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How to make easy homemade fucking machine with inkjet printer

Meet the inventors of their own sexbots, via Sex Machines by Timothy Archibald. In , American photographer Timothy Archibald published a book called Sex Machines in which he met these creators and their various DIY fuckbots in their garages, bedrooms, and living rooms. It was anonymous, but the inventors shared photographs of their inventions. I recall one inventor attempting to explain his fascination to me and it really came down to the sound the machine made. At that point I realised that like with many things, the appeal is really dependent on the individual. I tried every one. That is a joke.

The light dimmer control works perfectly to adjust the speed and is a cheap and easy to find component. How much I will save by building my own fucking machine? The instructions will save you a lot of valuable time than if you were to try to come up with all the ideal parts, dimensions, procedures yourself. The typical FukBox buyer is someone who already owns or has access to a few tools, is on a budget, and loves to build their own stuff. Wait no more and get your fucking machine instructions today!

How to build a Fucking Machine Just admit it. Here are the features your completed FukBox will have: Variable speed control adjustable penetration depth detacheable dildo shafts home outlet powered Build your own FukBox and enjoy countless hours of mechanical love! Fukbox - Fucking Machine in Action. FukBox pictures.

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How powerful is this fucking machine? This fucking machine uses a standard sewing motor which produces more than enough power to do its fucking job properly. Having said that, you are not tied to getting any specific motor.

If your budget allows, you can get a more powerful motor and fuck through concrete walls if you wish too ;p How much I will save by building my own fucking machine? Click the Buy Now button to get the instructions:.

I am working on some advanced features for this machine that I can not discuss in detail but the prospects are amazing. This is not vaporware, I have working prototypes and only need to refine them to the point of commercial feasibility. Being an old guy I am new to programmable electronics so I am slowly learning all of this as it is required for the device that I plan to build. The most important advanced feature is the ability to record performances in a data format that can be easily included on conventional media.

For the less technically aware, what I mean is that it will be possible to record a fucking session and to link it to video or music without special hardware or software. The machine can follow the fucking on a video or can follow a musical performance without any equipment other than the fucking machine and a DVD player.

My hubby is such a great fucking machine controller that I hope to get him to record fucking sessions that can give others the joy that I experienced last week. I am quite a good engineer but I am not very good at marketing. I am hoping to find others to join me in this venture who have the skills that I lack and who can help to develop this remarkable product. I am also interested in finding beta testers who can give the machine a workout to see if they can break it or find other ways to improve it.

Ideally these would be young beautiful studs who can test the machine while I carefully observe in a strictly scientific manner, of course although I would probably be willing to settle for other horny old perverted guys like myself.

You will be amazed if you build this DIY fucking machine. If you made it this far, you are obviously as perverted as I am.

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I am totally serious about this. I knew that I had a good thing going, at one point. I have been working on this for years but the experience of last week has convinced me that I need to share this with others. There is, of course the possibility that this device might be appreciated by straight couples and or individuals but being a guy who is interested only in guys, this is all foreign to me.

Anyone wanting to build a DIY fucking machine is encouraged to explore this site for the latest ates and discussion. Check out the resources page for details, pictures and videos. Love the design.

DIY Sex Toys: How To Make Your Own Dildo!

I have been collecting various components industrial servos and stepper motors, T slot, bearings, etc. Your design is sweet! If you are getting closer to a set of plans - or even design notes you want to turn into plans - drop me a line.

I would totally get into taking a ride on your machine. Video tape it and publish it on your site. My first 3 builds were manual my first was a stole with a hole in the bottom a pivot point and 3 rods. Love your slider design. I have a machine I built using a stepper motor and a drawer slide driven by a arm.

I have never been happy with the drawer slide or the arm so my Christmas project is to redo it. I had originally looked at using timing belts as a drive but had trouble sourcing cheap timing pulleys with a 14mm bore seems to be an unusual size. But I have a source now and with your design so I will be all set.

I went with a different control mechanism, pots for stroke depth, start depth, forward and reverse speeds. It looks like you tried a similar method before settling on the joystick.

How would you compare the two methods? A final questionwhat is the torque rating for your motor? It makes the machine pretty heavy. He is also working on a 10A version. I have several versions with steppers and with servos. I have one stepper with an encoder on it but never made use of it.

Both work well but you need to consider the requirements of each type of motor. Steppers work well at slow speeds and even at moderate and fast speeds with good drivers but servos can accelerate faster and achieve higher eventual speed, much faster. They are, however really bad at very low speeds so you need to consider the gearing ratios. I did measure strokes per minute but forget the results. Of course it depends on the length of stroke. The motor accelerates and decelerates at the end of each stroke.

Depending on the motor used, this acceleration can be a considerable part of the total stroke time so there is yet another variable.

Smaller diameter motors accelerate faster so the NEMA 24 is probably the best compromise between power and acceleration but my favorite for the moment is the huge double stack NEMA 34 on my unstoppable machine. When the stroke is very small under a half inch the machine operates in vibration mode and the acceleration is increased greatly as well as the max speed. At one half inch stroke most machines will do single direction strokes in a minute, probably more.

At a 4 inch stroke i would guess it is about to ? Of course it depends on the type of motor and other factors. Whatever the actual speed is, it is more than adequate from experience and would be dangerous especially the unstoppable machine if it went faster.

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I can take some measurements on the unstoppable machine some day soon. Easiest way might be to video it and analyze the video frame by frame. Can you give me a hint as to how to drive this thing?

I totally overlooked that. I am not a straight couple but I am female.

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Anyway, yours intrigues me. I think that if you are conducting tests on these machines it would be wise to get opinions of the oppisite sex as well. Is there even an attachment that would fit it that could be used on a female one who is not interested in anal pen.

Sex machine diy

Is the device easily controllable by a single person? You could retire on this machine if you can make it as inclusive as possible. Was that convincing enough to let me test yr machine? You can attach anything you want to the fucking machine.

It is not just for anal use, it works just as well for other holes. Unfortunately i can not build machines for others for a variety of reasons. It can be controlled by anyone who has use of at least a couple of fingers on one hand.

The design allows for expansion in any number of creative ways and since the firmware is no open source this can be done without having to re-invent any wheels. Hi, is this project still alive? The project is still alive.

The best way to communicate with other users is to post on this blog and to subscribe so you are notified about postings.

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I should create a forum to make this easier but there are currently not a lot of builders. If anyone wants to volunteer to set up the forum, that would be appreciated.

But getting the urethane wheel is very difficult in Europe, and if I remember well even in US with a 8mm shaft. Have you seen the new Teensy 3. I have never seen Nema 24 motors for sale so I never tried one. This could be the ideal motor because it could accelerate faster than the nema 34s but not have the tiny 6.

The holding torque of this motor seems to be in the right range. I just ordered two of these to try. I am really busy for a month or so but will test one as soon as i have time.

The multipart mold video is fascinating. I will certainly try it if i need to add a flexible part to something i need to print. Not sure how well it would work for making a drive wheel. The wheel has to have very little runout and needs to have just the right firmness of the rubber. I tried a lot of different drive wheels before I got one that worked as well as the one i recommend in the parts list.

If a castable urethane of the right durometer can be found, it should be possible to cast it on a suitable hub. Might make sense to cast the urethane on an idler U or V shaped wheel and make or find a suitable hub for it. I would be interested in knowing of a source for castable urethane and other possibly useful rubber compounds. I have two each of the new teensies. I bought them during the kickstart. I have not used them for anything yet.

They are a bit larger than the 3. I plan to try this when i have time. The other features like the SD card slot, could be useful for recording and playback, user configuration etc. Do you know if someone manage to finish this project in Europe.

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Maybe I can get advice from another builder. How can I order the board from you? Thank you.

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There was a successful build or two in Europe. This design can be built with a wide range of motors and other components.

I think that the motor you link is a bit too big. It is a double stack nema 34 which would have a lot of inertial mass.

DIY Sex Machines. If you like building things and you like sex machines, you'll probably be good at building sex machines. Some websites to check out are pills-rating.com and pills-rating.com which have tutorials on how to build fucking machines. One of the cheapest DIY thrusting machines they show uses these materials: $45, drill from Harbor. Watch Diy Sex Machine porn videos for free, here on pills-rating.com Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Diy Sex Machine scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. This website is provided as a means to allow an adult community to get information about constructing machines built for sexual pleasure. It is totally porn free. However, if you are close minded or if subject matter about sex, sexuality, or adult fetishes offends you, you should click the EXIT button at the bottom of this page NOW.

It would be slow to accelerate. It would be good if you wanted a lot of power but did not want rapid acceleration. I just bought a couple of he largest nema 24 motors that Steppersonline sells and have been experimenting with them.

They do not seem to be any worse than the nema 34 motors i was using before. The yhave an 8 mm shaft which is strong enough to be used without an outbound bearing i think but time will tell I have also found that in spite of the suggestion to the contrary from the Gecko help pages that cheap switching power supplies seem to work just fine. I have a 24 volt inline like a notebook supply on order that i will be testing with but initial testing with my variable voltage and current bench supply suggests that it will work fine.

I am also going to test with vee rail guides and a carriage to make a drive belt machine to eliminate slipping without complicating the design. So the bottom line is that there are all sorts of possibilities.

I am developing what i consider to be the ultimate fucking machine. It can be a DIY fucking machine. Almost anyone can build it. I have been working on it for a few years now. I am married to a man who is quite sexual but who has serious physical limitations. He wishes he . Jul 27,   Need some parts. ?8mm steel beam and ?8mm bushing bearing. And poet text file for her orgasm. Let's print poet, she will feel some happy and extasy. Great Engineer!! Related searches homemade machine homemade sex machine shy american girl real homemade mexican mature machine homemade sex toys wild amateurs sex machine fucking machine homemade jilling gozando com prostata amador so wrong sex machine amateur new sex machine homemade machine homemade hidden vibrator sex machine homemade amateur homemade .

Some things are important so ask me or someone else with experience with this sort of stuff before buying a lot of expensive parts. You can buy the board from me or do it yourself with a Teensy Arduino and some sort of breakout board to make it easy to make the necessary connections. The open source firmware should tell you in the setup section what pins do the various functions.

I really need more power than speed, so I think I will stick with this engine.

remarkable idea

Anyway I think I will build something that allow me to switch the engine, and buy another one in the future if it will be not appropriate. For now please tell me if this combination will work: 1.

Switching Power Supply W 60V 5.

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I have to start from something and see after how I can advance forward. I think I will wait for you to test rail guides and maybe go for that design.

I use a suction cup in order to use toys, on a classic machine. Is it working very well, and is not affecting the toy at all. I use it for Bad Dragon ones, which have a big base.

FAQ - Build a Sex Machine - Fukbox. How much will all the parts cost? FukBox is built with very easy to find free or low cost parts. If you had to buy all the parts brand new, the total cost of the Fukbox is still several hundred dollars less than a similar brand new machine ($ up to $).

If you want to look at design I can upload photos. I would recommend getting a Gecko they ship internationally at reasonable rates as opposed to the more expensive driver.

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If you allow enough depth in an enclosure, if you have one, then any nema 34 motor can be exchanged. What about going to a linear motor? Possible to diy, but. Not easy. They also make a version which slides and rotates.

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I am sure there are linmots that would be perfectly suited to a fucking machine but i would guess that they are very expensive. Instead of using a belt drive system to eliminate slip, why not just modify your original machine by replacing your friction wheel with a spur gear nylon to reduce inertia and add a rack to the top of your moving rod nylon or metal. Great project. Admittedly with a small gear on the shaft just what I had on hand.

I just wanted to say thank you for the design and effort you put into this and for sharing it with everyone. I know that I enjoy it very much. I plan on using only the 3 knob control box. Some documentation says I can make your own but it also mentions that you sell the controller. Do you have this available now and how much would it be? However you can build your own using a breakout board that is mentioned on one of my posts search for a couple of bargains and you can find that post where the board is mentioned.

Is it the one with the timing belt? Looking at the videos, I would be more than happy with any of the designs, although I would prefer the one that makes least noise. I would prefer the stepper solutions instead of the servo, which seems a lot more complex. The music sync is something I would like to use.

About the joystick: Did you consider the use of a touchpad like a mousepad on a laptop instead of the joystick? Thanks for the detailed answer. Hi, there im completely interested on building your model, ive already read all the manual and build instructions. Thanks for posting all of this and providing the resources.

I used everything you did as inspiration and a starting point for my own machine. For my machine I am primarily using Openbuilds components. I have it driven by a belt and pulley that runs in the C-beam channel. The other big change I made, was replacing the teensie board with an ESP My eventual plan is to utilize the wifi or bluetooth capability of the ESP32 to allow for smartphone control of the machine.

Thanks again.

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