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Satyrs, Centaurs, and Nymphs in His Majesty Minor (mature content)

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He wasn't qualified to do what she was asking.

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He opened his mouth and nothing came out. He closed it and cleared his throat. He faced the wall.

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I'm hardly qualified and the task is huge! They'll have access to a large group of installers to do the cable runs and the server builds. I'm just talking about the hardware here. I still have no idea about all the software that you currently use and what upgrades you'll need to move to.

Sex History Documentary: Sex Ancient Greece

Absolutely dedicated, hard-working and dependable," she insisted. He turned to stare at the woman who was putting the future of her company in his hands. He was overwhelmed. You d-duh-don't even know me!

They were quite impressed with your abilities. Savant was the word they used. I know Professor Stagg. He doesn't give praise like that unless it's deserved.

The old man had been a thorn in his side all the way through his five years at the college. Stanley got excellent grades in the old man's classes but he had to fight for every point. To hear he had such a high opinion of him now He was When she returned from her memories she pinned Stanley once more with her dark eyes. The cautious, timid one wanted him to tell her he was flattered but he'd pass.

The louder voice told him he needed to accept this challenge as it was a once in a lifetime deal. Yes, we have a d-deal," he said, his voice quavering. Follow me.

She walked a little further down the hall and came to another glass door but this one was clear and he could see it led to a small waiting room with an executive assistant's desk. A beautiful young woman sat behind the desk and looked up with a smile at them as they entered. Her eyes widened when she looked at him. Stanley felt his tongue go numb once more as the woman was a younger version of Ms. Same long raven hair except hers was pulled back into a ponytail.

Same large, dark eyes, high cheekbones, and a slim nose above full sensual lips. The only thing she was missing was the impression of power and dominance. Instead she seemed to exude a warm and happy friendliness. Villamor at the office," the older woman sighed as her daughter's face slipped into a contrite expression. Her eyes slid over to Stanley and her smile was back.

Stanley, this is Paloma Villamor, your executive assistant. The mother saw his trembling and gently took his arm and guided him into his new office to sit in one of the chairs before the large desk.

Aug 27,   Sex Story: The Satyr enters the modern world, to mate with a human female. Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant Coercion Magic /10(24). 'Satyr Play' is my attempt to dabble in the realm of magic. It's not a genre I typically work in so I'm NOT going to play by the rules. If I break any preconceived notions or 'established guidelines', too bad. ;) That said, I hope you enjoy it. All characters engaging in sexual relationships or activities are 18 years old or .

Stanley's eyes took in the heavy and dark stained wooden furniture filling the room. You may change it to suit your taste. Gunderan, and have her bring up a full executive contract. Gunderan please," the mother said and Stanley picked up the steel in her tone. Paloma disappeared from the doorway instantly.

It was all happening so quickly. When the day started he'd hoped he would end up in his own cubicle in a pod farm surrounded by other techs, maybe in charge of ordering and installing network adapters in workstations.

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Here he was sitting in his top floor office with an executive assistant, a gorgeous one at that, responsible for the company's entire IT infrastructure! It wasn't supposed to happen this way. Paloma reappeared in the doorway.

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Have all of Mr. Hokensev's personal items been removed from the room? Villamor caught Stanley's eyes once more and he felt locked in place. Are those blackout curtains over the windows? The woman nodded with a frown as if they offended her too. Glass and steel? The rest made him feel uneasy.

He glanced at the woman standing in the doorway. Paloma was smiling widely and quietly clapping her hands. Her mother snorted quietly. Garin here far more agreeable to work for than Mr.

The doorway was suddenly filled with a broad-shouldered woman with intensely blue eyes. She had to be 6' 4" in her low heeled black boots, surpassing her boss in height as well as width. Fair skinned and blond, the head of Human Resources was a powerfully built woman who gave him the impression that she could probably take both of the men he'd met in the elevator lobby in a fight, at the same time.

Stanley stood up to shake the hand of the tall blond.

The Satyr Encounter

He saw her long hair was pulled back in an intricately woven braid and the bottom was cld with a shiny gold cylinder which he spotted as it swung like a pendulum when she moved. She was also in a business suit but with a skirt which showed off her muscular but shapely legs.

Report Story. Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. Password: Forgot your password? Security code:. Submit bug report. Stories Poems Story Series. Tags Portal Chat Forum. The small exploration research group came to this remote Scandinavian mountain region from the Central European University, an international university that was also part of a consortium of eight other universities for the Department of Gender Studies that focused on gender theories and practices.

They were also all female. The research group was formed after the discovery of an incredibly illustrated ancient manuscript discovered in a castle library where it had been for centuries, incredible not only in its illustrations but what it explicitly detailed in stunningly pornographic detail. Only a very few similar manuscripts have been discovered across Europe.

Of particular importance this one manuscript also seemed to link all the variations of one common mythological creature that was prevalent in one form or another in most of the ancient societies around the world - the Centaur, and this was the first one found to actually contain a map.

The map was examined by the Geographic Information Systems department and surprisingly came up with a crude match of an area.

The Department of Gender Studies thought it would be worthwhile to mount a research expedition to see if this would lead to the source of the Centaur myth or discover additional information to help researchers divine the myth. The research group visited several of the villages where they were practically stonewalled by the village elders in each village and had to listen to repeated dire warnings of unescorted adventurous tourists going up into rugged and wild mountains, being injured and some never heard from again.

But at night, in the drinking taverns, they were regaled with fantastic and lurid Centaur stories by the younger generation. The youth of the villages found all the members of the research group exceeding attractive, as more drinks were poured the more they strove to embellish the tales as all got pleasantly intoxicated, a welcoming contrast mixing with village people of their own ages in comparison with the dour village elders they had talked to during the day.

The female researchers used their gender to its fullest advantage as they attempted to gleam every bit of information they could. As the night wore on the more lurid the sexual cts of the tales grew. Comparing notes they found all the stories and tales were similar to each other and one important common distinction was found - each village had an ancient, unused trail that led deep into the mountains where it terminated at the same common spot as the other trails from the villages.

From this point a single trail lead onward. After the last village, they closely examined their maps and discerned a way to intersect where they thought one of the trails may be. They drove several miles from the nearest village so as not to arise the ire of the village elders who had warned them not to waste their time on a silly myth, nor to let curious villagers learn they were still pursing leads.

The village elders also warned them that even though it was late summer, it often got very cool to cold in the mountains with occasional snow flurries this high up in the latitudes.

They drove as far as they could up an old logging trail. From here they had to hike for two days in the rugged beautiful terrain, camping out near hot springs both nights where they could relax in the heated pools.

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They found an ancient unused trail and followed it further up in the mountains, they came upon two more trails and after triangulating on the maps, determined these three trails must have originated from different villages, further adding credence to the tales they had been told.

Several more miles they hiked coming upon a few more trails that they were also able to determine by the maps came from other villages. Then they reached a narrow valley, at the head of which lay a hanging valley. The trail appeared to lead to the hanging valley and they followed until they reached it. From here the trail ascended steeply up to the hanging valley.

Once they reached the top of the hanging valley, they saw it gently sloped upwards but the shifting mists from the numerous hot springs prevented them from seeing the extent of the valley. For about two miles they hiked through gently falling snow passing numerous hot springs which accounted for the perpetual mists, the valley gradually narrowing till it was only two hundred yards, then, it drastically narrowed till they found themselves at the beginning of a narrow dark cleft at the end of the valley wall.

A towering plume of mist seemed to be emanating from within somewhere deeper in the cleft. For several hundred yards they followed a faint man-made trail thru the cleft as it got even steeper. The trail ended at a solid rock face and to the entrance of a small cave, the cave showed evidence of being previously worked. The entrance was dark and they could not see how far the cave went.

They pulled out flashlights and went inside, more evidence the cave had been worked was present and as they rounded a corner, saw a massive ancient iron door blocking the tunnel passage. The door hung from equally massive hinges and they approximated it must have weighed at least three tons. The iron door was secured with a crude and ancient but sophisticated locking mechanism which prevented the door from being opened from the other side.

They also realized it was not a cave. It was too regular. It was a crudely carved tunnel. Surprised, they discovered the locking mechanism was in good working order and were further surprised on how easily the massive door swung open and not rusted in place. Upon opening the door they were immediately staggered by a blast of heat and humidity. While it had been around 30 degrees Fahrenheit, it had risen to eighty degrees upon opening the door and entering the tunnel. They had to immediately strip off their coats and layered clothing.

They found a small rock, one of the few loose rocks in the entire cave to block the door open. Once their clothing had been stowed they hefted their packs and continued on thru the tunnel.

Just as they got several dozen paces away from the door they heard a loud groaning noise then a high pitched metal shriek coming from the door. They turned around just in time to see the door slam shut, pulverizing the rock, and then heard the locking mechanism engage. Some hidden feature they failed to notice acted as a failsafe to close the door after a certain amount of time. Undaunted, they continued on, confident as all were expert climbers and they had brought plenty of climbing and rappelling equipment.

They noted the tunnel was carved from an existing channel, the floor grooved by once flowing water. The tunnel curved repeatedly but eventually they could see light at the end of the tunnel and hear something as well.

As they got closer they could discern it was running water. They stepped up the pace and as they rounded the final corner, they emerged into a vastly larger space, stopping in sheer amazement at the sight. The cavern was huge, a massive space that the hanging valley concealed with its mists as an actual mesa, the walls sloping inwards to form almost a dome of rock overhead. But it was not complete; there were holes in the stone ceiling which sunlight poured thru and mist from the geothermal springs escaped.

A lush green forested landscape lay before them; thick mosses grew on the ground and trees, an abundance of ferns. As they emerged onto the high ledge, they could see the source of all the water, a large steaming lake was in the corner of the cavern, hot springs lined one edge of the lake, with a stream issuing from a narrow cut of the lakes edge that ran through the center of the cavern, to a waterfall that dropped precipitously where the stream then disappeared into the chasm wall.

One of the students was using binoculars to scan the far edge of the cavern. Beyond the statue was a plateau, the top of a domed structure just visible on it. Short dense turf grass surprised them with the almost springy cushion texture, none of them could resist taking off their boots and socks to luxuriate in the feel of the thick grass on their feet and between their toes, and wonder more about the temperate climate in this cavern when it was freezing and snowing outside.

All around them was a bounty, various edible fruits and berries ripening on the trees while colorful birds flitted and soared around them. As they neared the immense centaur statue more and more features were revealed, it appeared as if the centaur was slightly rearing. As they rounded a switchback the entire statue was revealed. Now they could see the front legs of the statute was actually up on the edge of a low stone polished platform.

They realized it was a stylized representation of a sacrificial alter! As one they wondered and discussed who the master stone craftsmen were that seemed to have excel any known masterpiece and what happened to them as well as the implied highly erotic depiction.

When they reached the summit, they encountered a field of several hundred acres that was a swatch of glorious colors of wildflowers that grew up thru the same thick grass turf cushion. A wide paved walkway through the grass led to a temple several hundred yards away and again they were startled.

The statutes depicted the centaurs and their respective captives in various sexual positions but each statute contained the same common rapine theme.

Apr 28,   PUNISHING THE ADULTEROUS WIFE by Marq Satyr A few years before the famous Salem Witch Trial in a community not far from that town a wife caught in adultery was punished before the whole Anabaptist community. Her name has been forgotten, and the town since has ceased to exist. However, the tale has been handed Continue reading "Punishing the Adulterous Wife" by M. Satyr73%(73). View all the erotic stories published by satyr. Angela's Party. Angela's having a party and everyone is coming and it will be a night no one will ever forget. Mar 03,   The tip of the huge cock touched her sex. It was hot, and each recoiled from the heat. Due to the strange physiology of the Centaurs they had a body temperature of degrees Fahrenheit. A surge of heat blossomed where the secretions from the cocks had touched their sex followed instantaneously by both women begin feeling themselves secreting 3/5(1).

Each statute was different down to the physiques and facial expressions of the paired centaur and woman, no two were alike in physical features or facial expressions, each was unique and intimately detailed. They all found the statutes extremely fascinating, highly erotic but frightening as well due to each sculpture had life-like realistic detail down to the finest physical feature even capturing the lustful realistic faces of the centaurs, the curious expression of both rage and lust depicted upon the faces of the captives and the depicted physical struggles of the captives.

Even more astounding was the very detailed and very explicit sexual features of centaurs and women - bared hard nipple breasts, horse size erections, openly flared vaginal labia, huge cocks impaling vaginas and anuses, depictions of exhausted spread-eagled women with semen exploding from sexually assaulted orifices, pooling beneath the captives, dripping polished stone cocks.

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They were so finely sculpted and smoothly polished as if to seem to be alive but frozen in time. Slowly they walked toward the temple, their gaze captured at each set of statues they came to. Intense discussions broke out trying to fathom the representations and the curious mixture of rage and lust engraved upon the face of each woman captive, and the intense erotic horror that the physical struggles portrayed. As they approached the temple, the light level fell. This close to the edge of the cavern, the less daylight was coming thru the holes in the cavern, but it still felt disturbingly ominous.

A small water channel led out from the temple, clear water was still being funneled through it. A series of small carved rounded mounds of about two and a half feet in height were set in a geometric pattern around the temple. Several tiers of steps had to be climbed to enter the temple. As they entered the immaculate temple, it seemed like it had only had been constructed recently, it was in such excellent condition and spotlessly clean.

The same statue theme was repeated inside but surrounding the sides of a large shallow tiled bathing pool that was approximately 50 feet across and a hundred feet in length. One end of the pool had a fountain of a huge phallus of twenty feet in height that angled out over the pool, squirting a large stream of volcanically heated water from the tip which arced out of the tip of the phallus.

It even had to - scale testicles. Carved images of naked lustful women appeared to be straddling or climbing the massive phallus while other similar carved naked images were in the pool, where the arcing stream of water impacted the statues that had outstretched arms and upthrusted hard nipple breasts in welcoming gestures of the stream.

Low submerged benches were set around the pool walls. Large glazed painted tiles covered the floor and ceiling and the bathing pool. Multiple large colored tile murals made up very detailed and very explicit pornographic visual stories of centaurs rampaging thru towns and villages carrying off women, chasing women thru glade and glen, of raping women. The bottom of the bathing pool had a huge mural depicting a beautiful and well endowed bound nude woman spread-eagled on a platform, head raised, looking at a centaur rearing above her with a massive equine erection just inches from thrusting between her swollen and parted labia lips and into her, the massive cock being guided by two other beautiful nude women.

It was rendered in such detail it appeared as if a three dimensional representation. This and the other murals and individual tiles were rendered in such realistic detail as to rival current porn magazines, drawings and anime.

Such explicit graphic depictions, such three dimensional realism, such artistry - hereto unknown before in the ancient world. At times each of them caught themselves and each other blushing at some new discovered intimate pornographic detail in a mural.

The story murals evolved to tell how the centaurs became uncontrollable even by their allies, how humans hunted them down and how a very small group of them had been driven and then trapped and sealed in a large cavern.

With horrific astonishment they realized this was the cavern that was depicted in the mural.

Be careful what you wish for. Santa, Elfie, and the rest go to meet with Krampus. Kronos is eager to start the feast. TV game show makes a satyr out of him. A satyr is bound and milked for a breeding ceremony and other exciting erotic at! Stories about Satyrs They started off with simple stories about family and friends, but as the bottle grew lighter, the stories grew heavier and more intimate. Eventually, Amanda told her about the satyr. She had stumbled upon him by accident: nearly colliding with him as she rounded a tree while walking in the woods on holiday. A Satyr plots to take the virginity of a bride-to-be. What's New Titles Authors Categories Readers' Picks FAQ The Garden of MC MC Forum Story: A Satyr's Revenge Author: mysteryladyinside A Satyr's Revenge Ancient Greece C.E. "You gave me your word that you wouldn't have sex with me!".

They could not help themselves looking over their shoulders as if expecting rampaging centaurs to be bearing down on them. Succeeding murals depicted women being led by villagers thru the large iron door and then left upon the ledge, clearly as sacrifices. The three professors themselves were rocked to their very cores with the realization of the magnificence of their discovery.

Each member of their research party would be famous. It would take years of on-site research that would occupy most if not all of their careers, including their students. Their students will all get their doctorates and would never want for a university teaching position anywhere.

In various locations around the inside of temple and just outside the temple there were smaller phalluses of near-human approximation carved of smooth and polished marble and granite but of twelve to fourteen inches in height set on low platforms or by the bathing pool. Closer examination revealed that were not only for decoration but controlled features of the temple; water flows, light access, platform height and a few others that could not be readily discerned, but with the ability to move, suggested some other form of control feature.

Inscriptions of an unknown language was found at each of the smaller phalluses. Occasional giggles were heard as one or more women caressed the almost normal size smooth polished phalluses and made barely veiled sexual jokes and innuendos. Gradually they each became more relaxed in their surroundings especially when one of the professors commented it was like being in an ancient porn palace causing uproars of laughter.

They all became involved in intently studying the statutes and murals and to some extent, each of them were affected emotionally as well as physically by the sexual depictions. Refaeli, Krupa and Weber conferred, judging the excellent condition of the bathing pool and how sweaty they had all become during the trek and the climb thru the cavern and how sore their muscles were.

The warm enticing pool would be welcomed and decided no harm would be incurred if they used it for the intent it was created for. The small group whooped with joy hearing this announcement and all quickly shed their clothing. Clearly most of them maintained their summer tans in tanning salons as most of the women had highly contrasted bikini tan line bodies, while the very few had faint tan lines remaining on their nude bodies.

In keeping with the modern era, all of the women had most of their pubic hair removed either by waxing or by laser. Blissitt looked at me like I was some kinda I knelt down next to Mama in the bath and ran a scrunchie across her shoulders. Her head was back against the little purple pillow, one of those that suctions onto the side of the tub. I bought it for her from Wal-Mart.


She had a scented towel across her eyes and her breaths came in slow and rhythmic succession so I knew she was asleep. I moved the scrunchie across the front of her chest Angela's having a party and everyone is coming and it will be a night no one will ever forget. Jill heard them honking the horn and almost opened the door. She stopped, turned as if she was about to go back into her room, stopped, turned back to the door, stopped, turned, stopped Her hands tried to cover herself but there was too much skin to cover so she let her hand drop.

Satyr sex story

The night calls out and I am drawn alone memories, your voice, your smile of silken grace, perfection thoughts of yesterday lead to tomorrow On wings of the night a mist of swirling gray night calls and I fly everything is you and still alone calling out, for we are only an emotion passion nothing can separate our touch complete with you, in you a silken warmth, almost real a taste My little love, I've been thinking of you all weekend.

Your soft voice, your gentle smile and caring way. The way you laugh a little when you talk about uncomfortable things and love to make others laugh because you can't stand the idea of anyone being unhappy. I miss the way you flirt and tease and love to drive me and all men crazy. The way you know someone is looking at you and how you The fourth installment of the Angela story. It can be read alone but you should read from the start. Father Paul saw Angela's car turn into the drive way.

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