliciously. The flip side of this is knowing your are giving your spouse so much pleasure from doing one simple thing. This part of you that you show to no one but your spouse.

Mar 05, The safe sex practice survey, as utilized elsewhere, 8, 14 includes 5 items assessing safe sex practice behavior. For example, participants were asked: "During the past 30 days, when having sexual intercourse, how often do you use condoms? (Never/Hardly ever/Sometimes/Almost always/Always/Not sexually active in past 30 days)."Cited by: 2. Thanks for clicking on our survey! This survey is about safe sex and sexual health among students. There are 10 questions and the survey will take under 5 minutes to complete. All responses are anonymous and will be treated in strict confidence.

That sense of someone focusing our pleasure without having to work for it is comforting, connecting, intimate. I too found it is interesting that men describe oral sex, specifically, ejaculating into their wives mouths, as such an intimate experience.

My husband enjoys receiving oral for foreplay, but has told me that finishing together through intercourse is the most intimate experience for him.

And as much as I enjoy receiving oral from my husband, I too feel that PIV is far more intimate, the closest we can be to each other and the best ending of our sexual encounter. Sweet it a way. It feels very intimate as well, just in a different way. As a 38 yr old male I have a great attraction to being blown by women. To me theres power and pleasure in someone doing this to me, yet in a recent relationship I fulfilled this fantasy and came in my lovers mouth it was satisfying for us both.

However I do crave yearn to make love to her-which isnt happening for other reasons. The desire to cum in a womens mouth is a mix of things for me-power, complete acceptance and giving submission by a female which is beautiful. I feel facials can be degrading as they are often portrayed this way yet depends on the intention of the person.

When we are in a really good place in our marriage, and are enjoying regular sex, oral is a nice special treat for some added fireworks. Doggy does nothing for me, but we will often move to doggy after I have orgasmed for my husband to finish up that way. I know he enjoys it so I enjoy letting him. There is just something about being connected from head to toe, arms and legs wrapped that provides a feeling of closeness and connection.

Like I said, especially if we are in a tender place. There are plenty of opportunities for it all! Oh my goodness, I totally agree with happywife! As a woman, nothing compared to face-to-face sex.

Doggy style dose zip for me. I feel more protected anddominated? I love it. But yeah, it does feel a lot more distant.

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But I generally hold it for a few minutes and spit it out later. Maybe one time out of ten I will swallow Bleh! But he thinks it is so hot. It really surprises me how many women like it! Maybe I will try harder to be okay with it.

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Something he FITS really want me to do is to talk dirty. Jay Dee, do you have a post about that? I have been systematically going through all your posts for the last two days, and have discovered some great stuff! Either way, I will keep reading.

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Thank you so much for your honesty and you advice! Maybe the next time you let him try, focus on how. Let him convince you that you are beautiful everywhere. Good for you for trying to be more of a seductress for you husband!

Yep, I realized that after posting but now you get to talk about your ebook! I did eventually write an ebook on dirty talk. I would like to have seen the reasons for the wives not wanting oral sex performed on them. I tried talking to my wife about letting me perform oral sex on her and se responded like I was from another planet. For women, our genitalia is not an area that is ever exposed, unlike men whose genitalia is on the outside.

In the restroom, we never even have to touch our privates we use tissue when we need to clean up. Men go in the restroom, whip it out, and use their hands to help aim. So, the thought of someone putting their mouth on an area that is so hidden for us can be a really weird, invasive feeling. Also, men are generally much more crass about bodily functions and such. Women are much more refined and would never dream of such a thing. I choose to take care of that business in private. So, again, to have her husbands mouth down in an area that she takes such care to keep private and rarely even speaks about can be a real stretch.

Does that make any sense? Not all of us husbands are sobase. I never understood the bathroom humor, farting contests or the like either.

The reason i say this is because i once saw a video of a group of about 50 white women, there were no other women from another race or ethnicity, all crammed in a room just to watch a muscular black guy dance around with his junk hanging out. As he would approach diffedent ones they would eagarly take his junk and give him a good blow job while the others anxiously watched waiting their turn.

Some would pull their breasts out to have them fondled while all this was going on. To my knowledge, there wasnt any PIV show going on but looking at all these so called respectable women from seemingly all walks of life, it totally changed my view about how innocent they try to pass themselves off. None seemed a bit ashamed and worse, its on youtube for the whole world to see, and its on there forever. It helped me to see that women are as dirty as men when it comes to sex.

Oral Sex Survey Results

Given the opportunity in the right situation and they would be willing to do just about anything with a perfect stranger. My wife made placenta pills out of hers for the last pregnancy. Just the knowledge that you are trying might be a fantastic valentines present. I get what you mean, sorta. If it meant that much to her, yeah, I definitely would, even if it kind of freaks me out.

For some women it is a slow process to be proficient at oral sex. You first need to realize that it is NOT anything dirty but instead a very beautiful and intimate act of love. Start slow and steady. Each time you will feel more at ease and over time, if your like me, you will love it. There is nothing in semen that is unhealthy for youin fact some in the medical field claim its good for certain health issues.

Please keep trying!! My wife was a widow of a minister of a local congregation. We did not have sex until we were married and I was totally shocked at how sexually repressed she was!

I, on the other hand, had a very happy marriage to a beautiful and wonderful partner, who loved all kinds of sexual acts and had no hang ups. It has been a long slow road to getting her to open up and enjoy guilt free sex. Her and her husband had sex only a few times a year, a huge difference from now, as I push for sex at least 2 times a week. I am 52 years old and lost my wife to cancer when she was My present wife is 2 years younger than me and we have been married 6 years.

She has undergone a major change in her attitude and views of sex but it is a slow process. I recently admitted that she is excited about her new found freedom concerning sex and how beautiful it all is.

She had never had an orgasm in her life until I gave her oral, she actually started to cry after she had her first and very strong orgasm. I explained that that feeling is exactly what sex should be like and this has changed her life! I wonder just how many other women are sexually suppressed like she was. What a tragic shame! Pick one! As for the weatherwow. Snow everywhere. Both of us have a previous marriage and both us went for many years before truly accepting the Lord as our savior.

So needless to say both of us have had a bit of a colored past. Both of us accept that in each other and know that we have been forgiven, we even sometimes discuss our past with each other. And, yes, believe it or not it has brought us closer, that much sharing may not work for everyone though.

The first time I performed oral sex on a woman was because I had heard a lot about it and had always wanted to try it. I really enjoy the way my wife tastes and making my wife orgasm this way makes her taste better to me. She does with me, she says, because of how much I enjoy it and that she like the flavour. She also has said that alcohol does affect flavour in a negative way and that mine has improved with a better diet.

The biggest difference she has told me is the emotional factor. Once I was able to convey that or realize that it because not as much of a issue and I learned to accept her and to my surprise it made her WANT to give it to me.

If there are hang ups talk about them something we failed to do for a long time until just recently. I just came across your survey site so forgive me if this question has already been surveyed.

Sex > Safe Sex > Surveys ; Surveys. All sections in Sex Great Sex Safe sex Health24's Great South African Sex Survey of sheds some interesting statistical light on the subject. Survey written by Lydia P. Smith, Graduate Assistant/Health Educator, Student Health Services, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, Bradford, PA , Post-Survey Smart Sex for Men and Women University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Please answer the following questions honestly and openly. Safe Sex Behavior Questionnaire. Directions: Below is a list of sexual practices. Please read each statement and respond by indicating. your degree of use of these practices. 1 = Never 2 = Sometimes 3 = Most of the Time 4 = Always.

What about sexless marriages? How long married? How long has it been since you last had intercourse of any kind? This was a very insightful article and comments. We have been married for 5. I LOVE giving oral sex to my wife and would love it if she would reciprocate. Rarely will she allow me to be there long enough to make her orgasm fully even though that is my goal everytime.

She had never really given me oral sex. The most I ever get is a few kisses of a lick once or twice while I eat her in the 69 position for several minutes. But I am terrified about taking with her about it. Please give me your thoughts and suggestions about how to broach the subject.

Does this sound like a common issue or am I alone? It took my wife nearly a decade to reciprocate. Sometimes you have to be patient. She had to get comfortable with the idea. Of course, communicating about it would probably help, if not speed it up, then at least help you understand her reluctance.

This weekend I think we made a little progress. After good sex where I have her oral in 69 I encouraged us to have a conversation reflecting on the morning as a whole.

She thinks that the only reason that I would be requesting oral is because of a desire to reinact something that I had seen when I had viewed porn before our marriage. I can tell that time is healing this concern but I worry about it popping back up in her mind. Any suggestions? Also, do you have a survey that found how long it usually takes for a lower sex drive wife to open up to giving oral?

Reading a few of these comments all I can say is if you are one of those uptight women who are unwilling to do the deed get ready to be old, out of shape, and single again, ladies. Might as well gain 40 lbs, cut your hair short, stop shaving your vaginas and hell, your legs too if you have not already done soseeing as all you care about is yourselves and what YOU want.

Your antiquated views and selfish preferences, or your relationship? I do enjoy my wife swallowing and when I give her oral, I do everything possible to give her a better orgasam than the last. I have recently read the results of the survey, very interesting.

I am very surprised, however, that none of the women mentioned the smell issue. My husband recently asked me why it seems that whenever I am giving him a blowjob I try to make him finish us quickly as possible.

I really wanted to say because I do not want to have my nose right up against your pungent pair of sweat-drenched balls for any longer than absolutely necessary.

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But, I did not. So now, I am forced to pretend like I am trying to make it last in order to avoid any more awkward questions. Honestly, I dread every second of it because of the smell and do not really know what to do about it. If you could take a shower right before sex, I will be happy to give you a longer blowjob. Great comments on an age old form of intimacy. Love is giving and receiving. We find our medium in between. Clean her up, like she would him if she swallowed. Good question! I really liked this post.

It was really interesting but it Reminded me of how much I enjoy oralsex and how little my wife wants do it.

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After our daughter was born she just stopped wanting to do it. And then I am going to touch my daughter?! I meant that we could do it in the night but she said no!

Oralsex is also of the chart. Especially since she was the one who taught me about oralsex. She gave me my first blowjob. And sadly it was before marriage. I guess I am being punished for all of that now. It would be interesting to see if there are many who just stopped liking it for some reason.

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Alcohol does make a huge difference in a mans taste, I informed my husband he must choose, BJ or alcohol. He stopped drinking and I then made sure that he drank plenty of pineapple juice and ate fruits.

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These items have demonstrated some evidence of convergent validity by associating with constructs from the social cognitive theory. This CUSES adapted from a larger item scale, 13 has shown some evidence of reliability and validity - for example, Cronbach alphas for the four factors utilized range from 0.

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With respect to validity, these items have been shown to be predictive of condom use among three distinct groups of condom users-ritualistic, sporadic and non-users. This is similar to the factor structure identified elsewhere. A multivariable logistic regression model was used to examine the association between safe sex self-efficacy predictor variable; score rangehigher scores represent higher reported condom-use self-efficacyand safe sex practice outcome variable dichotomized using the median split, with the median value being Covariates in the regression model included all demographic variables described above, as well as self-esteem score rangehigher scores represent higher reported self-esteem.

Multiplicative interaction analyses were employed to examine the joint effects of safe sex self-efficacy and demographic variables on safe-sex practice. In the sample, Table 2 displays the logistic regression models examining the association between safe-sex self-efficacy independent variable and condom use. Model 1 represents the composite condom-use self-efficacy score and condom use safe-sex practice. Models represent the isolated association of each domain of condom use self-efficacy mechanics, partner disapproval, assertiveness and intoxicants respectively with condom use.

Five separate models Models 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 were computed to examine the association between safe-sex self-efficacy and condom use outcome variable for all 5 models. The predictor variable for Model 1 was the composite self-efficacy score; for Model 2, the mechanics self-efficacy score; for Model 3, the disapproval self-efficacy score; for Model 4, the assertiveness self-efficacy score; for Model 5, the intoxicants self-efficacy score.

Covariates in each of the five regression models were age years, continuousgender categoricalrace-ethnicity categoricalcollege level categoricalCGPA categoricalrelationship status categoricalalcohol use continuousage at first sexual intercourse continuousever taken a sexuality class categoricalever diagnosed with STI categoricalnumber of sexual partners in past 30 days continuousself-esteem continuous.

Safer Sex Survey 1. Do you identify as: Response Percent Response Count Male 61 Female Trans 5 Other 11 answered question Oral sex is not necessarily safe sex. Receiving and giving oral sex can transmit STDs. Sexually transmitted diseases are mostly viruses or bacteria that enter the body through tiny cuts in your skin or mucus membranes during sex. Any form of sexual contact creates a chance of transmission. Nov 27, Here are the final results of the oral sex survey I eluded to in my post Is it okay NOT to swallow. If you don't want to read through all the stats, you can jump to my summary at the bottom. Total Respondents. (52 women, 84 men) Data for marriages that don't practice oral sex (12of respondents) Why isn't oral sex practiced in your.

The mean variance inflation factor for this composite model was 1. Neither condom use mechanics OR: 1. There was no multiplicative interaction effect between age and safe sex self-efficacy OR: 1. The purpose of this brief report was to examine the association of safe-sex self-efficacy and safe-sex practice in a Southern US college. Given that the Southern region of the United States has about the highest burden in prevalence of STIs, 4 - 6 as well as the highest incidence also reportedly seen in individuals of college age, 23 it is pertinent that we identify predictors of safe-sex behavior in this particular demographic Southern college-age students.

Although safe-sex self-efficacy, which refers to the confidence an individual has in their ability to engage in safe-sex practices in the presence of barriers to this behavior, 13 has been shown to associate with safe-sex practice among African-Americans 14 and college-age students in a Northeastern University, 8 it was important to examine this theoretical framework in this demographic on the basis of the aforementioned STI burden as well as the non-generalizability of earlier studies in other populations.

While examining four domains of safe-sex self-efficacy, which is less common in the literature, we observed an apparently greater association between intoxicants self-efficacy and safe-sex practice.

This may be informative as to the comparatively higher need for college-age students to be taught methods to enhance safe-sex practice in the presence of intoxicants. The college years are peculiar as the age for increased exploration and experimentation with sex and alcohol. There was no statistically significant association between the closely-related assertiveness self-efficacy scale and safe-sex practice in this study; however, poor assertiveness and low perceived personal control are thought to be predictors of risky sexual behavior.

Although we observed no statistically significant association between self-efficacy for mechanics of condom use confidence in ability to correctly use a condom and safe-sex practice, worthy of note was that These findings buttress the importance of continuing safe-sex education at the college level.

Hence, policy makers should consider the continuation of education on sexual behavior at the college level.

Safe sex survey

Additionally, sex educators, in addition to improving the knowledge of their students on sexual behavior, should also aim to build their confidence that they can put learned concepts into practice, especially in precarious situations.

Limitations of our study include the cross-sectional methodology employed which provides limited information on the temporality of these associations. However, there is great plausibility for the observed association between safe-sex self-efficacy and safe-sex practices. The use of a one-item tool in assessing global self-esteem may be limited in ascertaining more psychodynamically complex constructs such as narcissism.

Strengths of our study include the examination of composite as well as isolated domains of safe-sex self-efficacy on safe-sex practice. The interaction between safe sex self-efficacy and other psychological such as affective 26 and interpersonal dimensions 27 that may also influence sexual behavior may be worthy of future investigation.

In conclusion, we observed a consistent association between safe-sex self-efficacy and safe-sex practices. This consistency with previous research is informative for development of targeted approaches to foster safe-sex behavior in US colleges.

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Future research may employ a longitudinal approach in order to examine temporal sequence of the examined associations. All authors were involved in the conceptualization of the study, revising the manuscript and interpreting the results. Author OA computed the analyses and drafted the first draft of the manuscript. Safe sex self-efficacy and safe sex practice in a Southern United States college.

Health Promot Perspect. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Journal List Health Promot Perspect v. Published online Mar 5. Paul D. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Tell: ; Fax: ; ude. Received Aug 17; Accepted Dec Abstract Background: The purpose of this study was to assess the association between safe sex self-efficacy and safe-sex practice in a Southern college setting. Introduction Safe sex practices refer to sexual activity and especially sexual intercourse in which various measures such as the use of latex condoms or the practice of monogamy, are taken to avoid sexually transmitted infections STIssuch as the human immunodeficiency virus HIV.

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Oral Sex Survey Results

Safe sex practice survey The safe sex practice survey, as utilized elsewhere, 814 includes 5 items assessing safe sex practice behavior. Condom Use Self-Efficacy Score, 1 unit increase 1. Mechanics Self-Efficacy, 1 unit increase 1. Disapproval Self-Efficacy, 1 unit increase 1. Assertiveness Self-Efficacy, 1 unit increase 1. Intoxicants Self-Efficacy, 1 unit increase 1. Abbreviation: OR, odds ratio. Discussion The purpose of this brief report was to examine the association of safe-sex self-efficacy and safe-sex practice in a Southern US college.

Conclusion In conclusion, we observed a consistent association between safe-sex self-efficacy and safe-sex practices. Competing interests We declare no conflicts of interest. Acknowledgments No funding was used to prepare this manuscript. References 1. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Medical Definition of safe sex. Accessed April 24, HIV among youth. Sexually transmitted infections among US women and men: prevalence and incidence estimates, Sex Transm Dis.

Sexually transmitted diseases in the USA: temporal trends. Sex Transm Infect. Mississippi State Department of Health.

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An analysis of health promotion and risk behaviors of freshman college students in a rural southern setting. J Pediatr Nurs. Using social cognitive theory to predict safer sex behaviors in college students.

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