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Sari Sumdac , the technorganic daughter of robotics genius Isaac Sumdac , used to not get out much. She spent all her time within her father's laboratories, receiving her education from robots. Despite this, she doesn't seem like a shut-in. She's curious, excitable, adventurous, and knows that crying can sometimes get her what she wants. She's just never known what it's like to be around other kids.

Sari advised him not to try too hard, or she wouldn't recognize him. Sari was awakened from her night's rest by the loud cavorting of the "Constructobots". A game of flattened-oil-barrel frisbee severed her trademark pigtails, which left her none too pleased. Rise of the Constructicons Subsequently she proved that she was still more mature than Bumblebee in a number of ways, warning him off of taking on villains solo just to prove a point.

Sadly he wouldn't realize this until the Decepticon behind the villains' success, Swindle was revealed. By then it was too late, and she had to team up with those same villains to take his immobilized chassis to Sumdac Tower.

Alarmed that the receptionist robot was now declaring it to be Powell Tower, she utilized the Key to rectify that little situation before heading off and successfully disabling Swindle's technology jamming device.

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Thinking that the criminal Meltdown might have some dirt on Porter C. Powell, Sari and Bumblebee visited him in prison, to try and coax some information out of him. Meltdown informed them that Powell was too slick to ever be caught red-handed, though he insinuated that if Sari and her friends found a way to spring him from prison, he could take care of Powell Sari turned down the offer, and left immediately.

Later, Sari and the Autobots learned that Meltdown had been broken out of prison via a news report. She stayed behind at the Autobots' headquarters while Optimus, Prowl and Bumblebee dealt with the situation.

After Meltdown's threat had been neutralized, Sari accompanied her Autobot friends to explain what had transpired to Captain Fanzone. Black Friday. A while after, Prowl and Sari were honing their agility using the factory's old assembly line. Sari claimed she could complete the exercise at full speed, like Prowl, but it was set to a quarter-speed, which proved to be too much for her at that and got a massive whack upside the head for her pains.

Sari Sumdac, Shattered Glass, Transformers, Transformers Animated

After the Autobots discovered the return of the ConstructiconsSari was left at the base at the command of Optimus, who told reminded her that they had almost decapitated her the last time they met.

Also, he doubted she would be able to take on a pair of two-story robots. At first Sari sulked at her situation, before realizing that she was completely alone in the base and did what any eight-year-old kid would do in an abandoned factory: raid the vending machines, use cranes as miniature G-force slings and try to take on Prowl's obstacle course at full speed which went as well as last time.

While listening to her music, Sari failed to notice the alarms going off, which heralded the invasion of the Constructicons who were looking for a drink.

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After the two louts accidentally crushed her cell phone and left her with the option of sneaking to the communications room to call the Autobots for help, Sari decided-after a council of war with her teddy bear-to take on the two bots using her trusty hockey stick which shatters soon after she strikes them with it.

She escaped and made it to the communication room, contacting Bumblebee who told her to hide and wait until they finish fighting off the recently appeared Blitzwingwho was also looking for the Constructicons. Sari concluded that it would be too long and set up a trap for the two invaders, using three barrels of oil to trip them up and the plant's assembly line to knock them around for a while, forcing Mixmaster and Scrapper to flee.

The Autobots returned to find the place in ruins, but Sari showed them that she was all right. Optimus both apologized for his previous comments and lauded her for her bravery, and all was well for Sari-if she could just explain away the mountain of candy wrappers Optimus discovered Sari, No One's Home.

Sari later posed for a Picasso-style picture done by Bulkhead. The results were After criticism by the Autobots, a depressed Bulkhead walked out, and Sari and Bumblebee went to cheer him up. During a walk in the park, Megatron attacked them, carrying an imprisoned Isaac Sumdac with him, and Sari realized that Megatron had kidnapped him all those months ago. Apparently, that hadn't occurred to anyone else. While she looked on helplessly, Megatron managed to kidnap Bulkhead. When she returned to the plant, she heard the Autobot Blurr reveal that Professor Sumdac was helping the Decepticons build a space bridge to conquer Cybertron.

Sari refused to believe that her father was willingly helping the Decepticons and got a promise out of Optimus Prime to bring him home alive. Ratchet realized that they would need riskier repairs to bring achieve their goal. As Ratchet worked, he explained that the ship was an Autobot who had sacrificed his spark two million years ago. Sari was doubtful that it would come back online She proceeded to use the Key on several of the ship's systems, under Ratchet's direction, until it was able to take off.

Taking it to the mine where the Decepticons were based, Sari managed to give the ship enough power to transform into its robot mode, Omega Supreme. The massive Autobot turned the tide of the battle, but sacrificed himself to save the others from being sucked into the space bridge.

The Autobots managed to escape, with both Sari and Isaac in tow, and Isaac revealed that he had been forced to work with the Decepticons. Overjoyed that her father was safe and still a good guy, Sari dubbed Isaac Sumdac the most honest and trust-worthy guy that anyone could hope to find.

It was at that point that everyone assembled noticed that the skin on Sari's elbow had torn away, revealing robotic circuitry underneath. Although Sari was at first scared by this strange discovery, her fear quickly gave way to anger at her father for having kept the secret that she was a robot from her for years.

As they returned to Detroit, Sumdac explained how he had found Sari in his lab years before, but the girl remained incredulous, and things only got worse when the pair confronted Porter C. Powell and Henry Masterson back in Sumdac Tower.

When the two men refused to vacate the building, Sari's strained patience snapped, and her hands suddenly transformed into energy projectors, which created a shock wave that knocked the pair of do-badders into the elevator. Struggling to comprehend her true nature, Sari went with the Autobots to their headquarters, unable even to be in the same building as the man she could no longer even think of as her father. Optimus Prime did his best to patch up the damaged family relationship by tricking Sari into meeting with Sumdac at Burger Botbut it wasn't until Masterson returned with his Headmaster unit attached to Starscream's body that the bonds between father and daughter were repaired, as Sari and Sumdac defended each other from the villain.

Sari quickly began to get a handle on her new Cybertronian abilities, learning to project beach ball-sized spheres of pure energy from her hands, but the Autobots still refused to allow her to accompany them into battle against a rock-like alien creature that had just transwarped into the middle of Detroit. Seeking a means to strengthen her abilities, Sari turned her Key upon herself and underwent a surprising metamorphosis: the key upgraded her into a teenager with a wide array of powers and battle armor.

Although Sari's new abilities amazed the Autobots when she made short work of the rock-alien, things soon started to go wrong, as the Key's energy began overloading Sari's circuitry, causing her to run out of control.

Transformers sari sumdac

Unable to control her own body and causing objects around her to explode with her merest touch, Sari nearly killed Bumblebee by stabbing him with one of her blades before the Autobots were able to remove the key from her system.

Even with the Key extracted, Sari's energies were still running wild, and she was in danger of exploding and destroying the entire city before Ratchet knocked her out with his EMP generator. Once they returned to the Autobot base, he bypassed the circuitry responsible for her overload.

Optimus Prime was forced to contemplate undoing the repairs done to Sari and using her to stop the rampaging superweapon as a last-ditch desperation play.

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When Starscream took control of Omega away from Megatron and locked down all the entrance hatches to prevent the Autobots from infiltrating the robot againhe came to the point of ordering Ratchet to do so. Fortunately for Sari's and Detroit's continued existence, Ratchet refused, and the Autobots ultimately transwarped the threat off Earth. Soon after, Sari awoke and apologized to her friends for her foolishness, while her father apologized to her for holding back the truth for so long.

After convalescing, she was next seen on Christmas Eve, making some oilnog for the Autobots and warning them to stay off Santa's naughty list. When they went to bed early, thanks to a Sound Wave toy spiking the 'nog, she called them a bunch of party-poopers, but wished them a Merry Christmas and went home. The next morning, she wasn't happy to receive another Sound Wave toy from her father, given what had happened with the last oneand was further disappointed when she was given a motor scooter rather than a car Overjoyed, she transformed to her robot mode and flew off to show Bumblebee.

When she arrived at the Autobots' base, she found it apparently deserted, and was further puzzled when the base's scanners showed their energy signatures in the factory itself.

The appearance of a creepy robot bir leading a number of Sound Wave toys from an elevator in the floor which she'd not known about beforedidn't help matters, so she used her palm blasters on them and took the lift down.

In the basement, she found the Autobots wired into a VR machine by a fully rebuilt Soundwave. With most of her weaponry offline, she was no match for him and his instruments when she tried to stop him. She was forced to retreat, promising to come back for her friends Human Error, Part I. While she was flying back to Sumdac Tower, Soundwave decided to take over the whole city of Detroit, using the small Sound Waves to carry his hypnotic tunes, since reprogramming the Autobots was taking too long.

As such, she arrived back to find a Sound Wave toy blaring hypnotic music at her Soundwave deduced that her techno-organic nature made her immune to the music, and he shifted focus to trying to force everyone else to kill her, starting with her father! After reluctantly dropping a shelving unit on her dad to make her escape, she flew to Dinobot Island for help.

Her initial foray met with little success, since Grimlock and his pteranodon comrade refused to help, tried to kill her, then left her alone when she blasted at them.

Grimlock's mention that the third member of his group had been kicked out for becoming someone's "pet" raised her curiosity, though, and she soon found Scrapper, separated from the other two Constructicons by a big explosionon the island's shore playing with " Snarl ", and she managed to conscript the two into rescuing the other Autobots. On their way back to the mainland on a makeshift raft, Wreck-Gar abruptly popped up from the lake's bottom and immediately became the fourth member of the troupe of Substitute Autobots.

Once they were ashore, Sari's chaotic attempt to get them to transform and roll out nearly had them leave her behind, but it became moot before too long when Soundwave flew out of the ground, followed by the brainwashed Autobots. Initial attempts by her group at fighting them went badly, as the Substitute Autobots proved incapable of working at a team, while the zombie-Autobots acted as a single, elegant machine under Soundwave, and Soundwave could even control her own jet pack.

Sari then changed tack, abandoning efforts to co-ordinate her group and ordering them to attack as individuals. Soundwave's single, elegant machine had trouble multitasking, apparently leading to Prowl saving Sari from death at Bumblebee's stingers in an attempt to deliver his own blow.

This lasted until, with four Autobots down, only Optimus Prime remained As a result, Sari was almost killed by the enslaved Optimus-but was saved again by Prowl, who openly revealed that he'd broken Soundwave's control in knocking Ratbat away from him. Shortly after, Soundwave was again shattered into many pieces, and Sari could once again concentrate on celebrating Christmas with her adopted family and her father. Human Error, Part II.

When Bulkhead and her father belatedly completed the space bridge they'd been working on after the purpose they'd been making it for had been accomplishe Sari objected that they would have gotten it working sooner if they'd let her help.

They scoffed and went back to bickering about the final tweaks When Optimus asked just how she'd managed that, she replied that she didn't know how, she just Further, when Sentinel Prime sent an encoded message to Optimus that things had gone horribly wrong on the Elite Guard's ship, Sari managed to lock onto the transwarp signature of Swindle's personal storage dimension to get Optimus aboard, after Bulkhead wasn't sure it was even possible.

Later, after Swindle had departed the ship and Bulkhead wasn't sure he could retrieve Optimus, she claimed she could fix it and that she'd figured out why, guessing she must have upgraded her "processor However, putting it to the test wasn't necessary, as the ship dropped off Optimus at Sumdac Tower, safe and sound.

Decepticon Air. When Optimus Prime abruptly decided he needed a jet pack of his own, Sari, along with Ratchet and her dad, was called into service to make it happen, which included Sari diagnosing a problem just by touching it.

Initially, Sari wanted to confront the giant Decepticons with Optimus and Prowl, but Optimus told her no. As she began to throw a hissy-fit about being kept back for her own safety again, he cut her off and told her he wanted her to help protect her "fellow organics" with the other Autobots.

Embarrassed, she backed down. Later, when Ratchet, Bumblebee and Bulkhead were about to depart for the Moon in an attempt to take back the original Omega Supreme, she insisted on transwarping there with them. Her worried father attempted to forbid her, but she told him that she knew there was something there she needed to do, and flew into the space bridge. Once there, Sari could hardly believe she was really on the Moon, but her amazement was soon tabled when Ratchet spotted Arcee, leading to the quartet being ambushed by Shockwave.

While Bumblebee and Bulkhead held the shape-shifting Decepticon off, Sari and Ratchet headed into Omega Supreme's inactive body with the damaged fembot and found the lab Shockwave had been using.

Although slightly freaked out by the female robot's mindless repetition of lessons for young Cybertronian 'bots, Sari was able to use her technopathy to tell Ratchet how to restore her mind.

Shortly after Arcee came fully back online, Bumblebee and Bulkhead came in with news for Sari. They took her down into the hold of the Decepticons' shipwhere several blank protoforms lay. Believing that this was where she had come from, Sari reached out to touch one of the protoforms, confirming for herself that there really had been a reason for her to be there. Meanwhile, Ratchet and Arcee had broken Lugnut's hold over Omega Supreme and reactivated the giant Autobot, and Sari joined the others in flying back to Earth aboard the ship.

As he fought with his purple duplicates, those inside were shaken about. After a particularly hard hit from the last clone standing, which forced Omega to transform to ship mode and crash-land, he checked that those inside were all right, whereupon Sari noted that "all Autobots, half-bots and almost-bots" were present and accounted for.

Shortly afterward, Prowl gave his spark to shield the city from the last Omega-clone's detonation, and Megatron was defeated and arrested. Sari accompanied the Autobots back to Cybertron to share in their triumphant return and learn of her true origins.

Sari used her "tech-savvy" powers to restore Arcee's lost memories. Arcee then took Sari along with her class on a field-trip to Cybertron's Metroplex. Before the fieldtrip was under way, Sari received some Burger-bot take-out from her dad via the spacebridge.

She pulled out her meal during the field-trip, grossing out her classmates SirenHosehead and Nightbeat. Embarassed, Sari snuck away from the group to dispose of her soda cup. Though she found a disposal hatch, she lost her balance upon opening it, and tumbled down into the facility's recycling center. There, dormant AllSpark energy within her brought back to consciousness Blurrwho had previously been crushed into a cube by Shockwavesomething that Sari was informed about over and over by the talkative Autobot.

Grabbing the Blurr-cube, Sari poked around for an exit.

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She found an access panel, but when she used her tech-savvy powers to activate it, she inadvertantly awakened Kremzeeka Decepticon trojan virus and energy being. Kremzeek activated the center's systems, leading to Sari and Blurr finding themselves strapped down on a conveyor belt, heading towards all sorts of cutting, crushing and melting machinery.

Sari sumdac sex

Thankfully, Arcee and the rest of the class turned up at the last possible moment and rescued them both. But Kremzeek continued to sow chaos.

It jumped from Autobot to Autobot in order to escape, and make its way to Fortress Maximus, where it could deal great damage to Cybertron. But Kremzeek transferred itself to Sari's jet pack, and left the two of them behind. Hit by a sudden idea, Sari plugged the Blurr cube into her back, allowing her to access his super-speed powers somehow.

Arcee grabbed hold of Sari before she took off, and both Blurr and Arcee took turns playing backseat driver as Sari made her way to Fortress Maximus. There, Kremzeek attempted to gain control of Sari herself, but was unable to do so because of Sari's techno-organic nature. Sari contained Kremzeek within her soda cup, saving Cybertron from destruction.

The Return of Blurr Sari gave the Blurr cube to Cliffjumper, and accompanied her Autobot buddies to the latest performance of Team Stunticonwhere she and her friends were honored with a special box seat.

The Stunti-Con Job Sari was later present when Optimus Prime used the AllSpark Matrix to restore Blurr, and everyone else learned a valuable lesson about not judging someone based on their appearance. The Return of Blurr. When Optimus Prime was framed for a break-in at HomeTechSari had the idea to break into the police station to look for clues.

Teamed up with another ki she was almost caught, but the Autobots rescued them at the last moment.

The pair then entered HomeTech's laboratory to look for the security tape on which Prime's image had been captured, and they found a vital clue which led them to HomeTech's main warehouse. There Sari was interested in the Pixie-6 robots HomeTech was due to release, but was menaced by Blitzwing, the real perpetrator of the break-in. She was able to utilize her key to zap Blitzwing via the controller he was using on the Pixie-6 'bots.

Sari - Bring Me To Life

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And he brings her home to Cybertron. There, he is her guide to Cybertronian life.

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Just as he has always been a mech she could lean on in fun or fear, now she is ready to become family. How will that go over with the others? Vorns pass, and as a full fledged adult, the two friends rekindle their friendship into a romance. The Autobots are exploring their base when they stumble upon an off-lined Autobot with a scary resemblance to Bumblebee in their basement with a videotape inside. Didn't want to get rid of this beauty though! During a visit back to Earth, Sari is kidnapped by Lockdown.

Bumblebee finds help to save her in the form of the jet twins, but the identity as to who placed the bounty on Sari's head remains a mystery. After sixteen years on Cybertron, Sari is returning to Earth. Being away for so long is only the first of her complications, because the Decepticon Remnants are up to something A sequal to Second Meanings. Sari and Bumblebee's change in relationship begins to cause omre trouble then originally intended.

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With new enemies on the rise the Autobots are faced with a different form of threat then before. Although that doesn't seem to be the only problem, and both Sari and Bee have new challenges to discover.

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