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About Us Login. Teaching sex to kids depends greatly upon what your child wants to know and the age at which they start asking questions. Sex education for the younger child usually starts with a discussion of basic anatomy, such as how girls and boys are different. Over time, your child might ask specific questions. The key to open communication is to never be shocked by those questions, and to answer them as fully as you can. It is important to remember that in this day and age, kids get information from everywhere, and some of it is not helpful at all.

Their participants instead talk about weighty issues like masculinity and the hyper-sexualized portrayal of women in media. When these teens first gathered in Octoberthere was a lot of nervous laughter.

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Comments and questions were sometimes couched in bravado or sarcasm. We have a little rule: What happens in WiseGuyz stays in WiseGuyz - so whatever happens in there, we always have to keep it to ourselves.

WiseGuyz is built on four modules, which take from October to May to complete. Instead of focusing only on the physical basics of sex, participants talk about human rights, sexual health, gender, and healthy relationships. Within those broad topics is plenty of conversation around pornography, consent, homophobia, sexual violence, and emotional abuse. WiseGuyz is part of a nascent trend toward programs that go beyond physiology to often overlooked issues, like how to have a healthy relationship and how culture shapes our ideas around sex.

It was developed five years ago, when staff at the Calgary Sexual Health Centre noticed that the rate of teen pregnancies was going down but sexually transmitted infections STIs among teen boys was rising.

Are Single-Sex Classrooms Better for Boys?

Boys, research revealed, were more likely to engage in high-risk behavior and less likely to protect themselves. The center enlisted Blake Spence to create a program for boys to address this.


Discussions on sex education are polarized on both sides of the 49th parallel that divides Canada from the United States. Nicole Cushman, executive director with Answera New Jersey-based nopills-rating.comofit that trains school- and community-based sex educators, said that the vast majority of Americans are generally supportive of sex education. Prior tohowever, federal funding in the U. Inthe Obama administration announced a shift to evidence-based approaches to pregnancy prevention, which reduced the funding for abstinence-only programs.

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Only 13 of those actually require that the curriculum be medically accurate. Quite a few states have no sex education policy whatsoever. No American sex ed program takes the expansive view that WiseGuyz promotes.

Nicole Haberland, a senior associate with Population Council, has been studying sex education programs around the world. The value of a program like WiseGuyz, Haberland believes, is its adherence to examining gender and power.

Also essential is a high-quality facilitator.

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The best ones, said Spence, are able to connect with participants and talk about touchy subjects without prejudgment or moral expectation. For instance, a boy in WiseGuyz recently brought up his same-sex curiosity.

To have someone feel safe enoughis a big deal. Martin Poirier, a former principal at Georges P.

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Vanier Junior High, credits the program for making the school a safer place. They were educated to have that respect for diversity.

Stick To The Facts About Sex

When Will now hears his friends use sexist or homophobic slurs, he routinely calls them out. For Will, that meant cleaning up his own act first. Single-sex education offers boys the chance to have their sensitive sides nurtured as well. In the typical coed classroomteachers are often careful in making sure that girls' feelings aren't hurt and that they have the opportunity to express their emotions.

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This is not always true for boys, who need to express feelings but often do so in a less verbal manner than girls. In a single-sex classroom, teachers with appropriate training can help boys access and express these emotions. Gurian and Stevens suggest that while talking is important, the way in which you do so is also important.

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Instead of sit-down conversations, boys tend to do better with conversations on the move or when "talking while walking. Each studentwhether a boy or girl, learns in their own way. However, it is interesting to note the differences in the way boys learn.

Apr 21,   Middle school health classes usually have a segment on sex education, which for most adults conjures awkward memories of studying the female anatomy and putting a condom on a banana. Wiseguyz, a nopills-rating.comofit based in Calgary, Alberta, is working to broaden what "sex ed" can teach youth - specifically, boys between the ages of 13 and Sex Ed for Guys. From the WebMD Archives Yet many teenage boys consider themselves too old for the pediatrician and too young for the internist. such as the one titled "Talkin' to Your. Sex Ed for Boys: When and How? Teaching sex to kids depends greatly upon what your child wants to know and the age at which they start asking questions. Unlike the old "birds and bees" talk with your child, which was considered a one-time discussion, sex education should be tailored to their age and should consist of many discussions, not just one.

Knowing this, you may be able to make a better decision on whether an all-boys school may be the better choice for your son. Get diet and wellness tips to help your kids stay healthy and happy.

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More in School. That's not to say that all children of one gender learn in the same way.

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Gender Differences in Learning Disabilities. Was this page helpful?

Mar 14,   Single-sex education offers boys the chance to have their sensitive sides nurtured as well. In the typical coed classroom, teachers are often careful in making sure that girls' feelings aren't hurt and that they have the opportunity to express their emotions. Jun 11,   Keep The Sex Ed Discussion Calm. Do your best to remain calm as you discuss sex with your teenage son. It can be challenging but staying calm will help both you and your son engage in the discussion more easily. If your teenage boy is engaging in risky sexual practices and your family needs help to address the root causes of his behaviors, then contact us at the Liahona Treatment Center. Oct 19,   Sex ed works best, Rayne says, when gender dynamics are considered for every topic. For example, she says, both boys and girls should learn together that children and adults of all genders can be.

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Sex ed for boys

Gurian M, Stevens K. National Association for Choice in Education. Single-Sex vs. Coed: The Evidence. Sax L. Why Gender Matters.

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