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Rajneesh Cult exposed. A.K.A. the Disco Sex Guru (Weird rituals) PT 2/4

A year after moving with me to Qatar my husband boarded a plane to take a job back in the States. The job that had taken us there. The job that I hated. Barring that title - director of marketing at an American university - I had nothing. Even my dogs were gone, returned to their first owner, my soon to be ex. I longed for an escape but to where?

Infollowing an assassination attempt by a Hindu fundamentalist, Rajneesh instructed his secretary, Ma Anand Sheela, to look for another sanctuary.

She located a barren stretch of land adjacent to the sleepy town of Antelope, Oregon, on which the sprawling township of Rajneeshpuram was eventually built. Ironically, the same forces of religious fundamentalism which had driven the guru out of India would cause his return to the land of his birth, this time in the garb of conservative Christians, who like their counterparts in India, could not tolerate the total rejection of conventional values and inhibition-free lifestyle that he advocated as a panacea for the ills plaguing the modern world.

A series of incidents including the bombing of a Rajneesh hotel in Portland, charges of a bioterror attack on local residents and allegations of immigration fraud and money-laundering attracted the attention of the FBI who were looking for an opportunity to bring down the commune.

Sheela decamped to Europe and eventually served two years in prison for unspecified crimes. Rajneesh was pushed into a tight corner by state and federal prosecutors and had no choice, but to cop a guilty plea and leave the country in order to avoid incarceration. He finally landed in India where he remained until his death in I stayed in Pune for about three months the first time and returned few years later for a longer visit.

This time I was accompanied by an old friend Daniel, a talented sculptor from San Francisco whose work had been exhibited at the Guggenheim and the Tate Modern. After a couple of therapy sessions, one of the instructors advised him to stop taking his prescribed medication for bipolar syndrome and instead surrender completely to life in the ashram. It would heal him from the inside out, rendering his medication redundant, the teacher said.

Daniel told me that he had never experienced the kind of happiness he was feeling at the moment, surrounded by "beings of light", as he called the Sanyasis. He had met a woman, Ariane, who he felt instinctively to be his soulmate; the one he was meant to be with forever.

About two months into our stay, Daniel was found dead in his room. He had taken his own life by an overdose of sleeping pills.

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A teacher in one of the therapy groups had advised Ariane to relinquish all attachments in order to be free of suffering. She had left Daniel and taken another lover. It was a common practice in the commune. Without the aid of his prescription medication, the trauma was too much for his fragile heart to bear. The burden of being human proved too much for my friend, however, much he may have sought enlightenment. Following the tragedy, I had an angry confrontation with the ashram authorities, demanding the immediate termination of the teachers involved in the sordid affair.

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A few days later I left the premises, never to return again. I learnt a few things from the episode. It is not by escaping, but by facing our darkest fears that we can overcome them. Surrendering to a higher power, a guru or spiritual organisation may feel liberating at first, but can quickly turn into a means of bypassing the realities of the human condition.

Never before had he seen such beautiful women, and now they were going to give him a massage! He could not say anything anymore, in fact he found he had lost his voice. Soon those women started undressing him.

Sex osho ashram

Before he could do anything, he was standing naked; those four women took possession of him completely and brought him to the bathtub which was filled with rose water. In the East, kings and very rich customarily took baths in rose water. In the night, hundreds of roses were put in the bathtub so their fragrance is absorbed by the water.

He had never in his whole life seen anything so luxurious. The bathtub was made of gold; precious oils were poured on his body and he was massaged. And he was dying to escape somehow from there, but he was feeling completely paralysed.

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And then the king invited him to a feast of things that he had never tasted before. Just the aroma, the flavor, was enough to make you go crazy. If you could remember tastelessness there, do you think that was because of some discipline? It was tasteless; any idiot would have felt tastelessness. Now try and feel tastelessness. The young man saw the difficulty but saw the point also.

Were the women nice to you? They are the best out of all the masseuses. I think you must be feeling satisfied. This is the first evening; three days seem like three lives to me. And now this food!

I will not forget it my whole life - and I have to be a renunciate!

10 Shocking Things That Were Allegedly Happening Inside Osho's Infamous 'Sex Cult' In The 80s. Saurav Bhanot. he had already earned the tag of 'sex guru' back in India. #Osho Ashram, #Ma Anand Sheela, #Bhagwan Rajneesh, #Osho The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Author: Ma Anand Sheela.

And those beautiful women - I will not forget them. What kind of test is this? You are giving me all the experiences against which I have been prepared all these years.

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If you want clearance, be alert and do what I say. Your master has told you not to be unconscious. What is the point of remaining conscious without drinking? Anybody can do that; everybody is doing that. And I tell you, consciousness has nothing to do with it: I will be drinking with you; in fact I have been drinking the whole evening - can you say I am unconscious? So drink!

He had to drink. He was falling apart, not knowing what was happening - the intoxication, the women, the food, the beautiful clothes that were given to him after the bath And then the king took him to the guesthouse where he was to stay.

He could not believe it. He thought he must have come to heaven - alcohol gives many people the feeling of being in heaven. The young man thought he must be in heaven; he forgot completely that he had come for his final test. The king showed him his bed, and the moment the young man lay down he saw a naked sword hanging by a thin thread just above him.

All intoxication disappeared; suddenly he found that he was not in heaven.

OSHO Ashram in Pune & Why I Love Osho...

That sword Death can bring anybody back to earth from anywhere! This is your room - now, go to sleep. Just a little breeze is enough, and I am finished!

If you are finished off - your master must have been telling you about reincarnation - you will be reincarnated - a rebirth. And whatever you have learned will go with you.

Perhaps it may fall - I cannot guarantee anything. It is up to you what you make of these moments. Remain conscious, and if you die in consciousness, nothing can be better than that. I have come here just to get the clearance, and you are just clearing me away from life itself!

Over you there is only one naked sword hanging; over me there are thousands of naked swords hanging. And yet, soon you will hear my snores from the other room. The young man could not sleep the whole night; the whole night he heard the king snoring. In the morning, the king came into his room.

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The young man was fully awake, lying, just looking at the sword; there was nothing else in the whole world except the sword. Come along with me for the morning walk, and a little swim in the river. They went down to the river. The young man wore nothing except a small langoti, a traditional small loin cloth worn by Hindu monks draped around ones waist and between the thighs. The young man came to the river wearing only the langoti, leaving behind the finer clothes the king had given. If somebody sees me in these robes it will be very embarrassing for me and for you, so let me wear my everyday uniform of langoti.

So the king went in his royal clothes and the monk in his uniform. They both put their clothes on the bank of the Ganges and entered the water. Now what can be done? The king took his bath. The palace was in ashes, completely destroyed - it had been set on fire on his orders.

How many millions of rupees! Your things are safe. One day I will not be here again and the world will continue. I am here just as an observer. Why should I get too involved?

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You could not even watch my house on fire. If your uniform - which is not much of a uniform - had been on fire I think you would have gone mad! You are already in a state of madness because of so much loss But what has it to do with you? But you are not a detached observer at all. Now make up for it within two days.

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The time is short, very short. Be a detached observer, because before I give you the clearance so that you can graduate, you will have to prove that you have become a detached witness, an observer. Everything is managed in such a way that it will help you watch.

Just watch. And on the last day, the last test was that there was going to be a beautiful dance. This young man was given a cup full of oil - so full that if he just moved a little, the oil would spill.

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The dancers were in a circle and the king was sitting in the middle. Now there was so much temptation to look at on every side - so many beautiful women dancing! But from that bowl, just a single drop just a single moment of unwatchfulness He passed by the women, went around them - and as he was going around, slowly, slowly watchfulness settled in him. Bhagwan had described to His management the value of the groups very clearly.

Once someone is allowed to participate for free, others will also want that. You must understand human nature. If people do not have to pay for something, they do not believe that they will receive any value from it. If they pay and do not get what they expected, they will say nothing, because they do not want to look stupid.

And if they pay, they make an effort, they work harder.

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The sannyasins were all very enthusiastic about therapy groups, because Bhagwan had advised them to participate in them. His directives put a lot of pressure on Sannyasins who did not have money but who wanted to participate in the groups along with others.

The group process made them more vulnerable. The environment, the language, and the expectations - all this made them more prone to exploitation. Everyone wanted to grow, to become meditative, to give up their ego. In the commune ego was a word to be avoided and detested. Nobody wanted to have anything to do with it, and yet everybody had it. We all tried to hide it. In my opinion all these big words - ego, meditation, and enlightenment - were used to camouflage serious emotions and mask exploitation.

Everyone was so crazy for enlightenment and so zealously anxious to be without ego and to be meditative that they could do anything for it.

We people are so obsessed with sex that we don't want to rise above it. Osho exactly wanted to rise humanity above sex and go for the real truth. He was the one who was very much against sex. Just analyze what made you think that Osho's ashram is about sex?

You will have the answer soon. Almost all religious guru ask to leave everything to get god while only Osho is the one who told don't leave anything for god,god is within you.

This is real Osho,if you really want to know more then visit his resort not ashram. Resort are not for sex but they don't restrict Sign In. ate Cancel. Continue Reading. Few more facts : Most of the days, in the evening there is a celebration and party. You can wear normal clothes that point of time not a maroon robe.

You can have drink there in a limit. What should I say when someone ask who was Osho? What are Osho's views on masturbation? What are the benefits of joining Osho Ashram Pune? Answered Mar 29, Yes Osho was a materialistic conman with a false coat of spiritual drama From the very begining he was a mediocre who didnot trust in god actually he was a jaini as well as a bania so atheism and greed was ingrained in him genetically Jaini philosophy is totally rejected by vedic brahmins since the age shankracharya and result was known to everyone that how shankracharya defeated both anti vedic atheist philosophy of jain and buddha religion Now coming to sex Yes there was rampant sex with one another because osho follow vamchar method of ancient age anti vedic method in which people can attain t Yes Osho was a materialistic conman with a false coat of spiritual drama From the very begining he was a mediocre who didnot trust in god actually he was a jaini as well as a bania so atheism and greed was ingrained in him genetically Jaini philosophy is totally rejected by vedic brahmins since the age shankracharya and result was known to everyone that how shankracharya defeated both anti vedic atheist philosophy of jain and buddha religion Now coming to sex Yes there was rampant sex with one another because osho follow vamchar method of ancient age anti vedic method in which people can attain the moksha by raising kundalini chakra via sex method energy transformation Actually in india vamchar method is almost extinct and only a capable person can do that else he will screw himself and became mad half baked just like rajneesh.

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What's the truth behind the curtains? Only the people who are closely associated with the Ashram can shed light on this issue. Though, the past couple of months, we heard lot about these stuffs like Asaram, Nirmal Baba, Radhe Maa, and so on.

So, what exactly going inside the Ashram, general public not aware about. It might be or might not be. But, there must be something which unveil such issues. So, if he knew it and still didn't take any action against So, if he knew it and still didn't take any action against those people, then he will be equally culprit. In spite of the values of his philosophies, he was always associated with 'free sex'.

Sex, spirituality and lies - what I learnt about Rajneesh inside Osho ashram

So, all philosophies may not be acceptable to be practiced especially when they are misused by some interest groups to take advantage of others. There are people who reported about such happenings, so I don't think someone will try to get the publicity like this. It must be something wrong which gave courage to expose this issue in the media.

And, many people came out with their complaints as well. And, that's the major reason of banning the Ashram. But, whatever is the truth, we will come to know after the detailed investigations. Nobody can hide the truth for longer period of time. However, from the past incidents, there is a lesson for general public that excessive of anything is hazardous in nature. And, such incidents are examples of this lesson. One shouldn't trust these Baba and all so much, that they start playing with your trust and faith.

So, beware of Baba! Thank you! Quora UserAs required.

May 04,   It is not true that anyone can have free sex in osho meditation resort,pune.I was there from 17th 19th it was a wonderful experience minus has no place osho teaches us not to repress ourselves but it doesn't mean that you always crave only for you are interested only in sex better go to is the place only for meditation and a good. Aug 05,   Osho had the reputation of "sex ashram." Not that I had anything against sex, but I wanted to go somewhere to heal from relationship wounds. Men on the make, I . Jan 15,   Yes! as often as they want! It's not considered as a taboo. Nothing is suppressed there which is natural. But let me clarify that it's not a place for a hook up. Many people have the misconception that there is some secret sex racket going on in t.

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