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Call Now 1. Both sex addiction and love addiction are understood to be disorders of emotional intimacy characterized by obsessive thoughts and compulsive acting out behaviors. The difference between these addictions lies specifically in the types of acting out behaviors which may be present. In , with the help of an addiction treatment center called the Hazeldon Foundation, Patrick Carnes published his seminal work, Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual Addiction. Since that time, many therapies have been devised and many more treatment centers have opened their doors to those suffering sexual addiction.

When a love addict ends a relationship, and when a sex addict goes without sex or sexual acting out behaviors, both may experience withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms may include: depression, uneasiness, anxiety, restlessness, or irritability. When a baby is held and petted, as well as when a mother breastfeeds and coos to her baby, the bond is reinforced by a chemical reaction in the brain.

Oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins flood the brain and bloodstream.

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These chemicals send a pleasant sensation through the mother and child and trigger the reward center of the brain, reinforcing this ancient act of caregiving.

Likewise, when a drug addict injects a hit of heroin, this same reward center is tripped. It is this same reward center that is activated when we have sex, feel close to our lovers, or simply feel excited about the possibility of seeing them-oxytocin floods our system and elevates our mood.

It is this chemical reaction people are addicted to; the method is different for everyone. The Step program established to support these addictions often refers to an overall addiction-sex, love, and relationship addiction-and has a program called Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous to support people who may feel they are suffering from one or all addictions under the umbrella. Enough was enough.

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That confrontation in the driveway was the beginning of the end for addict-me. What was the next step? I walked my depressed self into a church rec room in Los Angeles with a bunch of sex and love addicts, after my therapist told me I had a major problem with relationships shocker. Sitting down in the uncomfortable metal chairs, my inner dialogue was running rampant and my ego was out of control.

These people are nothing like me. What if someone recognizes me? I have been on television a lot.

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Then the speaker, an older rocker dude, started to share. My mouth dropped in disbelief as he began telling my exact story. It seemed impossible that I could have so much in common with this man. He said that when he first walked into SLAA, he thought everyone there were freaks and losers.

He even left early at his first meeting, which made me laugh out loud because at that moment I too was thinking of my exit strategy.

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He continued that he just reached seven years sober from this disease, and his life could not be more different. He felt peaceful and he had a lot more serenity. He was truly happy most of the time and living his best life in a committed marriage, which he never thought was possible.

While he spoke, I felt a moment of peace. It gave me such hope. If he could recover, I might be able to as well. That was well over a decade ago.

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I still remember his face. He saved my life that night in that church basement. I will forever be grateful for his authenticity and honesty about his journey out of his disease.

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And now it is my turn to help others see the way out of their darkness. Today, I am married and my husband and I have a beautiful baby boy. I am fully committed to my spouse, to my program and, more importantly, to myself. I just received my year chip for continual sobriety in SLAA, which for me still includes no cheating, no flirting or intriguing outside of my marriage.

I used to think life without secrets and lies would be boring but I was completely wrong.

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I have more freedom. I am present, healthy and truly happy.

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I am fully participating in my life, instead of living in a fantasy of lust. I am forever grateful for the step rooms and my sobriety.

The love addict partner is unconsciously drawn toward a relationship in which there is intense romanticism at first but which cannot lead to a stable grown-up relationship. In the long run, the love addict will be subjected to disappointment, deception and episodes of abandonment by the person they love. Linda Hatch is a psychologist and certified sex addiction therapist specializing in the treatment of sex addicts and the partners and families of sex addicts. Linda also blogs on her own website at Sexaddictionscounseling.

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The allure of the sex addict What sex addicts do is to behave in certain predictable ways that turn out to be an engraved invitation for the love addict.

Superficial intensity Love addicts have the fantasy of being desired and rescued.

Dishonesty Sex addicts can appear to offer unconditional love and acceptance because they lack the ability to be who they really are in a relationship. Seductiveness Sex addicts are seductive.

Sex Addiction versus Love Addiction: Are they Fundamentally Different or the Same?

Lack of intention or commitment Sex addicts substitute the intensity, superficiality and seductiveness for any real investment in the relationship or in the future.

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Some sex and love addicts date unavailable partners, some are addicted to masturbation and porn, some depend on one night stands. For my life as an addict, the addiction told me that without men, without their attention, their love, and the power that came with that, I was nothing. Eventually, it started to not be fun Brianne Davis-Gantt. Dec 17, Sex addicts can appear to offer unconditional love and acceptance because they lack the ability to be who they really are in a relationship. The sex addict is often comfortable with saying what. Jun 28, Sex addiction and love addiction are both Intimacy Disorders. Preoccupation with the sexual act or the idealized, fantasy relationship acts as a barrier between the addict .

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