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So you are planning a trip to Thailand for the first time and you just found this post? Want to get laid with Thai girls for free? Check out this post. This Thailand Sex Guide is ated for By the way, if you are looking for planning and costs for a sex holiday. You can check out this guide. Make sure to check that post out too!

If she gets pushy with money fast you know she just exploits you. If she only want to talk and be in your company, maybe she actually likes you and want to be with you.

But be careful. Have fun for the night and when the morning comes, wake up from the dream. You are much better off signing up for Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly. Many of them are lonely, then sign up for a dating site to look for friends and love. See this page.

Pattaya Thailand Prostitutes Walking Street Sex Tourism Night Life! TURN ON[ENG SUB] IC#2

Feel free to ask questions in the comment field if you want to know something specific. If you have For every penny I make on this site I can spend less time grinding in other ways. That way I can pump out more content, guides and information for you to enjoy! Hey Tim Good work bro I am planning to visit Pattaya next month please suggest me a Escort company where I can find the most beautiful Thai girls for 2 -3 nights and have a girlfriend like experiance.

Thank you so much i am planning to go may situations are same like last years. Lots of great advice here, thank you!

Thank you! I understand you pay the bar fine up front but do you also pay the girl up front? Or would it be recommended to pay at the end? Or pay half up front and half at the end? If this is on a case by case basis depending on the girl, what do you recommend? I was thinking if you pay everything up front, the girl is less likely to show effort. Thanks for your awesome guide. Do you have any tricks of the trade make the experience more than only mental memories?

I would love to take a few picks with me and the ladies. Is this awkward to ask? Are this any extra fees? I had gone to Bangkok last year and as a first timer your guide had been so helpful, I am planning to go to Phuket next month, do you know where can I score White or Arab chicks in Phuket? I heard the Russian scene is bad and expensive. But is there a venue or a street in Phuket where I could find a white or an Arab girl? Your content is totally awesome!!

The ates were super helpful e. Nataree getting closed down, etc. You just cut down my work on ating and looking for info tremendously! The g-clubs are not a great place to get laid, of course, and they are super expensive, but sometimes the BJ bars, massage parlors, go-go bars, soapies, etc. Plus, if you have the cash, the girls there are crazy hot, fun, and playful. Thanks for this insightful read Tim!

I am planning to be in Bangkok end of May for two days. I am open to bar girls and quality freelancers alike but since I reach early morning, wanted to ask of places where I can score a quality gfe during day time by noon. Any advise? This is a great reference guide for newbies. Thanks for the compliments.

apologise, but

I think your best option is to look around at the different escort sites for Phuket. Most of those sites will have information about what stuff the girls go along with. U r doing a great job as I find the website very helpful for first timers. The other thing I want to know are :. In soi 6 if I like 2 girls can I take them home for threesome action, what will be cost LT?

Which soapy message in Bangkok serves the beautiful girls with hot body. Is pattaya better for soapy or Bangkok? If u can please provide ur expert advise on my queries, it will be great help for me to enjoy my first trip. Keep doing the good work bro.

No special place for that. Just have a look around. I have bad experience with non-Thai girls in Thailand. A lot of scamming and aggressive behavior. I would stay away. Thai girls are the most sweet girls and the will treat you like a king.

They have a bath tub with naked girls. Depends if the girls are up for threesome or not. You have to ask around until you find two girls who are up for it. You have to look around until you find someone you like. Nataree was the best soapy for a long time but they got closed down after a razzia a few years ago. That place was a sanctuary too bad it got closed down. I have been in Nataree in the past. The place was fantastic, and the host was hilarious plus very welcoming.

You can find African freelancers in pattaya on walking street, russian ones at certain clubs will be freelancers, they are not worth it at the russian gogos, overcharge by alot. For Soi 6 its more of a st place, bf is baht for st and 1k for the girl, LT bf is around 1k, 2k for the girl LT.

No experience in soapies for bk, but they got many good ones, as for Pattaya, Rasputin just behind soi 6 is pretty good. Yes,Mr Tim. You are right. Real paradise. Girls at Soapy massage are awesome.

Charge bahts. Really worth. Chrish, Chennai, India. I did read a few blogs and did my own research as i am flying to bangkok next month but I found your guide very helpful and the most informative. Awesome work Dude. Thank you for your effort. Thanks bro! Have some business to take care of here before I go travel again. Is Longtime LT always till the next morning or could you pay them after hours to kick them out at say am? You have to ask the girl. First off let me say that you have great content.

My Father and I, both bachelors, are planning a trip to Pattaya in Oct. Will I have a problem getting into the clubs, bars, soapy massage parlors? It has a decent location m from the beach. A few places charge baht too.

Ask the girl you are with, she will know where these hotels are. Tell her what you are willing to pay and she will bring you to a fitting short-time hotel.

seems me, excellent

In fact, bringing her out for some drinks can be a smart decision as she get to know you and trust you. When she trust you she will be more relaxed and comfortable around you and you will have a better time with the girl. Lots of these girls have had bad experiences with shitheads treating the girls like shit so if you make her trust you she will give you a better time for sure.

You can be 13 years old and walk straight into a gogo-bar as a foreigner lol. Great site. Is there an assumption here that you would be taking your escort out at some point? And is 24 hours actually 24 hours from when they arrive or really just overnight? Just thinking that I might not feel up to much during the day initially due to jet-lag but would still like to relax around the hotel with good company, maybe go out for a couple of beers later on and then head back to the hotel room afterwards.

You have to ask your escort service these questions. But about the hotel, u can bring your girl anywhere at the hotel as long as its guest friendly. H - just want to share that i had 2 visits to Christin soapy Massage in Phuket: 1st one slim sexy with long dirty blonde hair the 2nd was my perfect image of an Asian. As soon as i met her after choosing her from the fishbowl ,she held my hand and cuddled me in the lift up to the room.

Had read mixed reviews of this place - maybe i just got lucky. Things have been explained very well with pricing and the manner they goes. When P4P how likely are you to pick up something like herpes even while using a condom properly. Would you recommend receiving oral sex without wearing a condom? Maybe a bit of mongering with a GFE haha. I definitely want to go on thai cupid but dont want to put all my eggs in one basket so to speak.

very valuable

Also how long do you recommend for first time visit to make it worth it? I think 3 weeks would be a bit much using that number off your budget guide. I would stay as long as possible. When I went on vacation to Thailand years ago I usually stayed 3 to 5 weeks. I work nights and my sleep schedule is all screwed up and I can generally fix it rather quick with a bit of benadryl. Every time I flew east to Asia I had severe jet-lag for almost a week.

Really terrible. Would not worry to much about bareback blowjobs. Just for GoGo bar and naughty massage. Please ate if we can catch up for a casual beer.

for the help

Hi tim iam satya from india iam going to visit thailand soon a small information can i take more than 2 shots with go go bar girls in long time means over night how much dos it cost. Do you want to stay in a typical hotel with staff or do you want an apartment?

Both have pros and cons. Way better deal than hotels in my opinion. Never had the slightest problem. Been thinking of going to Thailand at the beginning of next year.

I think Thai people are pretty open minded towards other Asians. Thailand have a weird fascination with Japanese culture. Money talks. Thought that some girls would have some sort of expectation when it comes to that. Hello Tim, greatful to you for share such awesome information. Share your information what are there to associate with night life. I want to thank you for your fantastic guidance, only because of you I had great time Thailand. I have screwed up so many times getting carried away chatting to girls and not sorting out the price and whether she is willing to so long time for example.

A real downer. The girls that have really blown me away with an amazing time have usually been the ones with strong personalities and often older in their 30s. Some of these less obviously immediately attractive girls I will never forget and my heart rate starts accelerating every time I think back on the time I have spent with them! The hottest girl by far I have ever picked up from a bar was The best in bed an absolute demon was 24 but quite plain and covered with scars from a motorbike crash.

I had great rapport with both these girls. Now I always go for the girls I can get on with well. Building rapport and treating the girls with respect is essential and anything else is not on. There are a lot of bad men out there who might be nice in the bar but they think they own the girl and once in the bedroom some bad stuff happens.

If you are one of the guys who is kind, respectful, friendly, fun, clean, shows them a good time and affectionate the girls will feel safe and you will get the best from them.

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I really like point 3. Never seen anyone else make this point before but I strongly agree with it. Building a rapport with a girl in a particular bar only to waltz in a couple of days later, ignore her and go for another girl is rude and hurtful.

The girls have feelings and have a tough life. Most of them that I have talked to are uneducated single mothers from poor families who just cannot earn enough in regular jobs to pay the bills so they risk the bar work. Unless they have done some wrong to you they deserve respect.

I would say that the guys who moan about how bad the bar girls are and how poor the service are the guys who treat them like dirt. Great stories, and I totally agree with the older chicks vs younger, hottest chicks point. All my points I mentioned in my original comment not sure why my pic changed but hey come from personal experience.

I banged bargirls age between and one of my best bargirls with gfe was 38, considerably older than I was at the time She worked in the Simon complex on Walking st. She had a tiny, athletic body like a girl in her early 20s back home with long black hair.

I was even more amazed that she had a stunning 18 year old daughter! She was the dictionary definition of milf. She looked like an Asian Nikki Daniels and was an absolute animal in bed. She literally let me do anything in the sack and multiple times per night. She became one of my regular booty calls, often coming to stay with me for free, only wanting me to get her some food or pay for her taxi home.

Sex prices for escorts in Thailand

We had a great rapport together and saw each other, friends with benefits for a few months. Lucky sod. I unfortunately did the bar butterfly in point 4 and rice-bag-sin bin in point 5 at once!.

One of my favourite beer bars in Pattaya had a tattood girlcalled Ice who kept hitting on me every time I went in.

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But there was one girl who worked there who was incredible, perfect shape, long curly hair and big boobies. She looked like a model. Only problem was she had resting bitch face. But I was infatuated with her. She was beautiful, easily the hottest girl in the bar. Most of the time she ignored me actually she never seemed to speak to customers. I was like spider in a web, totally fancied her.

I finally talked with her and she seemed nice. Her name was Jo and she was Ended up barfining her for long time and going back to my hotel. Massive disappointment. Finished showering and stayed covered with a towel till she was in bed, gave one round of mediocre starfish sex, insisted she was tired and wanted to sleep, another round of dull starfish sex in the morning and that was it.

Thought it was a bit unusual but fair enough. Chatted with Jo a bit on Line over the next week but nothing too interesting, she was slow to reply and often gave 1 word answers when she did.

think, that you

Went back to the bar the following weekend and Jo totally blanked me. No idea why she was being like this but thought whatever. Then Ice the tattood girl comes to me and asks me whats wrong so I tell her. She feels sorry for me and we chat a bit. So I barfine her. Ok, you go, goodbye! Get back to hotel and Ice bangs like a barnhouse door in a hurricane, all night long.

Next day, find that Jo has blocked me on Line and unfriended me on Facebook. Stayed friends with Ice and saw her again a couple of times. Feel bad thinking back.

, sex in thailand FREE videos found on XVIDEOS for this search. Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly are two great dating sites to find free sex in Thailand. You can sign up now, and get in touch with hundreds of girls instantly. You can sign up now, and get in touch with hundreds of girls instantly. Sex in Thailand Known as the land of the free, Thailand is one of the only Asian countries that has never been colonized by a European nation. The Thai culture is therefore one of the best preserved despite recent western influences.

Moral of the story- Never go with 2 girls from the same bar, even if they seem totally cool with it. Some rules I gave myself when playing the field before meeting my non-BG wife and settling into the responsible life. Good times.

7 Sex in Thailand Tips For Tourists

I know some dudes who will go with streetwalkers but for me it just felt too sleezy and risky. Theres enough bars in Thailand to bang one chick from each for the rest of your life, no need to become the butterfly of your favourite watering hole.

Find a girl who you have chemistry with. There more chemistry there is, the more explosive the bang! If theres no chemistry, no matter how hot she is, drink up and move on. Theres more fish in the sea! Other than that, get out there and have fun! Number 7 is so important. Knowing a little bit Thai will give you so much more goodies. Just know the the basics.

apologise, but

How to order food, counting, say some compliments, learn to swear only do with people you have build rapport withlearn how to fuck around with people also do with people you have build rapport with. If you can pull that off you will get much more service for your bucks! Awesome guide dude! A lot of good information. New post coming soon! Thailand Sex Guide for Beginners. View this post on Instagram. Previous Post Top 3: Go-go bars in Bangkok. Next Post Why dating sites works so well in Thailand.

Hanu 24 Jul Reply. Thanks Loading Jared Joseph 17 Jul Reply. Cheers Mate, is there ever a group swinger event or anything in BKK? Sajin 11 May Reply. Thank you so much i am planning to go may situations are same like last years Loading Paul 17 Feb Reply. Andrew 16 Dec Reply. Hi Tim, thank you for the great content. Thank for the help. Ben Dover 3 Jul Reply. Mark D 23 May Reply. Kindly Reply Thank You Loading Mullion 17 Apr Reply.

Sex in thailand

Aryan 14 Apr Reply. Tim Hunter 16 Apr Reply. BJ Bars are good daytime activities. Peter 1 Apr Reply. Can I still get into Thailand if I have a criminal conviction Loading Tim Hunter 2 Apr Reply.

Asia Sex Tourist - 3 Ways Thailand Will Change You k min - p Instead of hanging out under a cloud forest buttress tree, she now hangs out under the bright lights on a street corner, in the fog of car fumes and the pulse of nightlife. pills-rating.com 'thailand' Search, free sex videos. This menu's ates are based on your activity. The data is only saved locally (on your computer) and never transferred to us.

Rob 7 Mar Reply. Tim Hunter 7 Mar Reply. Tim Hunter 3 Mar Reply. Tim Hunter 24 Feb Reply. Hi Nick. Paul 1 Jun Reply. Tim Hunter 22 Apr Reply. Chrish 21 Feb Reply. Chrish, Chennai, India Loading Tim Hunter 21 Feb Reply.

Thanks bro. Shawn 12 Feb Reply. Hi Tim, I did read a few blogs and did my own research as i am flying to bangkok next month but I found your guide very helpful and the most informative. Tim Hunter 12 Feb Reply.

something is. Thanks

Thai Pickup Girl in Bar. Thailand Sex Tourist Check-List! She suddenly inserted my dick into her pussy.

Freelancer - Which Are Better? At the end, creampie, she laughed. My Girls in Jail.

Thai prostitutes are probably the preferable method for guys to get sex in Thailand. Thai prostitutes or freelancers are girls that are usually working on the street or in several 'shady' nightclubs, hanging around waiting for a guy to talk to them and take them back home or out on the town. Watch Sex In Thailand porn videos for free, here on pills-rating.com Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Sex In Thailand scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. Mar 20,   Intro To Sex Tourism In Thailand. Thailand is well known to be one of the best sex travel destinations in the world. The country has a tourist-friendly policy as well as a vast network of infrastructure and hotels that cater to a diverse array of business and leisure travelers.

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