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Teenage Japanese Killers (Crime Documentary) - Real Stories

Sexual assault of schoolgirls is commonplace on Japan's public transportation, but now more girls are speaking out. Tokyo, Japan - Tamaka Ogawa was about 10 years old when she was sexually assaulted for the first time. It was a public holiday and she was on the subway. A man standing behind her pulled down the band of her culottes and underwear, touched her bare bottom, then pressed himself against her. She recalls feeling shocked and physically sickened. When she reached home, she repeatedly washed the spot where he had pressed himself against her, although she was conscious of not spending too long in the toilet, in case her family noticed that something was wrong. Some years later, on her first day of senior high school, she was groped on the commute home.

He was aggressive and it hurt, she remembers. When the train stopped, she got off. But he grabbed her hand and told her: "Follow me.

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She believes that people saw what was going on, but nobody helped. She felt ashamed and complicit, she says.

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Today, Ogawa, a writer and cofounder of Press Labo, a small digital content production company in Shimokitazawa, an inner-city Tokyo neighbourhood, often writes about Japan's gender inequality and sexual violence issues.

Inshe began writing about the country's long-standing problem with groping - or chikan, in Japanese - often experienced by schoolgirls on public transportation. Many victims stay silent, unable to talk about their experiences in a society which, by many accounts, trivialises this phenomenon. One morning in late January, the year-old arrived at a coffee shop in the bustling neighbourhood of Shibuya with a suitcase of badges. The round badges, designed to deter gropers, feature illustrations such as a schoolgirl peering angrily from between her legs, or a crowd of stern-looking rabbits and include the messages, "Groping is a crime" and "Don't do it".

Each comes with a leaflet instructing the wearer to clearly display the badges on their bags, to stand confidently and to be vigilant. Takako Tonooka, the pseudonym she has used in interviews with the Japan Times, confided in her mother, and the two tried various solutions to stop the attacks. They bought a stuffed toy which says "Don't do it" when pulled.

They spoke to the police and the railway authorities, who said they would act if it was the same perpetrator - but it never was.

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Tonooka even wore her school skirt shorter and found that she was harassed less. Matsunaga says trains display posters telling groping victims to be brave and to speak up. Tonooka started practising saying "Stop it" and "No" at home.

She began to confront offenders, who would then angrily deny touching her. Onlookers did not help. Eventually, she and her mother created a label to attach to her bag, which says, "Groping is a crime.

I'm not going to give up" and features a picture of policemen catching perpetrators. It worked. Matsunaga decided that Tonooka should not have to fight on her own, so she came up with an idea to involve others by crowdsourcing ideas for anti-groping badges. In November she launched a crowdfunding campaign that attracted donors and raised 2. Then, she ran a badge design crowdsourcing contest. High school pupils, art school students, and freelance designers - many telling her it was the first time they'd thought about the issue - submitted designs from which Matsunaga selected five.

Her organisation gave away about and three police stations handed out more. From March, 11 department stores will stock them and she's aiming to secure more distributors near train stations. Apart from making the badges more widely available, Matsunaga also wants offenders to see them and think: "The world is changing, some people have started talking about it.

By involving students, Matsunaga believes she's encouraging them to talk about this issue from a young age. The badges have had a direct effect. Data collected from 70 students at a high school in Saitama prefecture, just north of Tokyo, between April and Decembershowed that Railway police have also started holding awareness-raising lectures with high schools which have enabled students to feel more comfortable speaking about the issue, Matsunga says.

In Ogawa's opinion, the badges are an important intervention because they do not label anyone a victim or perpetrator, and they prompt discussion. Despite such initiatives, experts say Japanese society remains willfully oblivious or unaware of how widespread this problem is and how often girls are assaulted. Hiroko Goto, a feminist, professor of criminal law at Chiba University and vice president of Japan-headquartered NGO Human Rights Now, believes many people do not consider groping to be a crime.

There are no accurate figures on the number of victims; only a fraction are believed to report incidents. One key problem when it comes to talking about "groping" is that people have very different ideas about what that entails; the term itself fails to adequately describe the range of violations. The widely held assumption is that groping is non-consensual touching over clothing, something deemed a minor crime and punishable under Japan's prefecture-level Anti-Nuisance Ordinance.

Men ejaculated on Ogawa's friends. Often, she says, the perpetrators put their hands inside her underwear. Many times, the abuse involved being penetrated by men's fingers.

Police officers usually decide whether more serious groping-related cases, where the violations include penetration, should be filed under Article of the Penal Code, which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. Articlewhich pertains to rape, carries harsher penalties, but its legal definition is extremely narrow and only considers rape to be forced sexual intercourse.

According to Ogawa, groping-related violations are too often downplayed by society as a "nuisance". I love series and linked novels and serials, but I hate the current trope that leaves the reader unsatisfied at the end of a book. Linked and serial novels must both stand alone and be part of the larger arc and Pure does this.

My one criticism is character development. The writing is beautiful the world is interesting and rises above the usual genre cliches, but the characters are fairly standard. That said, I just received Fuse and believe that Baggott will deepen her characters, her story and her world in the second novel.

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I believe that the Pure trilogy will buck the usual trend of the first novel being the best and improve with subsequent entries. Baggott is a writer well worth reading and her entree into the post-apocalyptic genre is haunting. See all reviews from the United States. Top international reviews. Verified Purchase. A YA Dystopian novel that is definitely unique. The story takes place after a nuclear detonation and features a world where some survivors are living in a Dome, shielded from the detonations, whilst the others are victims living outside and bear the marks of the detonations.

It is this grizzly world on the outside that is captured so well that captivates: people have become fused with objects one of the main characters, Pressia has a doll head fused over her hand. This new world becomes more horrific with people fused to animals, to the earth and to one another. On the downside, I found that telling the story from so many viewpoints weakened the story and I wanted to get back to the MCs Pressia and Partridge.

Another issue was that I felt that there was a lot of backstory interjected about how the world used to be, which slowed down the pace and to my mind was unnecessary at certain times. I felt the antagonist cheapened itself and the whole story because of this. I want to say lastly that I found the way Pressia was schooled by her grandfather in how it was in the past very touching.

For instance OSR, who control and govern the people outside the dome take part in death sprees now and then, killing those they hunt down. Thank you for your feedback.

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At the time of the "Detonations", Pressia Bellze was aged 6 and on the outside, a hot white light came and the doll she had in her hand, became her hand.

Partridge Willux, son of a government official, had a place inside the Dome, and has remained unharmed and Pure. Outside the Dome, the "wretches" were told they would be helped, eventually, but 10 years have passed, and no help has come, they live in fear of a brutal regime, but the regime within the safe, clean Dome is no less sinister. Pure is another young adult dystopian novel, in the vein of the Hunger Games or Chaos Walking trilogies by Suzanne Collins and Patrick Ness respectively, the theme like those novels is of earnest, persistent strong young people fighting an unjust system.

It also has shades of Justin Cronin's The Passage in its tone and delivery. The imagery is inventive and arresting, original in its choices, particularly with the variety of fusions on display.

Deliberate parallels are drawn to the real life events of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a brave new world imagined from a global scale similar disaster. There are some holes in the plot, and unanswered questions, mainly unbelievable coincidences, lucky escapes that wouldn't occur and bizarre failure to properly act on extensive surveillance, but it is by no means a fishnet.

It has the obligatory teen romance, which for both couples really feels a little weak and there by force, as though the publisher requested it to line it up with the current trend, and sometimes the dialogue is a bit Famous Five, they all seem to know rather a lot for, on the one hand, 2 kids with little education, and on the other, a kid with a heavily censored one. Bradwell particularly being ridiculously knowing about pre Dome history and politics for someone orphaned at the age of 9.

One person found this helpful. I purchased this book because of the reviews people had left. After the first chapter I wasn't sure it was the book for me, but after chapters 2 and 3 I was totally gripped and read the book in one session.

It is a bleak book set in the world after the apocalypse.

Sexual assault in Japan: 'Every girl was a victim'

There were detonations set off by the Pure to save the world. Some people were lucky and made it into the Dome, these are known as the pure.

Others who did not make it, have died, or have such severe injuries they will probably Die. Pressia cannot really remember the detonations, but she lost her mother and father and has few memories of them, she know lives with her grandfather in a derelict shop, he does not have long for this world, and as he cannot work she ekes out a living the best way she can.

Partridge is one of the pure, he lives in the dome with his father, who barely acknowledges him. Partridge lost his brother who committed suicide some years before.

He decides to escape the Dome and try to find his mother, whom he is convinced is still alive.

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Once on the outside he meets up with Pressia who saves his life. I bought this book on the basis of a Tweet from a former editor - which has to be a first tho' probably not a last. She said that 'If you liked Hunger Games, you'll love Pure by Julianna Baggott' and while that's almost certainly true - with certain caveats below - you don't have to have liked Hunger Games to find this book an enthralling, terrifying - and utterly plausible - depiction of a future dystopia.

The action is set after 'The Detonation' which we learn fairly early was a massive, possibly worldwide, nuclear meltdown and our characters are living in the post-nuclear world.

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The lucky ones, Partride and Lyda, grew up in the Dome which is the sheltered, air-filtered, pill-eating, indoctrinated world of those whose parents were smart enough to get them out of the way before the big bang happened. Partridge's father is the co-ordinator, and, as we learn, the brains behind the creation of the Dome I don't count this as a spoiler, it's obvious from early on.

Those inside call themselves 'Blessed' and those outside are 'wretches' Those outside live very different lives and this is where this book departs so very far from Hunger Games. HG was fine: I reviewed it on Good Reads a while ago. I liked it. I enjoyed it. I read it fast and easily and was impressed by the imagery and concept, at least of the first two. At no point was I scared. HG presents a very air-brushed, Dysney, full techni-colour, super-saturated, saccharine kind of dystopia.

It's not nice, but it's clearly fantasy. You could, I imagine, read it to your five year old and while they might not get all the embedded cultural references, they wouldn't lose sleep. I lost sleep over Pure. Or at least, my dreams took on very Pure-related landscapes. The world outside the Dome is neither Dysney nor fluffy nor in the least Technicolour.

Our two protagonists on the outside, Pressia and Bradwell, were both young when the blast took place and have both been disfigured by it; as has every single living thing in their world.

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Pressia has a doll's head welded onto her arm - it's become a part of her. Bradwell has living birds embedded in his back. Some have become almost-sentient trees. The worst, for me, were the mothers who lived forever with their children attached to them, either as almost-separate kids, permanently hiding behind their skirts, or as in the worst case, reduced to a blink of an eye in one woman's arm.

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What really got to me was the suggestion in the book that this happened in Japan after Hiroshoma and Nagasaki and was simply suppressed by the various governments of the time who didn't want their populations having nightmares of post-nuclear life.

I rather imagine that the CND would have been a lot louder, larger and more vocal if this were true. I have no idea if it is, but it sounds horribly plausible. So in this terrifying, believable, grey, windy world, four young people, growing to adulthood meet and must find their way. How they do so is the bulk of the book and I'm not going to tell you that, but I do urge you to read it.

This is a devour-in-one-breathless-breathtaking-sitting kind of a book. I can't wait for the sequels.

'I'm not a pure girl any more': Chinese woman tells all about working as a bar hostess in Japan

If you enjoyed The Hunger Games you will enjoy this even more. I would highly recommend this book to any adults or young adults who enjoyed The Hunger Games trilogy. I am sure that the author is sick by now of this being said as I am sure that I am not the first to comment on it!

But in terms of highly engaging and accessible young adult dystopian thrillers that really weave an engaging story and have strong characterizations and plot lines, while being based on an enthralling and bizarrely believable concept, this book would be hard to beat.

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Those expecting a book that is riding on the coat tails of The Hunger Games or utilizing the same concepts as that series or flogging the same plot lines to death will not find that here; this book is absolutely unique and as different in terms of content from The Hunger Games as any book I could name.

However, the feeling, involvement and how the reader is sucked into the whole world of Pure is just the same, and if anything, even better. Hello there! I'm 19 years old and l live in Japan.

I'm a Manga artist in Japan. I've just started studying English. Yasmin Standard Member.

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Naya Standard Member. Kaori Standard Member.

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Not sure to be active anymoresorry! Kasumi Standard Member. If I got it! I hope that you can get along with those who are interested in Japan and who are studying Japanese!

Thank you!

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