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Though some pleasantries did prevail it was, for the most part, not appealing to either of her two children. And it was a three hour drive! Arriving at the cabin the children immediately noticed that it was not only rustic, but downright crude.

It basically consisted of a single log cabin with a door and a window. Though Natalie had seen the cabin before she realized that her children had not.

It would be quite a rude awakening when they saw the inside. But it's ours for now. And, hey, look at the pretty view. And that lake. Well, let's just say it's crystal clear and very blue. But, don't worry about it now. He could sense that he'd have his fantasy fullfilled here in this small, one room cabin. His fantasy to see his sister and his own mother without clothes on. He had dreamed of this scenario for so long and now it was about to come true. However his idealistic bubble was burst when his mother made a deflating statement.

Kim and me'll check out the lake. Mark sat down on the bed. Natalie could see his dejected look. She told Kim to go and check out the lake.

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She mentioned to her that she'd join her shortly. As Kim strolled out the door Natalie closed it and sat next to her son.

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Cradling his head against her chest, trying to comfort him, she asked, "What's wrong, sweety? Shoot, I could stay in here with you while you change if you'd like. Maybe he'd get to, at least, see his mother without her clothes on. I won't look. Hoping to be able to see his mother naked, he added, "You know, if you want to, you could change now too.

Natalie smiled at him. She knew the meaning of his comment. Still smiling at him, she answered, "Oh, that's sweetMark. But it isn't right. I"ll join your sister. You come out when you're done. Mark was disappointed. Had his mother seen through his little ploy? Did she suspect that all he wanted to do was look at her body?

If she did suspect his intentions she'd surely tell Kim and then all hope of seeing either of them would be just a lonely, unfullfilled memory. Meanwhile at the lake Kim was skipping stones and watching their ripples fan out in crazy patterns.

He was just scared to be alone in the cabin. He just wanted my company. And he even said I could change into my suit if I wanted to. Don't you? But you've got to admit it was cute. He watched his sister and mother return to the cabin.

He loved them both very much and always thought that both were quite the pretty ones. Boy, would he love to see their birthday suits. If those suits were half as pretty as their faces, well wow! Hey, he thought, now could be the perfect time. Afterall they'd have to strip completely to put their swimming suits on. Yeah, sure, now was the perfect time! Mark went upto the cabin and tried to peer in the window.

The curtains were drawn and, with their faded yellow color, would afford no view into the interior. And his mother had been sneaky and turned the lamp down.

Another first time story. On vacation, in a small cabin, Mark wonders whether he will fullfill his fantasy to see his sister and mother in the buff Read Cabin by the Lake, free Incest Stories at

Disappointed he returned to the lake and sat down in the sand. Trying to amuse his dejection he looked at the water and the mountains beyond. He had to admit that, at least, this view was exciting to look at. And it probably would be the only sight he'd see, anyway. Kim came out of the cabin first and joined her brother. Mind if I join you?

It's a free country. And as he glanced downward toward her crotch he could see a hint of blond hair sticking out.

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His view was actenuated when she laid down, cradling her head in her arms. He could now plainly see her pouty nipples poking up the thin white knit fabric and the light blond hair framing the outside edge of her bikini bottom. As he looked at her, admiring the view, he thought of being the gentleman he thought he was.

Trying not to be too blunt, he casually remarked, smiling at her, "Sis, it's hardly worth the mention.

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She seemed nonchalant about it as she simply asked, "That doesn't bother you, does it? Bending down the way he was afforded Kim an unrestricted view of his red knit suit. She noticed the elongated bump and the small bumps below it.

As tight as his suit was didn't leave much to the imagaination. We had been friends for a long time and it sounded like a great idea.

"Cabin Getaway" by Felix Blackwell [COMPLETE] - CreepyPasta Storytime

Jeff's cabin is up by Breckinridge, so we went up Friday night. Our wives saw us off, joking that now they'd have the weekend to pick up some guys. It was dark and pretty late by the time we got there, so we just crashed soon after arriving. The next morning we got up about Jeff was prancing about in the cabin naked as we made breakfast.

Submit Your Story! Incest/Taboo Stories. Story Spinner - Click this link to read a random story from this category! - New sex positions with son's hard cock. by - Dad & daughter bond at the summer cabin. Siblings Alexis and Ian finish their weekend and return home. A gambler will risk anything. Road Trip. More sex, more romance. College girls go to a cabin and encounter horny bigfoots. Jon shares a cabin with his sister. and other exciting erotic at! Fbailey story number Cabin In The Adirondack Mountains Every year our parents took us up to Karen Lake where we own a cabin. Well we sort of own it because grandpa is too old to use it anymore and he told Dad that he would get it in his will when he dies.

I'd never seen Jeff naked before. He had a nice tight little butt and his cock seemed only average in size. I was mesmerized, though, and couldn't take my eyes off his cock. I think Jeff knew that. We eventually got our act together, packed a lunch and headed off into the mountains for a hike. It took most of the day and we had a great time enjoying the weather and nature. We got back late in the afternoon and took turns showering, then made dinner.

Jeff started a fire and we finished eating in front of it, while polishing off a bottle of wine. What with the wine, the day's exertion, and the altitude I was feeling fine. We sat in front of the fire for hours talking. Jeff opened another bottle of wine. Finally, the conversation trailed off. Just two guys having fun.

Forty five minutes later I wasn't so sure. I was down to literally nothing and Jeff still had his boxers and socks. I took another gulp of wine.

Sex story cabin

Jeff said: "No, let's keep going. After that, whoever wins tells the loser what to do. Trust me. I felt my cock stirring. The next hand, Jeff lost and tossed a sock. The following hand I lost. It must have been the wine, for I tentatively reached down and took my cock in hand. Slowly, I started moving my hand up and down. My cock got harder and harder and my hand began to move faster and faster. Jeff was mesmerized, staring at my cock. I saw him lick his lips at one point and I groaned.

As I watched, his cock became hard, jutting out from his body. Finally, I felt the overpowering urge come over me.

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I cried out and came, splattering cum all over my hand and chest. I slumped back against the chair I was sitting against.

Eventually, I let go and just sat there, legs spread, cum glistening on my body. At that moment I felt kind of randy and began to rub the cum into my body. Then I lifted my fingers to my lips and licked them. Jeff groaned. I grinned. Jeff reached for the cards, shuffled, and dealt another hand.

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Ten minutes later I had lost again. Jeff leaned back against the couch again. I crawled across the floor and laid down between his legs. I carefully took his stiffening cock in my hand without even thinking about it. I began to lick his cock up and down. I heard his sharp intake of breath as I licked him. Then I took his cock in my mouth. Jeff may have been average in size soft but his hard cock felt enormous in my mouth.

It took me a few moments to realize I had never done this before.

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Here I was sucking my best friends cock and enjoying it! I loved the warmth and texture of his cock.

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I loved having it go down my throat. I tasted the salty flavor of his pre-cum and was in heaven. I began to work up and down his shaft. One hand had hold of his cock and with the other I began to play with his balls. I could feel the tension building in his body. I began to work faster and faster, sucking as hard as I dared, taking more of him down my throat.

By this time Jeff was moaning loudly and thrashing about. I felt his hands on my head and he took control.

My friend Jeff had invited me to come up to his mountain cabin for the weekend. Just kind of a boy's weekend out sort of thing. We had been friends for a long time and it sounded like a great idea. Jeff's cabin is up by Breckinridge, so we went up Friday night. Our wives saw us off, joking that now they'd have the weekend to pick up some guys. The Cabin By The Lake - My boyfriend Mark was getting his things ready to go to his family's cabin at Douglas Lake, which was about an hour and a half's drive . The Cabin She has always had a desire to have a large black cock in her cunt, one in her ass and one in her mouth at the same time, which is her biggest fantasy. She is also somewhat of a submissive and loves to be ordered to do sexual things and loves to be spanked, both her ass and her cunt.

He held my head while he began to thrust into my mouth. Finally he cried out and let go and the cum began to shoot down my throat. I could barely keep up and I swallowed all I could, just as a reflex.

He began to soften and I let him out of my mouth with a plop. That was the end of the card playing. Jeff nearly threw himself on me. He began kissing me passionately, our tongues dueling in our mouths. He broke the kiss and worked his way down my chest. With his teeth he gently bit one nipple while he pinched the other. Then he slid down and took me in his mouth. Hard again, it was my turn to feel his warm wet mouth on my cock.

Cabin by the Lake

We were both drunk on wine and unleashed passion. As he sucked my cock he licked one of his fingers and then worked it up my asshole. By the time he worked it halfway in, I came down his throat. We barely paused. Keeping me on my back, Jeff lubricated his prick with some of my cum.

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He lifted my legs over his shoulders and put the tip of his cock at my asshole. I closed my eyes and tried to relax.

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