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It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter. He said, "Go your way, Daniel, for these words are concealed and sealed up until the end time. And no one in heaven or on the earth or under the earth was able to open the book or to look into it. When the seven peals of thunder had spoken, I was about to write; and I heard a voice from heaven saying, "Seal up the things which the seven peals of thunder have spoken and do not write them. For to us God revealed them through the Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God.

It's also fun for a vibrator to be used clitorally at the same time vaginal penetration is being performed. The most versatile vibrators are the standard plug-in models such as the Hitachi Magic Wand and the Wahl. Sex supply shops such as Good Vibrations and Toys in Babeland sell these vibrators, along with various attachments for specific kinds of stimulation.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Encouragement - It's helpful to encourage your partner with hot talk possibly weaving together a verbal fantasy based on your partner's desires. Sexy complements, eye contact, etc. Many sexual difficulties especially for women, it seems stem from worries: worrying that her partner is getting tired of pleasuring her, that she isn't coming fast enough, etc.

Letting your receiving partner know verbally and non-verbally that you're actively enjoying giving her pleasure can be a powerful aphrodisiac for her. If the receiving partner forgets to breathe, the massaging partner can remind him or her by breathing rhythmically and audibly. Some partners find that synchronizing the breathing between the two of them leads to wonderful sensations. Just don't hyperventilate Group Massage Gatherings These can be put on with three or more participants.

Participants divide up into groups of three or four, with one massage table per group. Each person in each group gets a certain amount of time on their table, and before massage begins this person tells the other people at his or her table what he or she would like, and what his or her limits are. This can be a lot of fun, and is a great way to practice asking for what you want sexually a habit which has the power to enhance your pleasure in and of itself.

It's good to start and end these by having everyone get in a circle, introduce themselves if necessaryand "check in" i. It's also helpful to have little snacks and water for people to eat and drink. It's usually a good idea to put someone in charge of bringing supplies to the event latex gloves, massage oil in little bottles, lube, towels, etc.

These events usually work very easily for men-only or women-only groups, and tend to work best for mixed-gender groups when at least rough gender balance is maintained and there are at least a few experienced men and women in attendance. Finishing with Intercourse Some partners especially opposite-sex couples like to finish with intercourse rather than the blanket-wrapping I've described. Since most massage tables are sturdy enough to support two people, near the end of the massage one partner can climb on top the other and they can both fuck themselves to what are often very powerful orgasms.

Thus, they can finish locked in each others' embrace although even without intercourse the standing partner can lean over and embrace the receiving partner's upper body, or else just gently rest his or her hands on the receiving partner.

Despite what mainstream pornography tends to portray, women don't usually have orgasms from intercourse alone. However, a woman is MUCH more likely to experience orgasm during intercourse if she has had one or more orgasms especially of the G-Spot variety before intercourse commences.

Popular positions for male-female intercourse include missionary and woman-on-top which allow face-to-face intimacy and "doggie style" which allows the woman to easily rub her clitoris while being penetrated.

At a certain point counted down to verbally, so both partners know when it's coming massage and any other touch ceases, the person on the table takes seven very deep breaths, and while holding the seventh breath clenches every muscle in his or her body and rolls his or her eyes back in his or her head possibly assuming a tense position with torso and legs a bit off the table, as in a "crunch" for about 10 seconds.

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For maximum effect the music should be quite "cosmic" at this point, and the person performing the massage shouldn't touch the person on the table who has his or her eyes closed, or who has a blindfold on for at least five minutes or until the person on the table requests otherwise. This practice can provoke profound emotional release, and often hallucinations. Afterwards, the standing partner opens the cocooned sheets, gently towels off any oil, helps his or her partner to sit up, and then both partners either keep silence or say what is in their heart.

It's fun to follow the Big Draw with a hot tub or a warm bath. It's helpful to use a pre-arranged and timed music tape. Ideally, there should be five seconds of silence immediately following the Big Draw, and possibly during it.

Music should have been building to that point, and should resume with something really beautiful after the silence following the Big Draw. Incorporating PC Muscle Contractions "Kegels" Contractions of the PC pubococcygeus muscle are associated with increased sexual pleasure for both men and women. This muscle may be identified by noticing what muscles you use to stop the flow of urine when you are urinating without moving your torso or legs ; it's the same one.

The PC muscle can be exercised by contracting and releasing it; one approach is to rhythmically contract when inhaling and relax when exhaling. Generally, the stronger the PC muscle is, the more intense one's orgasms can be.

Men can use the PC ejaculation; this is done by holding either strongly bearing down "pushing squeezing "holding in" using the pelvic. Prostate Stimulation An advanced technique in male genital massage is to stimulate the man's prostate gland at the same time one is stimulating the penis. This can be done with a finger an inch or two inside his anus, pressing on the dome shape found in the direction of the penis.

When stimulating the prostate, you should wear latex gloves, have short fingernails or else pack cotton balls around your fingernails and then put gloves onand use lots of lube. Part of what some beginners find novel about anal penetration is that it makes one feel as if one has to go to the bathroom. By going to the bathroom pretty thoroughly before beginning play, one may have an easier time not interpreting this new sensation in the old context.

Pressing on the prostate gland during ejaculation, or when a man is close to ejaculation, can feel wonderful. It is also possible for some men to have ejaculatory orgasms through prostate stimulation alone. Simultaneous Pleasuring Once each partner has sufficient experience with his or her own sexual response, they may wish to try mutual stimulation. This is best done on a bed, rather than on a massage table. Simply lie down facing each other, heads close together, and pleasure each other with your hands.

Again, for men slightly pulling away or giving some other cue when ejaculation is imminent will allow play to continue. Here are some suggestions for things you can do with the "extra hand": Massage the legs or chest Tease the nipples or other erogenous zones note: "connections" can be made between erotic arousal and almost any part of the body, by linking stimulation of the genitals with stimulation of this area.

Rub the perineum, possibly with an oiled fist or several fingers. For some men, this may stimulate the prostate gland.

SEX GOD SECRETS. Having sex with a celebrity or fictional character. Having sex that includes a focus on specific articles of clothing, food, or a part of /5(8).

Wrap an index finger and thumb around the penis between the balls and the body. Contract slightly to form a living cock ring. Alternatively, this can be done between the balls and the shaft, rather than between the balls and the body.

Gently tug on the hairs covering the testicles. Cup or tickle the testicles. Using the other hand, rhythmically pick various points along the shaft of the penis and squeeze opposite sides of the penile shaft at these points, releasing pressure either immediately or after only a brief period of time.

FIRE Rub the penis between both palms, as if rubbing two sticks together to create fire. Be sure to use plenty of oil. Using the well-oiled palm of your other hand, slowly and sensitively massage the head of the penis. Reverse directions every once in a while. The heel of the palm of the other hand glides up and down the underside of the penis.

With the other hand corkscrew the penis. This can be done with the thumb and first finger or with the whole palm. Meanwhile, bring your other hand to the top of the penis and repeat.

See also: Milker and Perpetual Penetration. Now push hard against his penis. Then lift your hands up and down. Continue in this manner for a while. Now try turning the Repeat. This stroke is sometimes improved by other hand to stretch the skin of the penis base. Some cocks are so big they require both hands; if your partner's doesn't, then use the other hand to caress and lightly flutter his balls, or tighten around the base of his shaft.

If both hands fit along the length of the shaft then move them together, up and down, in the typical pumping motion. Pretend you're holding a baseball bat and are about to score a grand slam. You can also vary the directions of your hands: one up, one down at the same time.

Before the head of his penis pops out of your hand, bring the other hand up for the next penetration. This way it seems to him like he is penetrating deeper and deeper into an infinite vagina. Make sure you keep the penetration continuous for best results. Try faster or slower to taste. RING Make a ring with your thumb and forefinger and pump up and down with it.

When you get to the top close the ring. Then make him squeeze his way in as you slide back down to the bottom. You will notice his head swelling and turning red. Now flick the penis back and forth between your two hands by holding onto the loose skin of the shaft. Do this stroke for a while to allow tension to build. Ask him to tell you where the most sensitive spot is. Pinch it, squeeze it, nibble it, tease it. This is a good spot to pinch a la Cockupressure to turn a soft cock rock solid.

Pull up toward the navel and alternate hands. Explore the inner and outer lips with your fingers. Pull gently on one and then the other. Rub the outer lips gently between your forefinger and thumb, then the inner lips. You can use a variety of thrusting and twisting motions in this position.

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You can also vibrate your entire hand. This trick will make them take longer to reach their orgasm, but they will likely have a much stronger, more powerful orgasm when it finally does happen. As a variant, you can do the 'not quite on target' until they get close to coming, then switch to the target itself, thus earning their gratitude. Then take your thumb and place it against her anus. Don't insert it.

Instead, press there while you move your fingers. Rest your thumb on her opposite thigh. Lightly but firmly press your palm onto her mons and begin to move your hand in a tiny circular motion. You palm should not slide too much over her skin during this process. Instead, her skin should move underneath it. Repeat this process until you have done ten circles.

You then raise your fingers and lightly tap her vaginal lips about once a second until you have given her ten taps. Please note that these are light taps, not spanks.

They shouldn't hurt. After giving the taps, rest your hand for five to ten seconds. Then repeat the circles, then repeat thetaps, then rest again, then repeat the circles The cervix feels like a little dome of tissue, and may also have a small cleft in the middle, like your chin.

Carefully stimulate the area surrounding the cervix. Some women may enjoy this and want you to do it more often; others won't.

Sex god secrets

Gently push and pull on the clitoral hood and labia when first touching a woman's genitals. Using the lips as leverage can provide pleasing stimulation without painful friction. Experiment by applying different kinds of pressure with the top hand while fingers from your other hand are inside her vagina. Then do the reverse, with her fingers acting as guides for your own.

While squeezing just a little, pull your fingers straight away from the woman's body. Your fingers will end up in the air an inch or two above her body, as though you had pulled them off the edge of a tabletop or sheet of paper. If she likes this, repeat it many times. They can usually be felt in the deepest part of the vagina and to the far left or right.

Some women will like you to massage this area, others will find it painful. Sensitivity will also vary with her menstrual status. Don't go much further until your partner's pelvis begins to arch upwards. Tease and caress until the lips of her vulva invite your fingers inside. Place the lucky lip between your thumb and forefinger, clasping it at the base where it attaches to the main part of your partner's body. Then run your fingers or fingertip from the lower to upper part of the lip, as though you were tracing one side of a parenthesis.

Repeat this as long as your partner's feedback is positive. You can also make an upside down horseshoe pattern with a fingertip by starting at the lower inside part of one lip and finishing at the lower inside part of the other. It could be fun to do this with both inner and outer lips. Don't move - just be there and meditate. Press, release, press Be sure to keep her relaxed don't let her get into a tensed body mode.

Make her hungry. Although upills-rating.comotected genital massage is certainly safer than upills-rating.comotected vaginal or anal intercourse, if you or your partner are potentially contagious you can always insure absolute protection by putting on a pair of latex or nitrile gloves before pleasuring your partner's genital areas.

Please note that gloves are ONLY considered necessary when one is massaging skin that is broken or unhealthy due to STD-related inflammation, or when there is a possibility of your hand s coming into contact with infectious body fluids; for general massage on healthy skin with no body fluids involved they aren't needed.

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By the way, although oils do degrade latex, most experts feel that latex gloves which are thicker than condoms may safely be used with oils for reasonable periods of time. Please remember do remember, though, that if you stimulate or penetrate a woman's anus with one of your fingers you must change gloves before putting that same finger into her vagina.

Doing otherwise can cause vaginal infections. Be Careful With that Tongue French kissing can be a marvelous experience, but don't dive in with your tongue too soon.

There are women who are turned off somewhat when a man puts his tongue in my mouth during a first kiss ie: the kiss goodnight after a first date. Another example of using your tongue too soon is when you maneuver it into her mouth seconds after your lips touch. Save the rush for the an appropriate, passionate moment. Use Those Hands You can run your fingers through her hair, up and down her back, over her arms, while kissing her.

Try caressing the small of her back the area just above her butt that curves in and her face, trace her ears with the tips of your fingers, intertwine your hands with hers, etc. Antonio Banderas once told men to look at the lingerie a woman wears, it lightly touches her body, just barely caresses her curves, he said that is the way a man should touch a woman.

While kissing her, slide your hand along her lower jaw and cradle it in your palm. Open your Eyes Personally, I like making eye contact once and awhile during a kiss. It's not for everyone though. Unless your lady tells you she likes it, don't initiate eye contact in the middle of a deep or passionate kiss, it breaks concentration and is NOT romantic. A great way to have some romantic eye contact during kissing is to slow down to the point of almost stopping the kiss.

Open your eyes to look at her while doing this, give her a little smile. Then close your eyes again and slowly work your way into a deeper, sensual kiss. Kiss Her Forehead This is simple but great.

Move in slowly to plant the kiss and let your lips linger on her skin for a second or two. Do This with Your Tongue While kissing, curve your tongue upwards and under her upper lip. It should end up between her gums and her lip. Flicker it around or swipe it across the inside of her lip. This might tickle, but it feels divine.

Try Cold Water, Wine or Candy Take a drink of cold water and pull your lady tight to your mouth by placing your hand on the back of her head. Open your mouth and let the water flow into her mouth. Try this with wine, candy or any delicious liquid.

Don't Suck too Hard! A gentle suck on the lower lip is nice, but when you start leaving black and blue marks, you've gone too far.

The 7 Things That Separate the Average Guy from a Sex God

Seriously, I've been left with black and blue marks in the past Start off slowly and gauge her reaction, some people really love having their lips and tongue tightly sucked on. Lavish her With Kisses If she has long hair, try this move: Lift her hair off her neck with one hand.

Then lean down and give her little kisses all over her neck and collar bone, go behind her neck and ears too. When you are done, let her hair fall, take her face in both hands and lay the deepest, most romantic kiss on her lips you can possibly conjure up. Now that's heaven The French call this kiss the soul kiss. Put in simple terms, it's a kiss with tongue! I like to think of the French kiss as the step above a casual dating relationship.

It's the easiest way to feel close to someone, but can also be a huge turn-off if done, um, improperly. So how do you become a pro? Well, styles vary with each person, and there's not one exact right way, but there are right and wrong techniques.

Some people love the passionate forcefulness of a strong French kiss, while others just like the tongues to barely touch. It's all about finding out what your sweetie likes and combining it with your own style. To start, the mood should be right. You do not want to stumble over the other person at a local fast food restaurant and stick your tongue in his or her mouth.

You want to wait for the right time, perhaps after you're already kissing and start to pull your bodies closer together. Always start off with a regular kiss. Then, slowly start opening your mouth, while still keeping it dry! Using both of your lips, "hug" your sweeties bottom lip and close with another dry kiss. In order to avoid a potential embarrassment, make sure their mouth is open before doing this! One is never let a ton of saliva accumulate in your mouth swallow it!

Two, don't turn your tongue into a sharp pointed object relax it. Three, move your tongue on or around your sweetie's tongue.

The "dead slug" thing is a huge turn-off. Now with that in mind, and a good opportunity, keep sliding more of your tongue into your sweetie's mouth until you are completely enveloped in each other. When you reach this point, try to keep your. This is just a way to avoid a messy or sloppy kiss. Remember; keep your tongues relaxed, but not your mouths.

There's nothing worse than pulling away and feeling like a large dog has licked you. As more opportunities come about, the better a French kiss will get.

It takes time, and a bit of practice, but it will be easier each time. And a lot of people including myself say that it just kind of happens sometimes. Don't overanalyze it or stress too much. Just relax and enjoy the moment.

Put an ice cube in your mouth until your mouth becomes cold. Remove the cube, track down your love and plant a kiss that will send chills! When you both have an electric charge, lean over and slowly aim for each other's lips. With your lips about one-half inch apart, move in even slower until a spark jumps between teh two of you.

Instantly after this happens, kiss one another Cuddle and kiss. Then go outside and kiss in the rain. If the spirit of the kiss moves you, remove the umbrella and kiss 'till the two of you are soaked.

Drop the candy in your mouth and roll it on your tongue until it melts. SAM: Something I've got to get off my chest. TESS: I'm too heavy? SAM: I love you. TESS: Me, too. SAM: Positive. TESS: That's nice. Even when I'm sober? SAM: Even when you're brilliant. The two of you kiss. Desert is a shower of kisses delivered by a sharp pin. Of course, the toll cost in one kiss.

Find a Morse Code chart. Using long and short kisses, spell out a message to your love and have him or her try to decipher them. Turn a box into your own kissing meter and wear it around your neck. Give your love kissing tokens to start your kissing meter. Have an "expired" sign appear when you need another kiss. Pick foods that you can easily pick up and feed to your love. Kiss between bites! Steal away to a private location like behind a door or tree, or on the stairwell and passionately kiss each other.

The risk of being discovered in the act is the key element. Snorkel across the room to your love and kiss him or her. Have the chart read, "IF you can read this you are standing close enough to kiss me. Prepare a meal for your love using the herb. Moments after the first bite, rush to your love's lips with a passionate kiss. Come up for air, announce the Greeks were right, then rush back with another passionate kiss.

The one who finds the item gets credit toward one kiss. Kisses are collected either on delivery to the grocery cart, or later at home. When both of you see the same thing, reward each other with a kiss. Tell your love he or she can cash it in any time. After the good soak, you towel dry his or her feet, give a massage and seal each toe with a kiss. When your love arrives, have a bow stick to your lips.

On the high note, pounce and pucker. Suggestion-wear only pink! Inevitably, your love will ask what you're doing. I yearn to drink from them! Then ask for a kiss to quench your thirst! Later, call you love with a reminder. When next you see your love, pull out the stops and plant a long, hot, passionate kiss.

As your love turns to leave, pull him or her back for a second, more passionate kiss - 33 - RIDDLE KISS Ask your love to solve the following riddle: I am just two and two I am warm, I am cold, I am lawful, unlawful A duty, a fault I am often sold dear, Good for nothing when bought; an extraordinary boon, and a matter of course, and yielding with pleasure When taken by force.

If your love solves it, ask for a demonstration as proof. If he or she cannot show the answer, of course, the answer is a kiss. Elaborate on the technique you expect e. Kiss Kiss who? Kiss who? Why me, of course! When your love's mouth is all sudsy, plant a big wet one on the lips. Now that you have your love's attention, touch noses.

Playfully paw your love while moving in for a kiss. Sweetly place a light kiss on each eyelid. Note: Be careful! HINT 1: Concentrate your kisses along the back of the neck. HINT 2: If the first necklace went well Rub noses, then sweetly the tip of your love's nose. Kiss and blow on the nape of the neck. And while you are there, whisper something exciting. Take your love to a movie. French kiss his or her fingers to remove popcorn butter; nip kiss your love's fingers during scary scenes; and hickey kiss him or her during love scenes.

KISS lemon wedges with sugar. Each takes one. On three Immediately kiss perfectly puckered lips. Have your love take the first shot, and kiss him or her immediately after.

Next, you take the second shot and have your love kiss you. Talk about romantic times, and kiss each other frequently. Then send your love off in the morning with it. Say nothing if your love asks the reason for the sexy send off. Disclaimer: It is guaranteed to make your love think about you all day. Not responsible for what happens later! Let it fall out of your mouth very slowly, earlobe last.

Finish with a light nibble on the earlobe! When he or she arrives, greet your love a wonderfully romantic kiss.

Love & sex secrets. Spiritual sexuality & orgasm secrets for christians. Bible sex. Sex & god. Christian sex. Beyond Orgasm The Horror & Joy of Sex. Love Sex God: Christian Sex Secrets. Spiritual Sexuality? pills-rating.com Life's Secrets. Warm Help. Love & Sex. Spiritual Secrets. Sex Therapist. True Intimacy. Pure Bliss. pills-rating.com Despite the way men talk, most of us don't think the sex we're having is as good as it should be. Here is a guide to great sex and six tips for more sexual pleasure. "The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever, that we may observe all the words of this law. Jeremiah Surely the Lord GOD does nothing Unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets. John

HINT: Wear something fun like a trench coat or a towel! Kiss the rearview mirror of your love's car, leaving a lip print for future discovery! Guy goes and uses ONLY his tongue to try to get that piece of gum out of the ladys mouth. You can never, ever, take too long over foreplay. Foreplay is a range of activities that includes kissing, undressing, petting and oral sex. Each can be enjoyed in its on right, or as a preliminary to sexual intercourse.

Men who cuddle and kiss their partners and know how to enjoy sensitive foreplay will often find their partners reach orgasm more easily. A woman needs prolonged stimulation to reach full arousal; foreplay ensures she receives the stimulation she requires. Foreplay is not about pressing the right buttons in the right order.

Foreplay is about understanding what pleases your partner, and doing those things that deliver the most pleasure. Even after years of living together, many couples find that undressing each other can be arousing. The act of removing your own clothes, and your partner's, can be an important part of foreplay. Your partner may want you to remove their clothes, or they may do it themselves. It doesn't matter which, undressing has an erotic impact which is irresistible.

A kiss is often the first physical expression of love and desire. Kissing during foreplay is necessary and offers sensual pleasure and a feeling of intimacy. You can kiss any part of a woman's body during foreplay and kissing should not be restricted to the mouth, try kissing every inch of your partner's body. Many women complain that they are not kissed often enough, or long enough, by their partners.

Their partners do not prolong the experience and move on to genital touching too soon. You can heighten your partner's enjoyment by kissing her mouth, ears, hair, eyelids, neck, throat, shoulders, breasts, stomach, inner thighs and feet.

If you are kissing her mouth use your tongue to add to the experience. Exploring your lover's erogenous zones is not something you should do quickly, or mechanically. Your lovemaking will be enhanced considerably if you do it gradually.

Your aim should be to excite slowly and surely by kissing and stroking your partner's body and you should experiment to find out what pleases her most. Touch her face, hairline, temples, eyebrows, eyelids, cheeks and mouth with your fingertips and mouth. Gentle caresses are best, unless they like it 'hard'. Talk and find out. The breasts can be very erotic - licking, stoking and sucking her breasts and nipples can be very exciting for both of you. An extremely sensitive part of a woman's body is the perineum, the area between the anus and the vagina.

Because of the network of nerve endings here, some women find being touched in this area very arousing. In foreplay, and in lovemaking generally, the clitoris is the most sexually sensitive area. Learn to stimulate it gently and skillfully.

Men can also use their erect penis to stimulate the clitoris, and this will create a very pleasurable sensation in many women. As your foreplay continues, you can give great pleasure to your partner by stimulating her buttocks and her vagina by caressing them with your fingertips, your lips and your tongue.

Stimulating a woman is about more than just pressing the right buttons in the right order. Women need to feel that a partner is sensitive to their needs and desires. Spend time understanding what your partner likes and doesn't like. Without this knowledge you will never be able to truly stimulate your partner. Be sure to tell your partner you love her If a woman is self conscious about her body more inhibited during sex. Sincerely praise increased confidence will translate to added the bedroom.

To stimulate a woman physically takes gentleness, communication and time. The only way to be sure you are really stimulating your partner is to ask for some feedback. Ask her to tell you what feels good and what does not. Kissing, cuddling and caressing are very stimulating to a women.

Kiss her neck, shoulders and under the arms. Use your tongue and mouth to lick and suck her ears and neck. The breasts are particularly sensitive; some women can orgasm from breast stimulation alone, although this is unusual. Lick, suck or kiss the breasts. Pay special attention to the nipples. The stomach and navel are all sensitive to kisses and stroking. The buttocks and anus can be stimulating to the touch.

The feet are not usually touched or kissed, although touching or sucking can be extremely erotic. The thighs and vagina are sensitive to all kinds of stimulation. Use your hands to stroke the inner thighs, Mons Veneris and labia.

Gentle stimulation of the clitoris and vaginal area, using your fingers or lips and tongue is highly arousing. Ok, lets have a look at some different techniques that will work to get a woman off. A great many of women can only attain orgasm through manual stimulation. There are a few who can achieve orgasm through intercourse alone. Anyway, here are some techniques that might add a little variety to your masturbation play. Direct clitoral stimulation: Rolling, rolling, rolling ok, for this technique you need to place your thumb and forefinger around the clitoris and gently roll it in between your fingers.

You can start off with a slow gentle roll and then gradually pick up the pace and the pressure according to what feels good to you. Circular rub If you are in a hurry this technique works wonders. Just take your first two fingers from either hand and place them over top of you clitoris.

Then begin moving them in a circular motion over top of the clitoris. You can vary the speed and pressure easily with this technique. If you use this one you might reach orgasm in under a minute.

What Makes a Man Good in Bed? Check for These Qualities

If you want to change the feel slightly just add your favorite lube and everything becomes very slippery. Tapping This technique is a little different and its not for everyone, as with anything some things will work for some people and not for others. Then with youry index finger on your right hand you lightly begin tapping the fingertip gently on the clitoris.

It results in a very delicious sensation that builds to a point where you just cant hold it back anymore. Combination Have your fingers from one hand playing with your clitoris, stimulating it however you wish. Take the other hand and place two or three fingers inside your vagina and begin thrusting.

Basically youre simulating intercourse with this action and it works rather nicely in tandem with the clitoral stimulation and can bring you to a rocking orgasm!

Waterworks Water is your friend. It can be used in a multitude of ways to get you off! Try these out. Please avoid sending strong streams of water directly into your vagina as that can be potentially dangerous. Running Water Im sure youve all stuck your hands under the water flow when youre filling the tub for your bath to check the temperature of the water.

Now, just imagine that same water flow landing on your clitoris. Its a wild feeling. The only thing you need for this one is some time and a bathtub. Hopefully your bathtub will be shaped properly so that you can slide your butt down against the end of the tub and position yourself so that the water flow will land on your clitoris.

Its best to start of with a lighter water flow and gradually work up to a higher pressure flow. Make sure that you test the warmth of the water before sticking your pussy under it, wouldnt want to get scalded in that area! Water Spray this on is just a bit of a variation on the one above.

In this instance just place your thumb or finger over the faucet and then direct the spray so that it falls directly on your clitoris. Shower Massage this is a great one if youve got one of those Shower Massage devices because you can pick whether it pulses or comes out in a steady spray.

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There are many options. Here again, you can adjust the pressure and temperature of the spray to whatever youd like them to be. Jacuzzi Jive If youre lucky, you will have private access to a jacuzzi and youll be able to take advantage of the water flow from the jets!

This is one to be careful with since the flow of water from the jets has considerably more pressure behind it than that from the shower or bathtub. My recommendation is to start a fair distance back from the jets and then move yourself closer to find the pressure level that works for you. All you need to do is position yourself so that the water flow lands directly on your vagina and clitoris.

Once youve found the right spot let yourself go and enjoy the warm water and indulge in a little fantasy. Good Vibrations Vibrators are handy little gadgets and in my opinion every woman should have one tucked away in a drawer for those moments when you really need it.

Vibrators are primarily used for clitoral stimulation but can also be used vaginally or anally if you prefer. You can try different combinations out to see which you like best.

Clit rub Vibrators are great for clitoral control since you can change alter the speed of the vibration easily and bring yourself to the edge and then slow it down again. Pressure is a key factor as well.

You may also want to try rubbing the vibrator over your inner thighs and around your pussy lips and even up over your nipples. Masturbation doesnt have to be confined to just the clitoral area.

You simply wrap your fingers around your erect penis firmly and slide your hand up and down over your cock. This technique produces the most contact between your hand and your penis. Fist over Fist: In this technique you can alternate fists, sliding first one and then the other from the base of the penis to the tip. In this manner you can strike up a similar rhythm that approximates the single fisted method.

To add a sligthly different twist, try moving one fist upwards and the other downwards. Two fists together: If your penis is of a fairly large size, you may be able to place both of your fists on your penis at the same time and slide them back and forth on your penis in unison. Finger Techniques. There are many variations of the finger techniques which usually only vary by position of a finger or thumb and can depend on the firmness of the grip.

Here are a few examples for you to try. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you. Two Fingers: This method generally uses just the thumb and forefinger and can be substituted for the single hand.

You can stroke the shaft from base to tip or merely run move the thumb and forefinger back and forth over just the head of the penis Thumbs and Fingers: Encircle your penis with the thumb and two fingers from each hand. Then stroke up and down, varying the speed and the pressure until you reach orgasm. There is nothing better than placing your penis inside a pussy.

Although sometimes this doesn't always work out as you'd like. These are some techniques in which you can fantasize that you are pumping into a pussy. Try them out and see which ones you like best. Hot Dripping Pussy: Make sure that your hands are well lubricated with a water soluble lubricant. The slicker the better in this case.

Grasp your penis and try to simulate the feelings you get when a pussy has a tight grip on your penis and is squeezing and releasing it spasmodically. Insertion Objects: There are a great many different objects that you can thrust your penis into that will simulate vaginal intercourse. The best thing is that most of them are readily available. Toilet paper rolls are one idea. Cutting a hole large enough for for erect penis to fit through in a watermelon or cantaloupe is another. Experiment, experiment, experiment!

Liver: Ok, I know that this one might sound a little bit gross and repulsive but check it out. Have a good look the next time you buy raw liver. The texture and flexibility of it makes it a great substitute for the real thing. You could probably even warm it up a little before wrapping it around your penis. Pillowing: In this instance, it's a little tamer than the liver, you place a couple of pillows down on the bed or location of your choice and insert your penis in between them.

Then thrust your penis in and out simulating intercourse. Cool, clear water. It's definitely good for what ails you. Falling Water: This method can be accomplished in a number of ways. Place yourself so that the water will spray over your penis. This can be accomplished by positioning yourself near enough to the tub faucet, the shower nozzle, or even a garden hose if you don't mind the cold water.

Shower Head: This one can be a lot of fun. I know I sure enjoy it as a female. You need a hand-held shower head for this one. Direct the spray at the backof your penis, the spot where the head and the shaft meet.

This can produce some very pleasurable feelings. Soapy Shower: The shower is always a great place for masturbation, it's warm and comfy. A great place to fantasize as you stroke your lathered up penis until you cum. Belly Scratch: First of all you need to get into a comfortable position on your back.

understand this question

Make sure you've got lots of lube and make your penis very slick. Then curl the tips of your fingers lightly around the top half of the shaft and stroke the full length of your penis. The lower half of the penis will rub against your belly, hence the scratching.

Playing Ball: In this one, you get to scratch at your balls. Gently scratch your fingernails over the surface of your balls. Alternate between doing this and massaging gently around the area surrounding each ball individually.

Try tossing them around gently allowing them to roll slightly in the scrotal sack. You can also massage the spot beneath your balls at the cleft above your asshole. In these techniques you get to put the squeeze on. Thigh Squeeze: Please bear in mind that this particular method can be painful and not all men will be able to accomplish it. So if it hurts, please stop. Make sure that you have the testicles out of the way when trying this technique. Greased Elbows: This is another variation on the above technique although it is not found to be as satisfactory but is less painful.

The idea is to insert your penis between well greased elbows. This can be done in a standing, sitting or lying face down position.

Simulated Thrusting: Here's a position you might want to try when masturbation simply isn't enough and you have the desire to thrust as in sex. After Lubing up, make an open fist, big enough for your cock and place your hand on the corner of a counter, or desk Let the edge of the counter rest between your first and second knuckle Your hand may move occasionally, but begin to move your cock thrusting upwards slightly in and out and it simulates the act of sex Couples can set the scene with soft lights, romantic music and if both partners are happy to include it, an erotic video.

If you like, use lubrication on the penis or the vulva. There are a range of positions for mutual masturbation. The only practical requirement is for both partners' genitals to be within easy reach. For example a man and a woman could lie side by side, with the woman's upper body resting on the man.

Each can easily reach the other's genital area and he can kiss her face and neck and nuzzle her hair.

Secrets to Lasting Longer Blog Better Sex Become A Sex God - Revolutionary Sex Review. Become A Sex God - Revolutionary Sex Review. Did you know you'll spend days having sex in your lifetime? I consider myself elite level at sex, but sex god? I'm not too sure if I have every skill needed to be a sex god. Himeros, god of sexual desire and unrequited love. Hedylogos, god of sweet talk and flattery. Hermaphroditus, god of hermaphrodites and effeminate men. Hymen, god of marriage, weddings, and the bridal hymn. Pothos, god of sexual longing, yearning, and desire. Pan, god of the wild, shepherds, flocks, rustic music, and fertility of the wild. Oct 08,   Plunging into the can be scary, but a sex God is up for the challenge. That doesn't mean you're doing things you don't want to do, just that you're willing to try to expand what you want Author: Alex Manley.

At the same time he can feel her breasts with his hands. Her one hand is free to guide his toward doing what she likes best and the other can reach toward his body and stimulate his penis. Mutual masturbation is an alternative to penetrative sex and can add interest to a couple's sex life. For example when the man cannot get an erection or a woman is pregnant, has just had a baby or some recent surgery, penetrative sex may be out of the question.

Many people just enjoy nonpenetrative sex as an exciting sexual option. What Im hoping to do is to give you information that will improve your oral sex techniques, give you some new ideas or confirm what you already know. There are many men out there who love nothing better than to bury their faces in womans pussy to lick and explore to their hearts content. On the other hand there are many men who want no part of this.

At the same time there are woman who do not enjoy having their pussy licked. These are things that you need to know ahead of time before you get into a lovemaking session that is destined to go wrong because you dont know enough about each other.

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Its becoming much easier to communicate with another on what you like sex isnt the taboo it once was. While it is true that women run the range from pleasant tasty!

First and most obviously, a good vigorous shower will do much to neutralize the taste of your partner. In fact, oral sex in the shower, while not a favorite method of mine, has a completely neutral taste if you stick to the upper regions of your partner's sex.

If your partner has not showered recently, or has physically exerted herself recently, her taste will be much stronger. This, however, can be a good thing! Secondly, foreplay will improve upon both the taste and the experience in general if your can get her juices flowing.

I have never found an extremely aroused, wet woman to taste unpleasant. Quite the contrary! Take your time! Have fun! A common male misunderstanding is that females are aroused most through physical contact.

Not true. I have aroused women greatly simply by acting sexy. Tension is a wonderful tool, use it. If you can build tension to the point where the barest touch sends electric shivers through both of you, you can't lose!

Similarly, even the best love techniques will not turn on a woman who isn't in the mood. If you can get her in the mood, well then you're talking. Take your time, explore your partner there's a lot more there than nipples and a clitoris! Lie on your stomach between her legs, put your right arm under her left leg and your left arm under her right somewhat of an intimate hug.

Now you should find your head situated conveniently and comfortably near the center of your attention. Less comfortable, but a bit wilder is the following. Lie on your back, prop a couple of pillows or fold one over under your head. Have your partner kneel facing you with one knee on each side of your head, above your shoulders.

The sexy part of this position is that your partner can look down at you and watch you eating her out. Versatility and comfort are reduced for the giver, so I only occasionally partake in this position. Edge in this instance you can have your partner slide down the edge of the bed and lean back, perhaps propped up on pillows in a semi-sitting position.

You would then kneel on the floor in front of her and start working your magic on her. The drawback to this position is that its easy enough to forget what youre supposed to be doing if your partner is also working on you. The one I like best is when I get to be on top and can grind my pussy into my partners face. However please note that in this position you will get quite wet!

Sex God Secrets Joke

Note to the ladies: It is worth your while to do your Kegels. This exercise will help you to increase the strength of your pubococcygeus PC muscles that form the pelvic floor between the legs.

The toning of these muscles which contract during orgasm, helps a lot of women to climax more easily. To do the exercise simply tighten up your muscles as if you were going to stop the flow of urine. Hold in that position for about 3 seconds, then relax for 3 seconds and repeat. You can gradually build up the number of repetitions you do. These are by no means the only positions. Again, experiment, have fun.

If you can find a bed where your partner can lie down with her legs dangling off the bed and resting flat on the floor, you're in luck. A woman's sex from the oral sex point of view consists of two sets of lips outer and inner that meet just below the vaginal opening and some variable distance above the clitoris; the vaginal opening immediately above the nether meeting of above-mentioned lipsa smooth section of skin between the vaginal opening and the clitoris and its surrounding folds.

Does a new sex position you tried not work the way you wanted it to? Do your attempts at roleplay fall flat? All of the above traits, however important they are, would be useless without this one. Can you put your own desires on hold long enough to pay attention to what the other person wants? On the other hand, as important as it is to be able to put your partner first, truly next-level sex Gods also know how and when to take control.

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