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Love & Sex with Scorpio

Are you attracted to a Scorpio man? Trying to understand how Scorpio men operate in love and relationships? Hoping to gain better insight into this water sign? Many people are curious about Scorpios because for whatever reason, they are strangely attracted to them. My hope in penning this piece is to help you as a reader better understand the Scorpio mind.

What you need to understand is that a Scorpio man is incredibly vulnerable and that when he is staring into your eyes he is wondering if he can trust younot how he can destroy you. He is also prone to suspicion and jealousy of tyrannical and theatrical proportions.

A Scorpio man does nothing half-heartedly and this is especially true in bed. Even when he cuddles he does it with a vigor that rivals his very firm opinions and his enormous will. For him, a satisfying sexual encounter has lashings of emotion and physical expression to match, and any successful pairing should leave both parties transformed and shaken. While control, power games, and submission are all part of his bedroom attirewhat he really needs from you is authenticity and a wholehearted commitment to bonding physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Make lots of eye contact during foreplay and throughout sexand after, and if you use your eyes to project your appreciation and attraction with force and conviction. Scorpio men are the kind of lovers who never leave your head.

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They keep the object of their deepest passion guessing with their enigmatic mix of tenderness and ruthlessnessand as long as you stay true to yourself, you can really let your hair down to play act the femme-fatal sexual alter ego that lurks under your shy or polite facade. Keep him guessing and, once you know where his limits are, push him out of his comfort zone.

Make a theatrical confession of sexual fantasy or deeply buried secret to get your Scorpio lover excited and inflamed. He can be trusted to help you explore your greatest fears without judgmentand you can reward that heightened sense of trust and deep connection with hours of attentive and dedicated oral sex.

Seduction is a grand and all-consuming game for the Scorpio man, who longs for a deeply committed match with his lover. Scorpio men love a thrilling and dramatic sex life but being a water sign their feelings are always washing around just under their skin. Whatever drama you unleash on your Scorpio man, make sure he knows that you love and adore him, or he may start second-guessing your integrity.

Scorpio men love power games and he will relish the challenge of a woman who respects his authority and pushes his boundaries but neither completely submits nor tries to completely dominate. Push back, and be dominant in sexual positions and in initiating sex in the first place, but know when to submit and give in, or an almighty fight will ensue, as he hates being told what to do.

You may find that it is easier to open up and tell him things that you normally wouldn't tell him in person, as you don't have to look him in the eye. You can also try video chatting with each other.

Sex with Scorpio

See how it feels to have sex without touching each other or even talking. Be yourself and try anything else or any other fantasy that you have always wanted to try. Your Scorpio man is sure to be game for it and will love trying it out with you. All of these can also help keep your marriage passionate and alive with your Scorpio. Don't be afraid to let loose and act out on your secret sexual fantasy in the bedroom.

Tell your Scorpio man about a fantasy or a secret about something sexual that you have done, and it will surely get him excited and ready for anything. Dress up in some sexy lingerie before coming to bed if that is something that you don't normally do, and he is sure to wonder what is going on but will definitely love it. Push him to his limits of what he is willing to do, just make sure to not push past that unless you want a break up.

A Scorpio man loves sex that ignites a deeper spiritual response or awakens his sense of awe and wonder. You need to unleash the parts of your sexuality you normally keep hidden and give him the full weight of your unusual or unique skills and desires. Try telepathic communication, or sex without any speaking or touching. Jun 11,   A Scorpio man loves letting the sexual tension build until you both can't stand it anymore, even being fine with not having sex for periods of time. They love the feeling of when that built up tension is finally let loose and they can ravish their woman. Scorpio Man and Sex Can Be Conservative The Scorpio man is picky in choosing someone to go to bed with. If you're lucky enough to be the woman he chooses, sex with a Scorpio man is a treat. When he's not sexually involved, he will be a bit conservative.

He will be curious of what you are doing but will be up for it. It may take some time to find out what his limits are, but the more you open up to him then the more that he will open up to you. A Scorpio man can help you get over any fears that you may have which hold you back on acting out these fantasies. He will push you to let go of your fears and insecurities and experience this fantasy with him in bed.

They are great about not judging you, so you can tell them anything. You may not trust easily but to be with a Scorpio man you must leave your comfort zone.

Connect with him on a deep emotional level. Tell him about what you are afraid of, such as being rejected or failing at a long-worked-towards goal. Tell him what makes you nervous and what you don't like.

Apr 14,   One of the main reasons some women gravitate towards Scorpio men relates to rumors sex. The question is: Are the rumors true? The simple answer is - yes. If a Scorpion guy is attracted to you physically and the feeling is mutual, you can expect a highly passionate experience. Sex, for Scorpio, is something to be taken seriously - a path to the ecstasy of spiritual oneness achieved through mutual surrender. It's also a vital release for the pent-up emotions which Scorpios find so hard to express, for which reason sex is something most of them need lots of in their life. Scorpio can just never get enough sex. Also it's not just a physical intimacy that they're looking for but also the emotional. He looks at the act of sex as a bonding experience between him and his partner. It's almost like it's a very spiritual experience that he has when he has sex.

Tell him all about your secret fantasies. Scorpios will see this honesty as sexy and wish their lovers would do this regularly so that they can really connect. In their eyes, deep honesty where you confess your weaknesses makes you a stronger and more powerful woman.

Discussing expectations, fidelity, and limitations can be out of the comfort zone of many people but it is essential for being in a relationship with a Scorpio and avoiding a break up. It will be uncomfortable, but this Scorpio sign will think it is sexy that you are so open and willing to talk about these topics with him. They want to be in your head.

Scorpio men sex

They will get more turned on by knowing everything you think than by you doing anything physical in bed, because this shows that you really trust them. In a marriage with a Scorpio don't expect to be able to keep any secrets from him. Sex games can really spice things up in the bedroom and make for an adventurous night, and a Scorpio man loves adventures. They love women who are not afraid of new adventures and who will give them a good challenge.

Even just playing a simple game such as chess, and when you lose a chess piece to the other person, you have to take off an article of clothing. Make sure to wear some sexy clothes to make this more tantalizing.

You can make a rule such as whoever is naked first has to do some kind of sexual favor to the other person. You can add stripping to most games, and you can add different sexual rules along the way for when certain parts of the game you are playing come into play.

Jun 28,   Scorpio Sexuality Traits Are Fierce, But They Don't Mean What You Think If you're a Scorpio, you're probably sick to death of people asking you Author: Rosey Baker. Oct 30,   Sex can be intoxicating with Scorpio men so be careful The reason sex with Scorpio is so intense is connected to this sign's ruling planets. There are two of them. One is Pluto, an icy cold planetoid pulls from one end. For Scorpio men, whether they are consciously aware of it or not, sex is a way for them to connect with their partner at the deepest level. In this way, he can create intense sexual experiences of passion, emotion, and pleasure and express himself through sex.

You can also play games that you guys play and dress up for and act out a fantasy, or role play. The sky is the limit, and with some help from your Scorpio's imagination, there are sure to be plenty of ideas and options for sex games. This will make things very exciting for your Scorpio, who loves both games and seduction. Dress how you want and act how you want. A Scorpio man loves a strong woman who has a mind of her own. They don't want to be with someone who follows the crowd in every instance.

This Scorpio sign will think that it's sexy when you put your hair up in a unique way or wear those unique glasses. They will love when you try something completely new and not ordinary while in bed.

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This is one of the most ideal couples for his sign. More info on scorpio and pisces compatibility. Scorpio rules the genitals and is the master of lovemaking.

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They take their rulership and their talent for seduction seriously so no joking around. Expect hot, heavy, emotional, skillful, high frequency and explosive power. He may overwhelm you at first but just relax; this is his astrological territory.

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Turn Ons : A good girl who is willing to be corrupted. Click here for more about Scorpio Sex. This is the guy that definitely needs his space and the privacy that goes with it. Scorpios are known to be very independent. The one thing that Scorpios have a hard time dealing with is failure.

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They absolutely detest if somebody comes along and helps fix their problems for them. Let them be the ones that fix their own mistakes,and adapt to their own situations. As everyone knows Scorpio has one of the hottest streaks of the zodiac sign.

They love to hold grudges,and sometimes the only fix for that grudge is revenge.

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Heal this harmful trait of his, by reminding him or teaching him about the power of forgiveness. Help him to let things go. Whether that direction is up or down it is always dependent on the situation. When it comes to dating a Scorpio man you have to deal with changes that happen.

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So take the time to embrace those changes. If you do, you can evolve in this relationship with this man. He really is a roller coaster of emotions. This is definitely a guy who has a very vengeful and quite dark mood. He needs a little bit more laughter in his life.

He needs something that will offset this passionate and intense personality traits. If you break out some teasing that is done in a playful way or bring some humor into the mix he will love it. One of the things that is at the very center of this man is that he has a hard time trusting anybody.

Sometimes he has a very difficult time letting people get close enough for him to learn to trust.

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It might take a little bit of time but one of the best things you can do is help him to gain trust in you. This man has the ability to be callous a lot of the time. This is his defense mechanism or a way for him to express his displeasure in something. Best thing you can do is tell him that what he said was hurtful,and refuse to battle it out with him. With a Scorpio choose your battles wisely. He is definitely a guy that likes to be in control of situations including relationships. They need to truly feel that winning feeling.

Failure to them is not an option.

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Scorpio can just never get enough sex. He looks at the act of sex as a bonding experience between him and his partner. An eternal Bond can form between the two of you if he feels that the experience is beautiful. It would be at that moment that he would see that you truly love him. As everyone knows Scorpio is one of the most jealous zodiac signs there are.

How Is Sex with a Scorpio Man?

If you are in complete love with this man you have to do everything you can to let him know through your words and actions that you are into him. Even though he gets a bad rap for his fiery attitude, he really does give it all to the person he loves to be with. He will treat you like a queen. Skip to content. And in Relationships? Pick Your Topic. Marital Life Readings. Love and Sex.


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